Saturday, May 31, 2003


My page always came up on searches before on Google but all of a sudden it doesn't. Wonder if I pissed someone off and it was taken off somehow. Who knows. If you read this blog please leave a shout out at the bottom of this post and tell me how you found this page. Most hits from Google were for Juliya Chernetsky of FUSE. Now those are even limited. Weird. Anyway, I'm a bit of a blatherskite I know, but I'm not going to pull punches. I'm going to type it as I see it and if that offends you then go somewhere else. I know, this isn't a Christian page and I'm the Anti-Christ but don't piss and moan like a baby, don't complain, just go elsewhere. Thanks.


Yep, another weekend where I'm living at work. Maybe I will have some time to write something witty and fresh later on after work. For now, I'm just a slave for the man, BEEYATCH!

Thursday, May 29, 2003


Don't know if you know it or not, but it's a privilege in this country to drive, not a right. Also, who gives a shit what your ancient manuscript says, grow the fuck up! You can't be masked on your drivers license and I can't walk around with my penis hanging out, that's just common sense. I think if god really existed and gave a shit he would be here and now. He wouldn't be hiding from us, he would be taking care of shit, that is if he really existed and gave a shit.  The day he really cares for me is the day he starts paying my mortgage then stops by and fills me in on why he though it would be a great idea to allow famine and disease to exist on such a large scale. Is it really that more comforting to think that some awesome god really cares for you? Time to put away your weak concept and move on as a human being. Your god is powerless, wake up.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003


Today on a blog page I read something about fisking. Stupid me misread it and thought it said FISTING and started pondering the whole idea behind (no pun intended) fisting in general. What would behoove one to fist someone or even be fisted, or better yet, be fisted on film for everyone to see! Yikes! If I ever get a band together I want to call my first album "A FIST FULL OF OINTMENT!" But seriously, being the dolt that I am had no idea what fisking is. So I looked it up on the internet and found out what it is,
and no I'm not going to tell you what it means, now piss off!


Man, I'm getting about seven times more hits on this page than I was getting a week ago! Is it the mention of FUSE on here, or do people enjoy the random blatherings of a semi-retarded half wit? Cock soup?


Well, no one was able to prove to me that Jesus exists, is Lord, or anything for that matter. For as many people who are so sure that he is real you would have thought that one person would have been able to prove he is alive. I'm still bewildered by the whole cock soup thing, really!


The name of the new dog changed again. Miranda wants to call him Little Nicky now. She though about calling him devil dog or even Satan but decided on Little Nicky after the Adam Sandler movie. He's a spunky little shit! Hope he let's me sleep tonight!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Yes, the lovely and hot as hell Juliya is driving a lot of hit's to my web page! I know very little about her but I want to find out more. If you know anything about her leave me an e-mail or a shout out at the end of the post. Juliya, your just too fucking rad, what can I say? There is a need already for a Juliya fan page, I can tell just by the extra hits here. Watch Fuse! Death to MTV!!!


What do you think I came home to tonight? Yep, a little teacup Chihuahua pup. He looks almost exactly like this picture. Miranda told me his name was Scrappy when I got home but after further discussion I found out she wanted to name him Tequila but Josie told her no. OVERRULED! So he is going to be called Tequila, not because he is a hard licker, but because he's mean as hell and cums in a shot glass... oh never mind. He did pretty good though, he went pee outside (and on the couch) and fell asleep in his kennel cage without a ton of fuss. He's going to be a little pistol. He growls at you if you try to kiss his face. He also doesn't like to be flipped over on his back but it's got to be done. Got to show him who the leader of the pack is. And yes, it's official, he's the house dog. Poor Nala and Cocoa will just have to be computer room dogs for life. Full day at work tomorrow, lunch and dinner shift. I'm sure I'll have a work related rant for you tomorrow. Chow!


Had this weird dream last night that was very 1984 but opposite in many places. Sex was encouraged as well as being naked. Reading propaganda and slacking off was encouraged instead of hard work. Instead of an anti-sex league there was a junior sex league. They were showing films of this and some of the people in the film were not very enthusiastic about learning. There were little puppies strewn everywhere in the foreground. Sigmund Freud would have had a heyday with this dream! There was still the threat of a BIG SISTER type person watching over you, who came and gave a speech at one point on a big stage out in the middle of a field. The set up reminded me a lot of the Monterey Pop Festival in the 60's. Playing games I think was punishable by death because at one point a girl was playing a game in open sight during a speech and I was using my body to block the line of sight from her board game to BIG SISTER. I was also trying to do an impossible crossword puzzle, and cheating by looking at answers written in somebody else's text book and also answers written on some girls naked ass. I also had a reoccurring dream of traveling great distances in a car on a vacation. Can't get into detail on this dream because the things that happen are otherworldly, very dream like. All the other dreams I had I cant remember. I'm mental...


