Sunday, January 20, 2008


Ricky Sorrells got a good look at the UFO that was sighted in Texas this past week. The only person to have seen it in day light in fact. The picture above is a computer generated picture of what he saw of the underside. Remember, the people, including Sorrells, who saw this thing said said it was over a mile long and half a mile wide. He happened to be out hunting and got a good look at it with the scope on his hunting rifle at 3X power. You can see on the drawing here:

that there was some kind of mirage phenomenon going on. He said it wasn't steam, so I would say it was either some kind of energy field or heat. He also said there were no seams or bolts that were visible, as if the entire bottom was from a mold of some sort. I'm still pretty skeptical of this guys account but it's pretty wild none the less.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


People in Texas saw one of these in the past few days. These things are over a mile long, they are seen all over the world, and was what was seen the night of the Phoenix Lights back in 1997. I remember seeing people on the local news talking about driving under it for over a mile on the interstate, and how it was so huge that it blocked out all the stars, and that the only thing visible was the lights on this massive vehicle. A friend of mine was up there that night and saw it, and said it wasn't anything close to ilumination flairs like the military said they were. Hell, even the (now ex) governor Fife Symington says it was a UFO, and that at the time he was unable to say anything due to his position, and even saw the thing. So, call me crazy, but this has got to be looked in to. It's time to quit covering things up and trying to make people look wacky! You can all be in denial, I'm personally concerned.

In other news, I'm down to:


Saturday, January 12, 2008


So, nine a.m. this morning the alarm goes off so I can get up and get ready for work. I shot straight up and said, "Home owner...." out loud. All I know is I was having a dream about the play (on words) on "homo" and "moaner." So the HOMO part was a bit drawn out. Yes. I'm a bit disturbed by this... I have gay friends, so it's not like I go around calling gay people homo. What I recall is that I was dreaming about making a joke. Homo, and moaner, as one word or something. like that. Regardless, it's still just fucking weird as hell....

Friday, January 11, 2008


Did well today. Mostly salad and meat, little bit of melon and gratuitous sex. Overall I'm pretty damn proud of myself. Now, the humor:

I lied about the sex...


I'm back on my way to being skinny. I am basically on day two and weighed myself just to see where I am. I originally started out at about 240 pounds three years ago. I got down to about 187 or so last year. Well, I got back up to 214 and this shit needs to stop. I'm tired of being chubby. So, this is me proclaiming my weight loss. I will be 175 pounds soon. No more eating crap, no more procrastinating, no more feeling like shit! It's back to a low carb, sugar free way of eating. I already feel better. No lie. So it's basically a combo of Atkins, sugar busters, and south beach. Basically, watch what you eat. Green stuff, as much as I like with meat, some cheese, and a few fruits and nuts. I'm at:


Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What's Happening!!

Anyone remember Shirley from WHAT'S HAPPENING!!? I swear to god she's back from the dead and was attending the hospitality reception I worked tonight! It really was odd, and I know she's been dead for ten or so years, but if they ever remake this series, the big lady at the reception wins the look alike-sound alike contest hands down!! Sad truth is that Fred Berry died a few years back so I have no idea who will play Rerun... If you say Cedric the Entertainer I swear I'll hunt you down and kill you....

Monday, January 07, 2008


As I think back, I have a few things to say. Kids, listen to me when I say this.....

having babies and doing drugs is not a good idea. Please, don't do either!

Which brings me to my tiny inappropriate rant. Is it just me, or has America gotten so fat that you can't tell the difference between chubby females and pregnant females? I can't any longer. And, this is coming from a guy who isn't skinny. So, I'm not being a hater and I'm not pointing fingers, I'm just wondering if my judgment is off....


Why, for fucks sake, do only guys or old women try to pick up on me? Seriously! I'm not saying the occasional compatible woman hasn't, but nine out of ten times it's either a gay guy or a much older woman. When does this chick try and pick me up?

Friday, January 04, 2008


So, I worked a Mexican wedding the other night. This wasn't our regular clientele. First off, their wedding cake was from WAL*MART of all places, and the filling in the cake looked like hemorrhoid cream mixed with Vics vapor rub. The highlight of my evening is when I offered a table of little old grannies some more of our French bread rolls.

They all took one, but one of them in particular grabbed one, held it up and said, "Aahhhhhhh, like a rock!" I responded, "Oh, I see your a Bob Seger

fan!" Confused, she asks, "AYYYYY????" I giggled and moved on.