Sunday, February 29, 2004


I went out and got drunk for the first time in a long time a few nights ago after work with the guys. I never seem to get out anymore and I'll tell ya that I had a blast! I think I might have taken it to far by playing a lot of Journey on the jukebox, but it was balanced out with Black Sabbath and various other rock tunes. Big Red got toasted, and ended up hugging and kissing everybody and telling them he loved them. I got to hear about how I worship Satan and am damned as well, but I'll save that subject for later.


Just haven't been around to write this silly little blog as of late. And for the people who come here and think I'm personally attacking their religious beliefs you need not fret, it's not attack against the reader. It's usually in response to an E-mail or comment made to me at work. Trust me on this one, I have a very good one worked up for here but I will not type it out, even though that is what this blog was intentionally set up for, my little rants. You also have to understand that a person like myself is beat down on a daily basis by Christianity, how can I not dislike it? I don't go out and look to start arguments about the subject, but I'll be damned (as most of them think) if you think I'll stand idly by as people slam me for not being one of the chosen. But anyway, I'm not in the mood to get all lathered up about the subject this morning. So if your offended, I'm sorry. But then again, so am I! Maybe I'll set up another blog strictly for the subject.


I'll try to keep the posts short and happy-go-lucky. I will post a warning from now on if I might offend somebody. Like I said, I'm not attacking the reader here, I'm only responding to people from any given day that have attacked me and set me off. I respect you all coming here, even though it feels like I don't have that many people coming here. Keep the comments coming though, at least I can tell how you all feel when I'm pissing you all off and can respond.

Monday, February 23, 2004


Wow, it's been one year of blogging! This started as an experiment and I didn't know I would still be doing this a whole year later. I have got a ton of positive feedback about this page over the past year, a very few negative. Someone wrote me an e-mail a few days ago after they read this and told me it wasn't too late to turn to god and be saved. Well, sorry honey! I've been there and done all that, and it made little to no sense! So sorry I haven't written a whole bunch as of late, felt I would take a week off and start back up as soon as the anniversary date came around. Thanks to everyone who reads this, to the friends I've made this past year because of this blog. I really do enjoy and treasure chatting with you guys when I'm home and able to do so. I hope this next year produces just as many great friends as I have made this year. Rock on you motherfuckers!


I got a huge response about the remote viewing post I put up about a week ago. A lot of people either commented, e-mailed me, or sent me an IM about this. A lot of people wanted to know about the alien thing. This is what I have been told, and I don't mean to be cryptic or anything but I can't talk about how or why I know. What I was told about six years ago is that the truth about alien civilizations would be revealed by the summer of 2005. This was the ultimatum given to our government. I read elsewhere that this was the plan but it's been pushed back, and a remote viewer said this would come to pass within the next seven years. Do I believe this? I won't say yes, and then again I don't think I would be very surprised if I turned on CNN tomorrow and saw huge ships hovering over some major cities like in the movie ID4. Life goes on regardless. If I had to put money on it I would say the chances of a civilization greater than ours making contact with us surpasses the chances of Jesus coming back.


Work was pretty lax this past week. I was given a full plate as far as scheduled work goes but ended up giving about 25% of it away so that I could keep my sanity. At the monthly meeting we were told the word "HAG" will not be tolerated. The boss read the definition and I had to bite me tongue to keep from laughing. Hey, if it looks like one, and it acts like one, then chances are it is one! One of the groups in house has a guy by the name of Michael Hunt. No lie! One of my friends at work said, "Hey, how's Mike Hunt!" Michael didn't find this funny seeing that this has been going on his whole life. I again had to bite my tongue. Also, a friend of mine at work who tends to stretch the truth, no wait, lie a lot came up with some whoppers this past week. I love the guy, I really do! But it's insulting as hell when he does this. I want him to stop and will more than likely confront him about it soon, but I don't want to hurt his feelings. I don't need my intelligence insulted so if your reading this, and you realize I'm talking about you, then please stop! Your a good guy but your full of shit! Nobody believes anything you've been saying, trust me on this one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