Had a three day weekend. Didn't do a whole lot of anything. Watched the movie "Reign of Fire" last night. What a worthless piece of shit that was. Just a weak movie all the way around. Set up the kids pool on the patio. It's a 12'X3' vinyl pool and fits perfectly. It's in a shaded area so it stays nice and cold and is the perfect place to just kick back in and have a few beers while listening to music. The kids are already having a blast playing in it, giving me copious amounts of time to slack off and watch movies instead of answering questions and helping with homework. Summer is here, you got to love it.

Saturday, May 24, 2003


As you know by now MTV has been dying a slow death for years. Well music fans, I have seen the future and it is FUSE. Fuse, formerly known as Much Music USA, is what MTV should be. Energetic, fun, full of music, and did I mention fun? Great shows permeate this channel and they play music. Isn't that what a music channel should play? There is also a variety of music, so you don't just get pelted with rap and pop drivel. My favorite show is Uranium hosted by the very hot Juliya Chernetsky. She has a great sense of humor, hates pop, has enough balls to stand up to major acts like Korn, and a mouth more foul than my own. You really need to turn on Uranium to get the full affect! Juliya, if your out there, marry me! I'll make an honest man out of you! Don't be a dumb ass, that was a joke.


Yes, it's back! You have to have MTV2 to enjoy it though. Rob Zombie has been hosting it and it's been a decent show so far. Rumor floating around it that Juliya will be hosting it in the future but I will only believe that when I see it. They played all kinds of cool bands last night. Murder Dolls, Grade 8, Sworn Enemy, and Hatebreed just to name a few. I smell the death of rap and hip hop on the horizon! Join me as we kick the life out of this stale music industry, long live metal, motherfuckers!

Friday, May 23, 2003


It's going to happen!!! I'm going to accept Jesus into my life to be my savior! BUT... first someone needs to provide irrefutable evidence that he is real, and here, and alive. I want the proof in 48 hours or it's over. If no one can prove he is lord and savior in the next two days then I will stand with my LaVeyan type belief system and accept responsibility for my own actions and not cower or grovel like a true Christian. I will remain on the Left Hand Path were I feel I belong. Remember, I need irrefutable proof or your cheesy messiah remains nothing more than a man made myth. Prove me wrong, I DARE YOU!!!! Hail Me!


Metallica - Disposable Heroes
King Diamond - Welcome Home
Merciful Fate - Night of the Unborn
Nuclear Assault - Brainwashed
Celtic Frost - Nocturnal Fear
Sonic Youth - Bull in the Heather
Black Sabbath - Symptom of the Universe
Marilyn Manson - Wrapped in Plastic


It's not just Friday, but I have the whole weekend off plus Monday! Straight up in your house! I think I might just have to get a bit toasted this weekend seeing that it's been forever and a day since the last time I tied one on. Wanted to do a little drinking with Sam before the Matrix Reloaded on Sunday but it didn't happen. That's life.


I had weird dreams last night. Even one of the Christians at work was in my dream last night. She was waiting to heat up food in a microwave oven that happened to be in this new house I was living in. I was going to heat up some hotdogs and baked beans. Funny thing is that I was all excited about it in the dream, that I was going to have dogs and beans. I had to leave and do something and it prolonged my desire to heat it all up and eat it but lo and behold I made it back and was able to complete my task. Funny thing about all of that is that they served the same beans I dreamt about today in the employee cafeteria. Jean Dixon, eat your heart out, or beans, or whatever.

Wednesday, May 21, 2003


Is this girl hot or what? Not sure what I see in this girl but she does it for me. Guess it's that whole Goth chick thing. There is a link to her weblog on the left where my links are.


Didn't do a whole lot of anything today. Testing out an old HTML editor. Bored to death at this point. It was the last day of school for Miranda and Brandon. My nephew graduates tonight but I don't want to go to the ceremony. Just too long to hear a name called out. His party will be here on Saturday night in our back yard. That is a situation rife with unlimited nasty potential. Josie's family over here drinking, hmmm... Will add more later, got to go pick up Miranda.

