Saturday, December 25, 2004



I hope everybody is enjoying the holidays with friends and family. My mom has a blood clot in her lung and just got out of the hospital so my parents won't be showing up for a visit tomorrow like we had hoped. I let the kids open a few of their presents last night. Brandon got a race car game that kept he and I up till 6:00 a.m. this morning. Josie wasn't happy about that.


Lot's of weird dreams as of late. The one I vaguely remember is one with some guy passed out on a lawn face down, pants down with purple feces all over the place and a purple dildo next to him. There was a joke about the purple but I can't remember what it was but I remember it was very funny. Why all of these poop dreams all of a sudden? Is it a sign of the apocalypse?

Thursday, December 16, 2004


The news is out and I'm fucking shocked! ODB died of an overdose!!! Say it isn't so, somebody tell me it isn't true. I would have never guessed that is what killed him, not in a million years. Later, one less non-talented blathering idiot soaking up time on MTV. What's that? Why no respect for ODB and yet I lamented for Dimbag Abbot? Because I'm against what he stood for plus I didn't see him as any sort of talent. Next...

Thursday, December 09, 2004


I'm a big Pantera fan. I remember when they first came out and Miranda must have been a new born. I listened to their first CD over and over because it's such a powerful album. Well, they haven't been a band for about four years but "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott and his brother started a band called DAMAGEPLAN. Well, they were playing a concert last night and during the first song some crazy bastard jumped up on stage, rambles something about him breaking up Pantera, then pulled out a gun and unloaded it into him! Then that crazy fuck started shooting people in the audience. In all five people including Dimebag and the gunman who was known as Nathan Gale died. How fucked up is that?


My bird is horny as hell. She backs her ass up to her mineral block and humps the shit out of it. I don't blame her, I feel her pain, but she needs to do it without the squacking. Not only is it distracting but it's disturbing as well!


I cleaned this room today like crazy. I scrubbed, everything down with PineSol and everything. I even added a futon bed frame. I need to go buy a mattress now. I'm also going to hit up my friend for some of his mom's art. She doesn't paint anymore and he has all of this stuff just sitting in his closet. It's mixed media and really cool so it will make this room look real good when I do put some stuff up. I'll take a picture of this room when it's finished.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Ok, this was pretty fucked up and rated a 10+ on the scale of impending doom dreams...


I was at the bowling ally in the town of Burwell Nebraska, the town I grew up in, and I was there with my childhood friend Stace. He was in his 20's in this dream and we were going to some bowling party or tournament. I really had to take a shit so I run off to the bathroom and it starts getting complicated. I realize that I'm in Japan and the toilets are not the same as they are in the states. I finish my business and go to wipe my ass and things start to get messy. There is shit everywhere and I realize the bus is pulling out in about two minutes. More shit everywhere! I'm wondering how I could have become covered in shit like this, then realize I've been stepping on a giant turd that must have come from a hippo or something. I start crawling on top of the bathroom stalls looking for somthing and there are personal items and money up there! I also realize that some Japanese people have been watching me and I need to get out of there. I pull myself together very loosely and on the way out the door I see a security camera that has been watching me the whole time, as well as the Japanese guy dialing 911. I just want to make a break for my car but as I hit the parking lot I see my car about 60 yards away and a Japanese policeman pointing at my car. Just then a tow truck rams my car through a fence and it goes coasting down the street. I try to run after it but it's two blocks away and somebody jumps in and steals my car. This is where my lucid dream training came in. I realized that I wasn't in Japan and that I was dreaming! I say out loud, "This is bullshit! I don't have to deal with this!" At this point I woke up because I was saying the words out loud in reality and it startled me. So later on today I was telling Brandon about this dream and he said, "Gee Dad, I'm glad I don't have your dreams! I don't think I could handle that..." I don't think I ever had a conversation like that with my dad when I was seven. I would have been ordered to go work in the garden or something.

I also had a pretty weird dream involving a naked 20 year old girl lying in bed with me the other night. Nothing happened but she was digging me. She was one of Miranda's friends in the dream and she didn't have a problem with it. I was thinking that she might tell Josie and I would be in trouble.