This is the latest thing the media seems to be beating to a pulp. Mel Gibson's movie about Ted Johnson (real name Yahshua, but people call him Jesus because names don't matter, even though the bible tells you they do) who is put to death on a cross (people who really know their religion and have actually studied it know he was put to death on a living tree) and then arises magically three days and nights (do the math, Easter Sunday doesn't compute) to be seated at the right hand of himself (this schizophrenic shit should throw up a red flag for Christians) for all eternity. Who cares! I hope Gibson does a movie about the holocaust next because that subject hasn't been touched either. Then maybe he and Peter Jackson can collaborate on Jackson's rendition of KING KONG! Drop King Kong and move straight on to THE HOBBIT for god's sake! You know, back to the Jesus thing, it's funny how he's still being portrayed as an effeminate white guy after all of these years. Too bad Andy Warhol isn't still alive, he was an effeminate white male, as was Divine:

which would have been better because they need keep portraying this guy as both effeminate, white, and divine. I personally want to make a movie on the life of Satan and have him portrayed as a red guy with horns, a tail, who hisses when he talks. Charles Nelson Riely:

would play Satan of course, seeing how diabolical he is. Okay, I'll shut up now because I know this will piss off about 90% of the people who read this blog.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


Was listening to a remote viewer talk on the  radio the other night. This guy is retired at age 30 or so! What does he do for income? He wins lotteries by remote viewing the winning numbers! In laymen's terms, he's a psychic, one of the best. How real is remote viewing? So real that the government sponsored and trained people to do this. I'm not shitting you, do some research! No, he's not a John Edwards "I'm speaking with a dead relative who's name begins with a K or W, and is a man or a woman, and had a mother and a father, once drove in a car, and likes chocolate" type of psychic, he's the real thing. Anyway, after listening to him talk for an hour or so I dozed off, but what he was talking about didn't sit very well with me. Things don't look too bright in the near future for any of us. I hope this guy is wrong, but from what I understand that he was trained by one of the governments top remote viewers and is himself very accurate. We do have the power to change the future though! He confirmed what I have been saying on this blog for over a year now, humans need to evolve now and move beyond religion. It's not advancing us, and never has. He also confirmed one of my theories on the origins of our species, and some pretty far out ideas about advanced civilizations that have interacted with our own. You probably think I'm a loony crackpot who is delusional. Then again, I don't base my morals and life on a book filled with talking donkeys, evil talking snakes, incest, pimping out your daughters to an angry mob to protect angels,  glowing heads, bears sent by god to rip children apart, raining frogs, and emulate conception. If one of my sources and this remote viewer are correct, then you have less than 7 years to go before you get the shock of a life time.


We have a ton of stuff laying around inside the garage that serves us no purpose anymore, mostly simi-broken furniture. So I kept telling Josie that we should just stick this stuff out on the corner of the street by our house and that it would be picked up people driving by. She wouldn't let me do this, wouldn't believe that people would just pick up our garbage off the street to have as their very own. Well, Josie (I'm calling her OCD now as a nick name) was on one of her cleaning missions, and it overflowed from the yard into the garage. She gave me a ration of shit about all the stuff that was cluttering up the garage so I  got Miranda to help me put some of these items on the curb next the street where the ally meets up with it. The first item was gone in less than 30 minutes! Josie couldn't believe it. Then I sat two more items out. About an hour later they were gone too! It was at this time that I realized that the old water heater we replaced in December had been taken as well! Funny, but I'm almost afraid to leave my car in the driveway at this point!

Monday, February 16, 2004


Oy! Man, it's just one of those weird nights and weird stuff is coming to mind so I have to type it out before it's gone. So who remembers that kid from the 70's named Mason Reese? He seemed to be a regular on The Mike Douglas Show as well as doing those damn Underwood commercials that trained me to hate the word "smorgasbord." Their commercials also featured that damn devil that scared the shit out of me. My parents had taken it upon themselves to teach us the fine beliefs of the Christian religion and I was scared to death of the devil. How could people eat this stuff that was endorsed by Satan himself?