Tuesday, May 20, 2003


I was going to write about something that pissed me off today but decided to give it little or no energy. All I will say is this, I at least have the balls to be me! I could give a shit about how people perceive me. I'm not macho but that doesn't make me any less straight or a man. I don't understand the obsession with sports most guys have, and I never will. A persons merit is not based upon sports skill, knowledge, or macho bullshit. I at least know where I stand with my sexuality. I know what I like. I've at least experienced it, and still do. Guess that is why I married a petite dark skinned woman. I'm more of a man than you'll ever fucking dream of being. Some individuals need to grow up and get some real balls.


Went to see THE MATRIX RELOAD last night with Billy, Sam, and their friend Ryan. Should have stopped at lost and found to see if they had found any underwear but didn't. The movie was pretty damn good. Only thing bad I have to say about it was that they were trying a little too hard when they made this movie. But how about that fight seen with agent Smith(s) near that park bench where the Oracle had been? That was fucking rad as hell! I'm still in love with Jada P. Smith!


I'm totally in a metal mood tonight. Listening to a lot of  King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, and Cradle of Filth. There is something extremely enticing about the whole theatrical gothic black metal genre for me. I'm sure it's seeded somewhere in my hatred of Christianity.


I have two days off and I'm as thrilled as a motherfucker. Shambam is coming over tomorrow to hang and install his car stereo. He's had his stereo ripped off twice in the past year and doesn't want the people in his apartment complex seeing that he is installing a killer sound system in his car so I told him to do it over here. I'm going to help as much as I can but will probably just be drinking iced tea and being a lazy bitch. It's going to be hot as well. Blah...


Brandon is back to normal. I'm sure he had the same virus I had. He was back to spastic mode when I got home tonight so he will be back in school tomorrow. I'm sure that means he will be bouncing off of the walls tomorrow and doing what 5 - 6 year old kids do. Yes that includes talking about farts, trips to your anus (Uranus), and yelling, "Son of a.....!" Yes, stopping short of saying bitch I might add. He's a silly little shit.

Monday, May 19, 2003


Not much to write about today. Brandon is probably sick with what I had last week and I get to work all day. Joy. Saw The Matrix Reload last night. Write more later tonight. Work is calling me and I must go now. Prickly anus sauce....

Saturday, May 17, 2003

SINGING: YOUR MY............. LADY

I'm too fucking sexy! Yes, it's definite!! I'm just too damn sexy and ladies can't keep their hands off of me. Old ladies that is... Last night at work during dinner we had to keep exiting while Cirque Du Sole came into the room to preform. It was way cool! Anyway, I came back in and started pouring wine at one of my four tables. One gentleman pipes up, "We were looking for you, where did you go?" I replied, "I was up there (pointing to the cloth where one of the gymnast had been hanging), didn't you see me?" That got a good chuckle. Then they asked me what I was going to do next. I said, "It's a surprise! But I'll let you in on this, it involves a speedo" Got a really good laugh with that one. Anyway, we finished up and exited the room again and another performance started. Later when we were back in the room and I was at the same table I was asked about the speedo performance. I pointed to the pole next to the stage and said, "I was supposed to climb up that pole but when I got there someone had greased it and my performance was cut short." The dialog got a bit perverse at that point and they started talking about purple speedos, greased poles, and wine corks. Then the old lady I was standing next too puts her arm around me and stands up and starts stroking my back. She started telling me how sexy I looked in my black tux. Alrighty then, exit Joe. I'm flattered actually. Someone found me attractive, even if she drank a ton of wine and could have been my mother. Thanks Jesus!


Mudvayne - Dig
Atari Teenage Riot - Sick To Death
Shizuo - Punks
Howie B - Music For Babies
LL Cool J - Fast Peg
Autechre - Second Bad Vibel
Not Breathing - Quixl


Yes, the allergy I have to mesquite pollen is kicking my ass! I have to give up a shift tomorrow because of it. I just can't work outside in an area where the stuff will be raining on me. Instead I'm going to go see the new Matrix movie with Billy and Sam. Should be a grand old time.