Check out these other weird fucking dreams I've had:

Pappa Moon
This page has about three dreams
Snickers Man and Aliens
Sun Explodes

I know there are a ton more but you'll have to search the archives for them.

Monday, November 29, 2004


Well, I didn't win the $500 like I would have liked to. I did a good job, nailed the song but the girl who won was better than I was. She was also pretty hot. The contest was based on the audience and she had her posse with her. A lot of my friends had left already because it was about 1:00 a.m. in the morning. So, I'll be poor this Christmas.


The battery in my car took a dump today. I was able to get $40 for returning it and and extra $10 off for getting a Sears charge card. I figure I will pay for it in a month when work is kicking my ass and the money is good. The car works great again and the tail light problem I was having has gone away.


Cypress Hill - Hand on the Pump
Jane Child - Don't Want To Fall In Love
Aphex Twin - Milkman
Cabaret Voltaire - I Want You (Remix)
Fugies - Ready or Not
Me First & The Gimme Gimmes - Science Fiction/Double Feature
Bullet Boys - Smooth Up In Ya

Thursday, November 25, 2004


Hey, Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope you all have a great time with friends and family eating the perverbial bird and all. I'm cheating and letting Boston Market cook that bitch for me this year! I'm thankful for that. So gobble gobble it all up and don't binge to the point of no return. Oy, got to go. The kids are not so thankful and a fight ensued.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004


Shit goes down Friday night! I'm in the finals of a karaoke contest and the prize is $500! I got quite a few friends going to back me up and maybe some other people I don't know that well. If your in Tucson and want to help cheer me on your invited. It's at Terry and Zeekes on Speedway and Swan. I'll be getting there around 10 p.m. to get a buzz going.


So things are a little better. Josie isn't as depressed as she was. I think she will be changing jobs at the end of December. She will be working part time with me! She has done it in the past and she's fast. She will work a lot less, make more money than she is currently making, and be happier in the long run. Wish her luck, she's my bitch.

Friday, November 19, 2004


What is evil? I know, it's subjective. But the first bit of EVIL is this! Yes, they are remaking The Evil Dead! This time the budget will be huge and I"m sure Sam Rami will make sure they don't screw it up. I'm stoked! I love this movie.


The next bit of evil ties in with Josie's evil sister and the depression I was talking about in the last post. We got a call today from the school that her kids attend. They ask if we know Laverne's whereabouts because school has been out for over two hours and nobody came to pick up the kids. It took the kids two hours to remember where they lived, and when they remembered they called the apartment complex office which in turn called us because Josie's mom used us as a reference. The office doesn't know that Laverne and her kids are living in that one bedroom apartment with her mother and can't understand why the school would call them. Well, the sister and Josie's mom are nowhere to be found and the school has called the police. Lovely, this is the shit that is fucking my wife up. So we head over there because it's only about ten minutes away. We get there and the kids are already gone, picked up by their mother. So I get two stories:

SCHOOL MIX: Laverne was on the other side of town and her radiator blew up and burned her. She wasn't able to call because she has no money to pay to have her phone connected.

LAVERNE MIX: Laverne was cooking with lard. The pan "flew" and all the lard poured over her face and chest. Her ex-husband took her to the hospital where they gave her a shot and sent her on her way.

So what really happened? Who fucking knows. Laverne is a pathological liar and theif and I have a feeling she was over at the Casino spending her moms social security check and the piece of shit car she drives overheated. Seeing she is not very bright she probably lifted the hood and removed the cap from the radiator. Oh, and this ended in an argument on the way to the school. I said they will probably take the kids to foster care. Josie said she would take them in (adopt) before she let foster care take them. I said there is no way I'm taking on five fucked up kids into my house. Josie felt it was maybe better for her to leave me, get her own place and adopt Laverne's kids so that they don't end up in foster care. That was the wrong thing to say. I'm not too happy at the moment. Yes, I let her know it was the wrong thing to say.