I'm having a flood of weird thoughts tonight. I had a recurring dream up till the age of five or six of these little hooded guys coming through the wall in the closet via a void or portal of some sort. They would threaten to take my toys if I didn't do what they wanted. I can't remember what they wanted me to do, but I remember the portal as if it were right here beside me. Remember, I was about four when this happened. I've also run into somebody who had the same thing happen to them at the same age who is my age as well, down to the last detail! This person told me about this without me telling them my story, ever! Weird as anything I can think of, honestly. I also had this weird recurring dream involving this lady and a force field made of some kind of power. This one lasted up until I was a teenager. Like my brother says, there is this weird vortex that surrounds me. I'm going to be honest now, this isn't grandstanding or making up shit to get attention but I have no way to explain a lot of this weird shit that happens to me on a regular basis. The little guys that came through the closet, me drawing UFO's on the wall at the same age, seeing huge eyes in the dark a few years later. How did I see these eyes in the dark? They were reflecting the little bit of light that was coming from the window. All the weird paranormal shit I've witnessed. Me blurting out sentences for people before they had the chance to say them. This happened just a couple of days ago. I actually had one girl tell me she wished I would stay out of her head. It happens more with some people than others. How do you explain these things and try to remain sane? Seriously! I remember a time about 30 years ago when I was at the river swimming with a whole bunch of other kids. This older kids glasses fell off. He yelled, "My glasses!" I was about ten feet away from him and I reached down and grabbed his glasses out of the murky water as naturally as if someone had tossed them at me. Not only was the water so murky that I wouldn't have been able to see them but I was turned around in the opposite direction and had no idea where he had dropped those damn things. I'm not going to entertain the idea of being possessed or demons being attracted to me because to me that seems crazier than any of the things that I have just mentioned. I shouldn't post any of this. I've already posted some of this, and there are people who read this blog that know about these things. I guess this is the reason I created this blog in the first place, to be able to work through these things, try to find some rational explanation for some of these things. Weird shit happens to people all of the time. It's a fact.


Anyone ever hear someone calling their name when they are sleeping or just dozing off? I have a lady who does this all of the time. She did it this week again. Now and again the voice will be made up of bells. I also hear a screen door lightly tapping against it's frame, paper rustling, tapping (from elsewhere, not in this dimension, this one is hard to explain), and the occasional loud boom (hasn't happened in the past four years). There is a lady who holds a silver strand in dream land, and I heard someone talking about this on television with in the past three years on the television. Anyone else have this kind of dream weirdness? I still have the recurring dreams about tornadoes, snakes, flying, my parents house, Corona Ranch, and even driving off of bridges. I know this was a pretty whacked out post, but I have to get it out of my system or I won't be able to sleep tonight! I swear to you I'm not making any of this up.

Sunday, February 15, 2004


Spent last night with Josie, alone! No kids! We spent the night at Corona Ranch. We stayed in this room here:

I just happened to live in this very room in the 80's and lost my virginity here to a girl from El Salvador. I smoked a lot of dope here back in the day. I also spent a lot of lonely hours in this room. It was almost like going home. Josie enjoyed it anyway! I have to go get the camera tomorrow, I locked it by accident in the room. No, no sex pictures! So what we did last night was this. We went out and ate Mexican food, then we went to see the latest Lord of the Rings movie. A lot of people told me they didn't care for the last one but I thought they did a great job! Then we spent time together out at the ranch. We did the nasty, with no interruptions, it was fantastic! I just had to share that!


I walked into the bathroom yesterday and it looked like a small shit hurricane had blown through. Shit on the toilet, on the floor, in the sink along with toilet paper. I asked Brandon if he had taken a dump in there and he said no, that he had done his business in his own bathroom. True, I remember this. Of course this opened up a line of questioning from Brandon. Why did I need to know? What happened? Etc. Miranda was at the mall, Josie was outside, and I was on the computer. Josie's mom had been in there just a while before. So, my conclusion is that she shit herself and did a poor job covering her tracks. I don't think this is the first time this has happened either. So Josie cleaned it up, and had a talk with her mom. Looks like someone is wearing depends from this day out.