Friday, May 16, 2003


Why all of the concern over my penis all of a sudden? Yes, my penis, not the punk band called "My Penis". I get more e-mail every day concerning my penis than I do from friends, family, and people who wonder on here and read this random little web log and then drop me a line. I'm beginning to get a complex! One where I feel that maybe I can no longer sustain an acceptable erection with my inadequate penis and that Ed has become my new best friend. That was a joke. Ed. Erectile Dysfunction. I'm being peppered with penis enlargement and viagra spam. Yuck! Imagine that flavor of spam coming in a can! Yikes! Sorry, I'm random tangent man, superhero. Anyway, what makes people think I want to be John Holmes walking around with a stiff dick all day? Maybe I should wait until friends and family start e-mailing me about my penis before I get such a complex. Josie has never complained about my wanker and she bitches about EVERYTHING! It's time to put the e-mail filters to work.


Digital Underground - Doowutchyalike
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Babies
We - 3/10th of the Population
Todd Rundgren - Freak Parade
2 Live Crew - My Seven Bizzos
Coldcut - Timber
Dead Voices On Air - Sulphur
Covenant - Dead Stars


Tonight is going to be fun! Well, kind of. Cirque Du Sole will be preforming for the Toshiba corporation during dinner as well as James Belushi. Not sure if he is doing comedy or his blues band. I was working at the Country Club tonight but got moved! Praise a dead Jesus! Anyway, good hours and entertainment at the same time. Where else can you get paid and have such fun? Shut the fuck up! I heard you snicker and whisper Vegas!

Yesterday was a lovely 12 hour day with no break , half of it outside where the mesquite trees were raining pollen on me. What is the one thing in Tucson that I'm allergic too? No, not penis! It's mesquite tree pollen!!! God it was killing me. Hasn't hindered my breathing as of yet but I'm sure that is soon to come. I need to call the doctor and get a medical release from working outside while those trees are pollinating. Long sigh.....


My stomach is now back to normal. I was able to get a pop-corn fix! Life is good!

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


I just had to add a new Blog to my Blog roll. Go check out  THE TARD BLOG. If this doesn't make you laugh then you are either dead or so uptight that an ass kicking may be in order. Let's hope your dead because I don't have time to kick your ass tonight, I have to be back to work in less than four hours. FUCK!


It's a known fact that I messed up my hearing pretty badly in the 80's because of the many concerts I attended, and I do use my hearing loss to my advantage sometimes. I did it tonight at work as I was working on buffet at the pool. It was loud down there because a dance troupe kept popping up on stage and dancing about every 45 minutes or so.  I also had the luck of getting to carve beef brisket with an extremely dull knife! With this in mind, and seeing that I had about fifteen people standing in line to get some of my dandy meat, some schmuck starts pointing at my back up meat and telling me where to cut from and how he wants a juicy piece out of that brisket. I smiled and put the piece I was carving on his plate. He says, "No, I want you to cut me a juicy piece from that one there!" I smiled and then said, "Oh, they were just on about fifteen minutes ago, but I think they are going back on in 30 minutes." Then I went on serving the next person with the guy just standing there bewildered as hell. He then walked away staring at the meat I had just placed on his plate as if it was going to mutate or something. It was all I could do not to laugh. People are funny.


This is a stream of consciousness blurb that a friend sent me. Though I would post it before I go to work. Enjoy!

melon collie colon-muncher spread out sideways with a grin of delight mixed with sprinkled corn nuts and a side of sour cream, oh how i wax and wane like a pimento loaf blown out like a sack of wind fluttering out your window the sky's dark foreboding sadness my shine my daft witted sense of sense floating up in the air like wings of some godforsaken dove a bat out of hell all corporate lies and the breads fresh and spongy dipped in the dressing as I'm dressing in the fashion that needs to be dressed to dress some withered hags crusted greenery, my time sucked dry pushing paper across splintered wood and stacking the filth of someone else's sins.


My stomach is wrecked! I've literally been sleeping all day today and I have a pain in my stomach that only lets up for a little bit at a time. Even went to work today for a half an hour before I decided that was utterly the stupidest thing in the world I could have done. Came home and went back to bed. Only reason I got up right now was that Brandon had PBS Kids on in my bedroom and the dialog was affecting my sleep in a really weird way, plus the pain, thought I was losing my mind. It was just fucking weird.


Took some pepto bismol and it seems to have helped quite a bit for now. Don't think I'll be sleeping a whole bunch tonight though. Nothing on t.v. and not much else to do on the computer. I'm board as hell! Times like this where I wish I still smoked pot. I feel like I'm in limbo.

Monday, May 12, 2003


Just read the news. Very sad day in Rock n' Roll history! The Jimi Hendrix Experience is probably one of my all time favorite bands. I'll drink a beer tonight for Noel.