Thursday, November 18, 2004


So your probably wondering where I've been. Well, it's been a weird week and Josie has been severely depressed. She was crying a lot, wouldn't talk to me, and wouldn't answer my questions that I kept asking her. It took me almost three days to figuratively beat it out of her.

Well, sounds like the majority of it is her worrying about her mom. We got her mom her own apartment and she was doing fine. What happened is what I knew was going to happen, warned Josie and her family would happen, and told them not to be shocked when it did. Laverne, Josie's good for nothing, welfare riding, jobless, filthy, lying, cheating, stealing, evil sister moved back in with her mom along with her five kids, and is making her life miserable. They are talking about packing it all up and moving to Vegas. This has Josie nervous, but makes me happy. The farther that train wreck is from me the better. Josie's mom is an adult and can make decisions. She makes poor decisions but that's not our fault. Her mom loves being in dysfunctional scenarios and I predicted this would happen back when she was still living with us.

The other is me. She feels I'm ignoring her and not paying enough attention to her. I told her that when I do try to give her attention that she pushes me away and says stop, or not right now, or don't. By attention I mean just that, it's not a sex thing. So a lot of times I just give up and come in here to the computer and that makes her jealous. So I don't think that part is entirely my fault. The other part is my fault. I joke around at those moments when she is pushing me away and go into my mail order bride routine. Well, she doesn't find this humorous at all and I guess it hurts her feelings. Enough said, I'll no longer do that. So anyway, after a long talk and all she was pretty much back to normal yesterday. I think she needed a lot of rest and just to keep her mom off of her mind. I'll leave it at that, this is getting lengthy and I don't need to be writing any novels about it at present. Later...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


Went to a concert last night with Miranda and her friend Kim. It was a small venue that I haven't been to in almost seventeen years but it looked exactly the same as it always does. The two main bands we went to see were KITTIE and OTEP. There was another band CRISIS that was on the bill as well as a local band who was forgettable. OTEP was really good, a bit on the pretentious side, but still good. KITTIE just all out fucking rocked! They plaid mainly songs off of their newest album. The mosh pit was out of control and I only saw two fights, one minor and the other one where about six people got thrown out. There were a lot of heavy metal chicks dressed in black, and quite a few little kids, two of which kept going into the mosh pit. I'm surprised they didn't get killed in there. It was a great show anyway!


Oh, so nice to be off today! I slept 12 hours last night!!! I was pretty drawn out and tired. I'm going to be a sloth and do nothing other than pick up the house a little bit. I need to call Dennis. Haven't talked to him in a month and he's going to kill me.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


That's about all I can say! Another double shift today, I'm beat. I'm on my way to work. Help...

Saturday, November 06, 2004


I do, that's who fucking rocks! Okay, so I'm drunk and a bit belligerent, but I just won $50 in the second Karaoke contest I've ever entered. I've won both, but instead of a piece of shit plastic I won cash. On the 26th of Novermber is the next round and it's $500! I doubt I'll win but then again who knows. I did DETROIT ROCK CITY and CALLING DR. LOVE (I won with this song) by KISS and HIGHWAY TO HELL by AC/DC! They even applauded me when I left at the end of the night. Josie went out with me for the first time, and saw me do Karaoke for the first time. She thought she could keep up though as far as drinking goes, and is currently passed out on our bed. Rookie. I rock, it's a fact. Not being narcissistic, just keeping it real. I'm also drunk. Do I really go on and try to win that $500? I'd say fuck yeah! Sorry, off to bed. Sorry this post isn't more illustrious! DRUNK!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 05, 2004


I just want to get some sleep! It's almost 3:00 a.m. and I have to work a double tomorrow but I can't fall asleep! Insomnia sucks.


Arafat will be dead today or tomorrow. Call it a well educated guess. I hope your ready for a fascist society America. That is where we're headed. I'm totally disgusted, and that's an understatement! Get your fucking bullshit religion out of my life!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004


Now it's a sad day in America! The process of dumbing down America is a success and people have chosen an imperialistic leader and basically given him the opportunity to really sock it to us in the next four years. You can kiss more of your rights away, as well as more of your children's lives and your social security. When the shit hits the fan in the next four years and your down and out, don't come crying to me, take it to baby Jesus!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004


And they're off......

