Wednesday, August 20, 2003


My wife is funny. She is the only female that works in her department. It's weird enough that she works at the same place that I do, but it's even funnier when she has been talking about me and it gets back to me. So what happened today is that Josie was talking smack with the guys, in true male fashion. A female co-worker and friend of mine happened to be walking by and overheard the conversation and relayed it back to me. So what was being said you may ask? Well, it seems Josie was telling the guys that she gets it anytime she wants it and as often as she wants it. She was making me out to be a real Don Juan from what I understand. So in reality, Josie was just talking smack with the guys. I know for sure that I don't get it as often as I want it, and I sure as hell don't get it whenever I want it. Of course I didn't tell the ladies at work this. All of a sudden I have a reputation at work with some of the ladies, and I was blushing. They were calling me EL TIGRE all morning. Oy Vey!


I'm at the Library typing this out so I may add more later on.

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