Monday, April 11, 2005



This band is wild. I had never heard of them until I stumbled upon them tonight. Sure, it's excessive but hey! I'll be checking them out and getting back to you. I'm sure the music is subpar but it's a great idea for a band.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Still Dizzy!

The doctor says I have vertigo that is being caused by my allergies! Yikes!! That could mean I have over a month of this to cope with. Not very happy about this!


Both gone. Sad that Terri had to die that way, could have been more humane but religious fuckwads need people to suffer. Dogs die every day with more dignity than she did. The Pope was just toast. They should have let him retire a few years ago, let him enjoy the end of his life a little more. When I'm old as dirt, or if I'm not home mentally I have only one wish, to be put to sleep in a quick and painless fashion. If it's good enough for prisoners on death row it's good enough for me!!!


You spin me right round baby!

I've literally been staggering around like a drunk now for about a week! I've got to see the doctor and find out what the hell is wrong with me. Called in sick today from work just to get some much needed sleep and rest. I need to go to bed and get a few more hours. Don't want to call in sick tomorrow but I see it happening. Oh, and I'm broke! I have enough money to see the doctor but no money for any drugs he may have for me. Pay day is Friday and I'm getting money back from taxes that day as well. I need it tomorrow.


The newest member to the family:


Meet Luna! She is about two months old, mostly Chihuahua and a tad Pitbull and something else. Was supposed to be Josie's baby but she sleeps with me back here in the computer room. Just what we needed, another dog!