Dead Kennedys - We've got a bigger problem now
JFA - Preppy
Sex Pistols - Holiday in the Sun


Boy, got to love those 15 hour shifts at work! Could have been worse but I got lucky and was on buffet instead of waiting tables. The highlight of my day was when Jim Click's (very well know car dealer here in Tucson) wife asked me to make their table of ten a table of eight, which I promptly did. Two away from ten is always eight as far as I know. So after I removed the two place settings and chairs Mrs. Click could only count seven place settings. What had happened is that one of the Grandmothers had sat down and Mrs. Click kept counting all the chairs around the grandmother except the one that the old lady was sitting in. We counted the place settings about five or six
times together. I always landed on eight and pointed to the old lady, but she was just plain daft and stopped at seven every time. Finally Jim Click came over and explained to her that there were eight place settings. I had a good laugh anyway.

Christian Dane on the other hand was the low point of the day. I'm just tired of Christian rhetoric through and through. I could give a fuck about Creationism, it's not a science, it's absurd, and it's a waste of time talking about it. Who's creation story do we buy into? How many different religions are there? Anyway, I don't want to get into it but it's just a silly if not childish way of thinking in my book. What a smug little fucker! Just like Dennis said, I fail to see any Christian humility with that guy. Go peddle your shitty little diatribe to some homeless person who's willing to listen to you in exchange for a sandwich or something.

I'm going to go feed my popcorn addiction now and read some stuff on the net.

Saturday, May 10, 2003


Getting back at people who have fucked with you is almost orgasmic sometimes. Tonight at work some thirteen year old kid at the Bar Mitzvah I was working pushed a chair out at me on purpose and tripped me. Funny thing about this is that he was up against the wall behind the chair. So on my way back I accidentally rammed that little fuckers chair (with my legs) back at him and squished him up against the wall and doubled him over in the process! Then as I walked away I winked at him, silently saying, "Yeah, fuck you asshole!" Knowing he was some spoiled little rich kid probably made it that much better. Turn the other cheek my ass. Praise Jesus!


Tomorrow is going to suck! 16 hour shift. Shit!

Friday, May 09, 2003


Christians keep telling me that more and more scientist are dropping the idea of evolution and subscribing to creation theories. WTF? I haven't ever seen one instance where a scientist has said any such thing, unless they were already Christian and never believed in evolution in the first place. So stop already with your invisible friend creation theories, which brings me to my next point.


A Christian guy tells me that maybe a UFO isn't a UFO at all but rather an angelic being. Give me a fucking break. An UFO is nothing more than an Unidentified Flying Object. Why do you Christians try to tag everything you don't understand as god or something divinely inspired? Maybe things just are, or just happen for no reason. Randomness. Maybe we don't know what is going on half the time. Maybe the government is up to something or maybe we are not alone. Maybe we will never know and Jesus still isn't here. Talk about late! Christians should follow Jesus's example and show up late for work everyday. Oh, or better yet, not show up to work at all. Just call in and say, "I'll be back soon!" then take the next 2000 years off. Yeah....

Wednesday, May 07, 2003


This is a list of words people have typed in to find this page. Funny how people came across this page looking for some kind of fucked up perverted shit and only got an eye full of bullshit commentary from some fat guy in Tucson, Arizona. Enjoy this, I did! Also, go to google and type some of this stuff in, you will be amazed that my page makes it to the top on some of these searches!

left hand path
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elisabeth smart found
brother of the left hand path
elizabeth smart ran away


Took a trip back to dream weirdness last night. In the dream I was at the east end of the business section of Burwell, Nebraska (where I grew up) and there was a concert going on in the middle of the street next to the grocery store and dentist office. Here is a picture of where it was happening:

The band that was on the stage was Quiet Riot. If you have ever been to Burwell, then you know the chances of this ever happening are next to impossible! Burwell is a little (redneck) rodeo town with a population of about 1200 people. Anyway, Kevin Dubrow walks on stage and the music for "We're Not Going To Take It" starts playing. He looks disinterested in what is going on and pulls out two crumpled pieces of paper with the lyrics jotted down on them. He fumbles his way through the song and all I can think is that this is the most embarrassing, if not pathetic, moment I have ever seen in rock and roll history. That is all I can recall. It wasn't until I woke up and started thinking about it that I realized that the song he was singing isn't even a Quiet Riot song, it's a Twisted Sister song. Guess that is why he must have needed the lyrics jotted down on paper.