March 4th will be this blogs 1st birthday! Almost been a year already! Wow...!

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Holy fuck I'm in a great mood! Having the past two days off and getting rest after a hell week really did the trick. Then tonight we had a gig for a bunch of the corporate heads and they had one hell of a spread set out for them. I got to eat my weight in shrimp tonight and I can hardly move! Just a ton of great food and tons of great comments all the way around. I put in a ten hour day with about three hours off in between sifts so I got to get off of my feet for a little bit. Today most certainly kicked ass, I wish you all could have been there with me to enjoy it!


I'm at work all day and wild shit happens. Isn't that always how it is anyway? Take a look at this about Bill O'Reilly. I can't fucking believe it! Are these people finally going to wise up about this? I try not to get too political here but holy shit, finally, and of all people it's Bill O'Reilly! Let's get this bastard out of office! I don't need another four years of this smug asshole claiming to be my leader and spouting shit about TERROR. He can't even pronounce the word nuclear correctly. Time to move on America!


I've been stating THIS for years and years. The bible never states three wise men. It talks about the Magi, and they are from Persia. Any idea where Persia is and what these guys may have been into? And as for the mindless fucking Christians at work today spouting bullshit, well, FUCK YOU! Go ahead and condemn gays in the name of your worthless Christ. Go on living your life as mindless sheep. I have no respect for anything in your head, or your bullshit document that you cherish so much. You're all mindless sheep.

Monday, February 09, 2004


This is a funny test. Click on THE HELL TEST to see if your going to make it or not. I might still have a chance because I scored 133. I think you have to score at least 200 to go to hell. They didn't ask many questions about Jesus so I think I got off on some kind of technicality. It's going to be hard to fit in when in heaven so I'm sure I'm going regardless. At least there will be wild women and cool music!


I was listening to one of the hardcore Christians talking a couple of nights ago on the way to a cater out function. He was talking about how frugal his family is. They don't buy stuff from the isles of grocery stores, they only shop on the perimeter of the store so they won't be "tempted" by the garbage inside the store. He won't allow his daughters to buy hairspray, because it's overpriced junk, so they have to take Elmer's Glue All and water it down and spray that on instead. They only order pizza from places like Little Ceasers or Peter Pipper because he doesn't believe in spending more than $6.00 for a pizza. This is a guy who believes that being stupid, non-questioning, and a domestic servant is the proper place for a woman in the home. This guy also spent like eight years with UP WITH PEOPLE. I guess it's UP WITH PEOPLE but DOWN WITH YOUR FAMILY! I on the other hand let my kids experience their own lives, make choices for themselves, eat Pizza Hut pizza and I preach abstinence is the best method, abstinence from the Church that is.


I spent my life at work last week! I wasn't home to type on this lovely little journal at all, sorry. I had yesterday off but spent the majority of the day resting and sleeping. I put in just over 70 hours for last week and the tip pool was kick ass so I'm happy that I worked like a slave.

Friday, February 06, 2004


I'm just totally shocked that we as Americans are so offended at this Janet Jackson tit incident. I've seen far worse on television, you've seen far worse on television so why the outcry and the outrage? It's a breast for gods sake! You can gun down sixty people on a prime time show, murder this or that person on prime time, you can have an affair with somebody's spouse on prime time and it's all good. Then comes along the most evil of all evils, the breast of a black woman exposed with a the nipple covered for less than a second and it's the end of civilization! The Antichrist must be alive and well this very day for this was a sign of the Apocalypse! No, it was a boob being flashed for a mere second. If you truly want to be offended turn on TBN for an hour and listen to those blatherskites ramble for about an hour. A boob flashing for an instant vs. my eternity in a burning nasty fiery pit of nastiness? I'll take tit's and ass please!