Not that anybody here isn't going to do it, but there may by chance be that one person, that lost (not damned) soul out in the crowd, that sole wandering entity that just happend to wander across this page looking for inspiration or a cheap thrill today and had planned not to vote. Well, do it for him if any body:


Yes, do it for Baby Jesus! I don't want to see him cry, and I know you don't either! Do it, do it for JESUS!!!

(this is a cross post by me from:)

Sunday, October 31, 2004


It's Halloween! Going to take the kids out and grab some candy, then I'm going to watch THE EVIL DEAD II, HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES, and maybe THE EXORCIST. So, enjoy the devil's holiday! I forgot to buy THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

Here are a few weird fucking clips to keep you happy on Halloween:



I just got the first two seasons of Ren & Stimpy on DVD! I'm excited because I now have just about every one of my favorite episodes. Anyone else a fan of theirs? If so, which was your favorite episode?

Saturday, October 30, 2004


Yes, she's just plain hot!

I'm not at the top of the google list anymore. People still coming here in droves looking for Juliya though. Here's a little something to wet you wistle! Your not going find any nude pictures here thought, sorry! And who's number two to Juliya as far as hard rockin' chicks go? I'd have to say:

Brody Dalle of The Distillers

Yeah, got to love that.


I'm off starting tomorrow. I only asked for two days off but they got my schedule mixed up with someone else so I get the next three days off in a row. I always ask for Samhain (Halloween) off because I love it so much. Candy, horror flicks, popcorn, the occasional kick to the groin! Oh, it's very special, and seeing it has it's roots as deeply set in paganism as Christmas and Easter both do you know Jesus want's me to celebrate it. Anyway, making lunch for the family then it's off to work.

Friday, October 29, 2004


Halloween is in a couple of days so I thought it would be a good time to do the 10 best horror movies of all time, open for discussion of course.


I originally saw this at a special midnight showing when I was a young kid. I thought it was a true story and the vision of grandpa sucking on that chicks finger haunted me for months!


Very underrated vampire movie, almost only has a cult following. I saw this when I was stoned (back in the day) and it scared me so bad that I had to turn it off. To bad this isn't out on DVD. RADU is my favorite vampire only next to Count Graf Orlock from Nosferatu.


I didn't see this in it's entirety until I was 20 years old and living by myself. Scared the shit out of me seeing I was living in the middle of nowhere and nobody was around.


I had to walk home after seeing this movie with Randy Langhorst. Took me a while to get home trying to avoid all the dark scary places.


This movie still freaks me out.


My parents and family all went out of town for a ball game and I didn't want to go. I stayed home and watched this and the next movie on the list:


By the time this movie and THE SHINING were both over, I couldn't stand to be inside by myself so I went and rode my bike around the neighborhood for two hours.


Just a classic!


Another classic, Polanski's horror is always brilliant!


This effected me to the level where I had a Elm Street dream just like the ones that happen in this movie. I woke up beleiving this shit was real!


This movie did a lot of damage. Not only could I not get myself to swim at the public swimming pool that whole summer, or even the river, but I to this day can't stand to be in the ocean up past my knees.



I still love this movie. It's what you don't see that scares the shit out of you!


Beyond classic, nothing else I can say that hasn't been said.

Well, those are my favorites. Are there any you think I missed or you would have added?

Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Another long day and I'm a the library typing this in seeing I'm on a three hour break again today. I'm tired, I'm hungry (imagine that!), and I'm ready for my two days off, starting in about seven hours or so. I'll type something more when I get home tonight if I'm not to tired.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


One of the places we do outdoor functions, but not tonight because Jesus made it rain!