I once had a dream in my high school years where KISS was playing a concert in the gymnasium. That dream was so real that I woke up the next morning wondering if it had really happened. Yeah, tons of shit goes down in Burwell! About the most exciting thing that ever happened there was..... uh........ nothing. Glad I moved the hell out of that town not more than a week and a half after I graduated from high school.


Working a split shift today. Going to put in a nap soon. Breakfast shift at the pool this morning and it was so damn nice I can't even tell you!

No hags! It was a nice work environment, everything went smooth, nobody bitched or complained. Life was indeed grand. Tonight is Catalina Basin. Hope it is as easy and fun as this mornings function was. We shall see!


Ween - "Capitan Fantasy"
Death - "Zombie Ritual"

Sunday, May 04, 2003


I was at work Sunday morning working a brunch for a wedding party and a table full of people were talking about the UFO they saw at 4:30 a.m. off of Sunrise and Campbell in the foot hills. They were taking taxi's home and pulled over to see what it was. The taxi driver was even freaked out by what was happening. I guess this thing moved back and forth a very high speeds, has erratic circular lighting, and even lit up the sky at one point before it zipped of at extremely high speed. One of my Christian co-workers was within earshot and discounted it as a hoax because the bible says nothing about ufo's therefore they don't exist. I guess microwave ovens and plastics are hoaxes as well.


Josie was at K-mart yesterday when the need to use the restroom arrived. So she proceeded to the bathroom to do the deed and in time finished her duty and started to walk out of the restroom. Josie is pretty much blind when she doesn't wear her contacts and hadn't realized that she had just spent a good 10 minutes in the mens room. The tip off was the urinals. Don't think she could even see the sign on the door. Funny!


Work was easy today but I'm tired due to lack of sleep. Only one shift tomorrow and I have Tuesday off, then back to randomness.

Saturday, May 03, 2003


I was watching a documentary on Sci-fi network a few nights ago and there was tons of film footage of this poltergeist activity involving little balls of energy. The hair on the back of my neck was standing on edge for almost two hours as I watched this in both amazement and fear. Anyone who knows me well enough knows I encountered this same phenomenon back around 1989 when I was seeing this girl named Laura that I worked with at Ventana Canyon Resort. A poltergeist was following her roommate around from place to place (common poltergeist activity). They also showed little balls of energy that looked a lot like the little floating bubbles that we had at the mobile home. I'm convinced more now than ever that the mobile home was haunted by something. Doors opening and lights turning on by themselves as well as books falling over all of the time as well as those little bubbles floating around, yeah, I would think so. Nowhere as bad as the case I saw on t.v. though or even on the same level as what was following Laura and Derick around. I've seen no such thing at this house though, nor do I feel uneasy about this house like I did with the mobile home. It's a good thing.


Last night I worked a function at the Catalina Basin area at work. There was a little boy in my section that was dancing around the dance floor all night. He must have been around three years old. His mom was at one of my tables. At one point I was refreshing wine for the people at that table and the little boy comes over to his mother, points to the bass player on stage where this cheesy country band was playing, and says, "Mommy, I think that's Jesus!" God I laughed out loud and had to walk away! His mother telling him as I'm scurrying off that no indeed, it was not Jesus. Guess any skinny guy with a beard and mustache qualifies to be the messiah! I'm out of the running.


Work is consuming my life again. I do have a nice break between dinner and breakfast shifts today though. Summer will be here soon and I'll have so much free time I won't know what to do with myself, so I won't bitch. Things are pretty much back to normal for me there, but I'm not talking to the evil hags unless I need to. I think Joe R. has taken over my duties as most offensive person to work with on a comedic level. Take thy crown and run!!!


I have no idea what is going on in the world right now for the most part. I just couldn't stand to turn on the news anymore after that whole barrage of war tripe that was dished up for us nicely by those who suck the governments dick. I read a little blurb on the web about Miss Elizabeth of wrestling fame overdosing and killing herself. Guess drugs are not the best thing to be pumping into your body. Sure I did my share in the past, but I grew up. I would die for a joint though! Oh, if it were only legal. If it ever does become legal I'm going to roll a big fatty and smoke it, but until then I'll have to stick to my popcorn and pepsi addiction. Life is grand.


The weird dreams stopped for now. Either that or I'm just having zero recall. I enjoy the insanity either way.