I don't even know where to start! So I guess I'll start with what is fresh in my mind. Dana Carvey was the entertainment a few nights ago. He was funny as hell. Go see him live if you ever get a chance, you'll laugh I guarantee it! I was standing close to some people wearing kippahs on their heads. I don't think they thought he was all that funny, and proceeded to act stuffy and offended. I'm glad I'm not involved with any religion that would ever cause one to become offended at the drop of a hat, or kippah in this instance. There is a lot I'd like to post about this week but won't because I don't want to offend anyone because I poke fun of stereotypes. The one thing I will say is that rich people from the east coast (no matter what ethnic background) are just plain lazy, clueless, and narcissistic. Anyway, I put in a 15 hour day that day. That has been my life this week, making a lot of money  but tired as hell. I've been called into work tonight which is my only day off and I have a 15 hour or longer shift tomorrow. I asked for Sunday and Monday off and I better get it or I'll be pissed!


I should be back to posting, and will be around to chat with all of you who usually send me IMs. I just wasn't home at all this week! I did sell that piece of shit car for $700 "as is" this week. A friend of mine insisted that I sell it to him even after I explained the condition of the car. So be it. Anyway, my life returns to normal after tomorrow.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004


I'm trapped in this endless cycle of going to work, going home, going to bed, and getting up to go to work again. I'll post tomorrow, I promise! I will say that I think I have a boyfriend! No shit! This guy has been so nice to me this week, and it's too bad I'm not a single gay guy because he's got bucks!!! Didn't say anything to anybody, not even Josie. Not that I'm afraid to but Josie is jealous as hell and the last thing I need people at work thinking is I have guys after me. He really is a nice guy, very weird that whole thing. Tomorrow, I promise! I'm just so tired it's hard to even type at this point...

Monday, February 02, 2004


Yep, I just finished a 12 hour day at work with no breaks and I'm beat. The people we have in house are the elite beautiful people you see in television shows. The only difference with these rich people is that they are stupid. Simple things elude these people. I'm talking simple every day tasks! I'm thinking having hired help to do their every day menial tasks hasn't helped them one bit. They are beautiful though, if not down right hot! Last night they had a comedian that was so bad that just about everyone got up and left. The little bit that I did comedy in the 80's I never had that happen to me. I had four people come up to me and tell me I should have been up on stage. I will agree with them only because she was so bad that there is no way I could be any worse. Dana Carvey is going to be their entertainment in a few days. I've seen him live at work once before and he is funny as hell. Anyway, I have to get up and work so I will type more tomorrow. I'm sorry this post was random but I've had a couple of drinks and I'm beat. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 01, 2004


Well the backlash started just as I knew it would. The evil ones even recruited meth addicts to join it, and that got squashed quickly. This guy was with them the next day and I was walking by, not saying anything. He says in a real smart ass like tone, "Don't harass me!" I turned around and told him to watch it. I was willing to let it die at that but they ran to the office and said I was starting things again. So later as my boss was asking me what was going on and why were people running to the office the guy who made the remark happens to walk by and was stopped. He was asked to explain his remark and he denied that he had made it. I told him he was lying. This is a guy who's been claiming to be a born again Christian a lot as of late. Anyway, after all was said and done I was told they knew he was lying and that this whole issue should be dead now and I have nothing to worry about. We will see


I dreamt that I was loosing my teeth last night and the roots were turning to black sludge. Not very nice. I also had a dream where a pimple on my chest was growing a huge tuft of hair out of it and I was trying to pull it out with pliers. Of course I had my shirt off and I was at work in front of clients when all of this was happening. All my dreams were on this level last night, just couldn't sleep well.


Just watched this show on VH1. Saw A Flock Of Seagulls play together for the first time in about twenty years. That was very cool. I'm going to have to go and buy their CDs now. Think they had two out under the original line up. They were records though back then. I'm tempted to buy a record player so that I can buy some old hard to find records and record them as mp3s.


Today begins a long week. Today being second easiest, tomorrow third and Friday being my only day off. The rest is going to be spent living at work. It's going to be ugly with the hag factor in place but I'll survive. I will try to type here every day, and I'm sure this week will produce some lovely stories. Stay tuned and wish me luck.