I got up for work this morning at 4:00 a.m. because I have a triple shift today. I'm pretty tired already. It's about 4:00 p.m. and it's been raining pretty hard, which is good seeing Tucson doesn't get a whole lot of love rain and the fact that I was supposed to work outside in the area pictured above. It's all been moved inside so that makes things a million times easier.. I'm on a three hour break so I got my oil and radiator fluid changed. It was twenty dollars off and then they gave me another eight dollars off just because they enjoyed shooting the shit with me while they did the work. No lie! So that was way cool of them, ended up saving close to thirty dollars. Anyway, break is over and I have to go back to work in just a few minutes. I'm pretty tired, did I mention that?

Monday, October 25, 2004


Girl you know it's true....

This weekend ASHLEE SIMPSON made a huge mistake. What was that mistake? Going on national television trying to pretend she can sing! And what happened? Well, she made it through the first song, but instead of the correct prerecorded track playing on the second song things got confused and they played the same vocals from the first song over again, and it was the Milli Vanilli scenario all over again! You can see the clip HERE. I've said it once and I'll say it again, if you buy this over produced and over marketed tripe then you go ahead and waist your money!. I really hope this puts her career in the toilet. You want a real good c.d.? Then go buy the new DISTILLERS album, it's solid front to back and I can guarantee you it's not lip-syncing.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


These pictures are at my work. I do catering and this is what our finished product looks like. Click on the pictures for a better view

This is a program we did for two weeks in a row. It was hell, believe me!

This is what I look like on the more upscale functions we do.

I set this up for this shot, for real!! One of the rooms they
have meetings in. This set up took five hours to get it right, I'm not fibbing!!

One of the places we do outdoor functions.

Another outside shot. Can't remember if I was involved with this shot.



I woke up feeling really weird today, and it set the mood for the rest of the day. I've got aspartame poisoning again, and I've some idea how it got into my system. I'm thinking it was the pink lemon-aid I had at work yesterday. Asparame is the stuff in NUTRASWEET for those who don't know. Regardless, my head is messed up. My thoughts are askew, my equilibrium is off kilter, and I feel flushed. I've also been craving weird music today, so I'm hitting up everything from THE RESIDENTS to FRANK ZAPPA and NURSE WITH WOUND. Not much else to type other than I will keep the religious bashing to a minimum on this blog, not because I'm afraid of anything but now that I'm also with THE QUALITY CONTROL ALLIANCE I can do the majority of it over there. You will see it here from time to time I'm sure, but that blog is really taking off. Go check it out!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


George Orwell was right.

These rednecks know what is in store for us if we let those two idiots back into the White House. I'm begging you all at least read ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell before you go vote. It's a very short story and a great read. Do it, and if you have time read 1984 too. Do it for Parsons children if anybody, they're evil little bastards, just like your children will be after four more years of this bullshit.


Two posts in one day? What the hell is going on? Who knows, free time I guess. I'm out of here in a moment, going to go eat Mexican food. Something spicy, I'm off tomorrow. I'm serious about the books, damn good books and your missing out if you never read those books in your lifetime.


Kids are great!

Kids tell the best jokes, don't they? I saw this picture and just had to doctor it. It's getting close, but mark my words, it's going to be just like four years ago. They are going to make it seem like it's so close that it will be January before anything is decided. I don't feel good about this election one bit, not for a second. Oh, and look up the word Democracy, it's something we aren't anymore.


Worked off property last night, a cater out so to speak. Two guys came and stood next to me and we started talking about Tequila and different types of beers and spirits for like a half an hour. It took them about that long to figure out I was part of the catering staff and I guess I kind of lost my luster at that moment. They were kind of kissing my ass at one point because I knew a little bit more about Tequila than they did. They were asking me where I was from and I kept telling them from the Resort. They would say, "Yea, us too but where do you live?" Then I would tell them on the other side of Tucson. They thought I was part of their group. After they figured out I was just staff, and not one of them, the ass kissing came to an end, disappointment set in, and they both walked away. Hey, it's not my fault that we were dressed in western wear just like they were. I didn't have a cocktail in my hand and I had a name tag on, what else do you want? Silly cooperate people.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004


