Saturday, August 02, 2003


Had the recurring tornado dream last night. I was in Burwell Nebraska in front of Mr. Pipers house. He was my history teacher, and I hate that fucker. Anyway, I see tornadoes in the distance and I'm lecturing people on which tornadoes are dangerous. Well, there were about a dozen of these bitches whipping around and it finally dawns on me that I'm in danger. I seek shelter and the tornadoes all go away. I come out from where I was hiding and they start to come back. I end up hiding by the brick wall in front of where Katrina Crick (first girl I ever loved, I was 8) lived when I was in grade school. The wind tries to take me but the tornado lifts up back into this ominous looking storm cloud and I escape. This could be labeled as a nightmare because I was scared shitless when I woke up.


While in Nebraska my brother, my mom, and I were talking about my weird fucking life. We talked about the guy on the bike who got hit by a car last year in front of me and lost his head. I pulled my car over and got out then started yelling at the guy who was speeding like a mad man and hit the crack smoking bicyclist. This guy would have only gotten a speeding ticket at most seeing that the guy on the bike was high as hell and rode into traffic. He would have only gotten a speeding ticket but it was too much for him to handle and he ran home and blew his head off. His poor buddy who had a head in his lap is scarred for life I'm sure. We then talked about the guy who sped past us a couple of months later with more than 60 cop cars chasing him (I shit you not!) down the street in his pickup. I was lucky I pulled over to let the plethora of cop cars go by because if I hadn't I would have witnessed him wrecking his truck just around the corner, getting out of the truck and then pointing his gun at said plethora, and then taking about 20 bullets. I think it was the two that hit him in the head that killed him. We also talked about my paranormal experience with this girl Laura I was starting to date back in the late 80's and how if it hadn't been for that happening I would have never dated Josie. We talked about some of the weird crap that happened to me when we were kids (I know I'm being vague but I don't want to come off as a total nut case) and how it freaked the hell out of my brother on a regular basis. He said I'm a magnet for this kind of shit and that I'm surrounded by some weird vortex. I would have to agree. If there weren't people around when the majority of this shit goes down I would have myself committed.

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