WAR IS PEACE... Orwell, 1984

It's 2:00 p.m. and I just got up. I just couldn't get out of bed today and now I haveto shower and go to work. Saw the movie THE GIRL NEXT DOOR last night. Great teen movie.Kind of like the RISKY BUSINESS of the new millennium. The girl who plays the porn star in this movie is absolutely gorgeous. The other movie I rented was Fahrenheit 911. I keep hearing republicans saying this movie is full of inaccuracies but I'd guess their either blind to what is really going on or just plain stupid. Wake the fuck up. He's a fucking elitist, and he admits it on film! I guess America is happy sending our kids to death so that they can fatten he and his buddies wallets. Oh, and if your going to pull the "well the people over there are free now" card, it's bullshit. I know people from Iraq who have just been over there, had to sneak in from Syria, and it's total anarchy and chaos over there. So think about the real people, not the biased media reports. My nephew and family of my friends are all suffering, protecting OIL. That is the bottom line. Other than that, I got to get going to work now. Josie is really sick, can hardly breath. I got to work and haven't eaten anything today. Peace out motherfuckers.

Saturday, October 16, 2004


Love Stinks!!!

Josie had a little breakdown not to long ago. She said she felt lonely and that it seemed like we didn't have a relationship anymore. I told her that every time I even try to get close to her or show any affection that she pushes me away. Well, today we had the day together with no kids. A great time to spend some time together! Josie decided that washing her car and going with her niece to look at jeans was more important. I give up! Anyone up for an affair with a hairy white guy?

Friday, October 15, 2004


Didn't I say that getting Josie's mom out of my house was for the best? Didn't I say that her mom would move back in with the dysfunctional sister that originally kicked her out of the house when we ended up taking her in. Didn't I say that this sister would fuck her mom over in the long run and they would be homeless again. Well, I think I'm either s psychic or just a plain fucking genius! Josie's mom has the dysfunctional sister and her five kids living with her in a small one bedroom apartment. We suspected this sister was raiding her mothers bank account. Well, her mom went to the bank two days ago to withdraw some money and they told her there was no money and that the account had been closed. So this means that they will all be homeless very soon. I'm not helping do anything seeing that her family didn't respect me or even thank me when I helped her before, her mother was never thankful of anything and I saw this coming three months ago. It's the lords will, trust me!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004



I'm not sure what was going on at this point in the debate tonight, but weren't you as shocked as I was when Big Doubleyah pulled that vibrator out of his ass and started to spin it on his index finger like Curly from The Harlem Globe Trotters? I'm amazed that Kerry didn't falter for one second. I'm still in shock!


And this would be?

Is somebody being fed his lines? Is he wired? You tell me. It's a huge buzz on the internet at the moment. Who knows, who cares. I don't think he's bright enough to stand one on one with Kerry so it wouldn't be a shock if this was happening.


There is a guy at work who is acting very right wing and Christian. He has been talking to me about how homophobic he is, how he thinks what gay people do is wrong, how a union between two men can't be called a marriage. So here's the kicker, in the midst of all of this he has been telling me how he want's to be a bar tender at IBT's which is a local gay bar. He has told others that he and his wife go dancing at IBT's. This guy even acts pretty gay sometimes, and I don't think he knows it. Now my question is this, if it's so wrong to be gay, and your so afraid of gay people then why in hell would you want to go dancing in a gay bar or even bring up the idea that you might want to bar tend in a gay bar with your shirt off? A lot of contradiction if you ask me! I think this guy is closeted. Just come out dude, don't be afraid! I'm not buying the Christian act one bit.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


Long Live Superman!

Well, due to complications of his paralysis, actor Christopher Reeve is dead at the age of 52. Rodney Dangerfield died recently as did Janet Leigh. Weird how these always seem to happen in threes.


I got drunk last night, real drunk. I don't hardly ever have more than two drinks in a sitting. Last night I had about six drinks and that put me over the edge! Fat Tire beer on tap is just plain yummy anyway. Never mind the two shots of tequila I did as well. Karaoke ensued. It was a blast. A glass of water and some aspirin along with a hamburger did the trick. Only felt tired today. I don't see how some people can drink like that every day. I'd die within days.


Salvation - RANCID


I'm drunk to the point where I could give a rat's ass if I'm making sense! Boy I'm in love with some of the hot chicks that work with me! I'm very drunk at the moment. Did I mention I could give a shit at the moment! That's the beer talking. I'm going to finish my burger an pass out. Jesus, Love me!!.

Saturday, October 09, 2004


It's very early and I have to be to work in 45 minutes. I hate getting up at four a.m.!!! I kicked my breakfast shift for tomorrow, that shit is for the birds. Holy cow, I feel mental...

Thursday, October 07, 2004


Not much time to post anything. I've been at work, all day long of course, for the past several days. Today will be more of the same. There are a lot of new people working with us which is cool! I call them shit shields. All the shit I was taking last year is being deflected off onto them. It's so nice to be able to be the weird and unusual me without the bitter ones attacking me. Got to run. Don't for get to visit Quality Control! You can find the link in my blog roll on the right hand side of the page. Chow motherfuckers!

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Who Knew?

I've been saying this for years, that Ye Old Leader Of Thee Pack's mom looks like the Quaker Oats Guy. The proof is in the pudding.


Fear This!

It's official, I'm a member! We're taking the mindless idiots and followers on and it's all out war!

Friday, October 01, 2004


She Rocks!

Miranda has the knack for finding some cool bands now and then. The latest find is a little punk ditty called THE DISTILLERS! Holy fuck these guys rock! They go one to prove that yes in deed, girls can rock!! With songs like DRAIN THE BLOOD and THE HUNGER how can they go wrong? It's refreshing to see that punk is still alive and well in this sea of pop drivel. The new Social Distortion is good too, by the way. Check them out if you have Winamp. Just open the media window and click on music videos and then scroll down. Best new band I've heard in a long time.


I got a notice in the mail yesterday about a complaint that I've been working on cars and selling them illegally. I can hardly change the oil let alone fix one of those fuckers! I didn't inherit the "fixing cars" gene or the "my life is dominated by sports" gene as far as that goes. It's amazing I'm still straight after all these years! I held onto the "I dig hot Asian chicks" gene :p. The truth of the matter is that it's my neighbor who is doing this. He lives north east of my back yard and constantly has old shabby pieces of shit cluttering his well maintained (not) yard. You might be a redneck if..... Now if you'll politely excuse me I'm going to go get some sleep. Damn Chinese food we had last night made me ill last night and I couldn't sleep. I'm never eating anything from Golden House ever again.

Thursday, September 30, 2004


No comment necessary!

[Written Yesterday] Very early this morning, before I had a chance to got to sleep Brandon had fallen asleep in our room watching television with Josie. I couldn't sleep so I was playing games and trying to get my cable modem to work. Around 1:00 a.m. I heard conversation coming from my bedroom. I thought it was Brandon talking and the tone of voice was very troubled. I walk in and everybody is asleep. I figured Brandon was talking in his sleep. I walk back here to the computer room and a few seconds later Josie pops her head in the door and said she was having bad dreams and she couldn't go to sleep without me going with her. I go to bed a few minutes later and ask her why she is so scared. She said she had been dreaming that a tall naked guy was chasing her around the house with a belt demanding that she give him a hand job. I found this amusing as hell but she was pretty traumatized and was even sobbing. It was all I could do to keep from laughing and ended up back in here just because of that.




Just kidding! I truly do love Yvonne! I've been reading her blog almost a year and a half now and she always seems to put a smile on my face. It's "I LOVE YVONNE WEEK" anyway and I'm expressing my love. Go read her blog, DO IT NOW!!!!! She love you long time...


One of my new best friends...

My cable modem took a dump on me yesterday. It was a Toshiba PCX 1100 and had worked kind of poorly most of the time I had it. It's been playing this invisibility game with my computer ever since I've had it. Works for a while then the computer can no longer recognize it and I have no connection. Yesterday it decided it wasn't going to work for more than five minutes at a time. That was it, I threw that piece of shit in the trash. I now have a new Linksys BEFCMU10 cable modem and everything seems to be working fine.