Friday, January 30, 2004


I'm tired, but just got home from work and can't sleep and it's just past midnight. What do you do in such a predicament? Well, you make a giant mug of iced tea and play a game of Wrecking Ball! How do you play you might ask? Well hold your fucking horses and I'll tell you. What you do is find a chat room on IRC, something like #bible or #lesbian_love. Next you go in and be quiet for a good long while and observe things, or if people start talking to you then just chime right in and chat back, but be polite and let them think your in there to chat with them about the chosen topic or theme of the channel. Next, you start to deviate slightly by saying loony things that just don't quite jive with the conversation. Here is a sample of what I'm doing right now in a channel called #Christian_chat:

Falchion: the #christian channel, why is it in that state?
chalcedny: what about it?
Shyven: Iowa?
chalcedny: it's an evangelism channel
chalcedny: non-christians are welcomed
Shyven: Oh evangelism, it makes great things good
Shyven: I like Robert Tilton, he is the epitome of evangelism
Falchion: the bot boots you after apparently idling for an hr
Falchion: no one talks, and generally no ops around for abusive people :/
Shyven: what if your Billy Idol
Shyven: that's a life time of being booted
Falchion: ...?
Shyven: or Eric Idle of Monty Python
Shyven: both constantly being booted in there
Shyven: an eternity of being booted....

That's kind of the gist of the whole thing. Hard to play and type this all at the same
time. I'm also chatting with friends so I'm multitasking.


Miranda got an award for being Student of the quarter! This is the second time she has done this! She got it last year too. So she get's to pick where she wants to eat for dinner. Looks like we are going to the Olive Garden.


Tomorrow is going to be backlash day at work. I went and told people what the wretched ones did. Everyone thinks that they over did it by claiming harassment. I just wanted to let people know that they are hypocrites. So people know, it will get back to the Gorgon , and it will try and bite back! Games on! Hold on to your panties!

Thursday, January 29, 2004


The evil ones at work tried to get me yesterday. Alas, they failed. It was all over a simple blunder of people not knowing where their assigned work section was, of course assigned by me. When they attacked me and tried to make me feel about three inches tall I stood my ground. I didn't mess anything up, they simply couldn't count tables and find their section, causing another group of people to work harder when they had to pick up their slack. After all was said and done they accused me of harassment simply because I wouldn't back down. So they want to play games, fine. It's on baby, it's on!


Got the sleep I needed but the stress from yesterday is giving me a headache. Life goes on. Next week is going to be murder, and with those wretched ones on my back it's going to be a challenge. I will try and post as much as possible but I am literally going to be a slave to work and not home a whole lot. I need the money anyway. I'm sure there will be tons to write about next week with all the added stress, it's going to get ugly. Hold on to your panties!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004


Lack of sleep is catching up with me and I'm working a double today. I need sleep bad. Not a whole lot happened today that was worthy of writing about. Got back on IRC to chat with old friends and that has been a lot of fun. Going to get back into reading Tarot cards so that I can become real good at it. The card above is out of my deck. I'll write something more interesting later tonight when I get home. Sleep!

Monday, January 26, 2004


I found these via other blogs so I will not take credit for finding them. Bush in 30 Seconds is a website with 30 second film shorts made up as painfully truthful advertisements about our dearest friend. They are funny, and yet they are not. You really want another 4 years of this shit? The second thing I will post is this Backstreet Boys spoof. Makes ya want to do the nasty thang!


I accidentally left the television on earlier when I was watching the local news. I passed by the television again just a few minutes ago and a soap opera called "Passions" just happened to be on. I was compelled to stop and watch it for about two minutes due to the bad acting. I have to wonder to myself, have Americans become so dull witted and vacant that they find a need to supplement their every day existence with this tripe? The people in charge of this country really have been successful in lowering our standards of education. It's starting to show. This is why we as parents need to be just that, parents. Make sure your child is being educated and not just becoming bloated on the ideals our fast food hip-hop society. Read to your kids, get them some computer software that will help them succeed in their studies. Take away their play station or game console or even go so far as to unplug the television for a while. I'm afraid of our future as Americans. If you need to ask me why I say this then you are a   success story. Don't expect me to defend things like ebonics either. A liberal namby pamby approach to things will never solve or resolve a single thing in our country. Sorry for the rant. I'm not a genius but then again I'm  not so stupid and blind that I can't see what is going on. Wake the fuck up America!

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Captain Kangaroo

Bob Keeshan known to many of us as Captain Kangaroo died today. I personally am sad about this seeing how important this show was to me as a kid. We will miss you Captain!


Was talking with a female coworker today about a wide variety of topics today. She brought up the point that she started masturbating when she was in 3rd grade! I was blown away. She also said she thinks most females are lying when they say that they never masturbate. We talked some more and then we started talking about music and about how it can bring back memories of things or places. I stated the fact that music does this to me a lot. I told her how every time I hear "Brass In Pocket" by The Pretenders I think of masturbation.  It just happened to be on the radio the first time I masturbated as a teenager, probably around 1980. Some guy was talking about jacking off one day after football practice in the locker room. I had thought jerking off was a stupid idea. Well, a few days later I was bored and in my bedroom and nobody else was home at the time so I decided I was going to see what all the hoopla was about. Boy, what a surprise that was! At the moment of climax, another huge surprise, the song on the radio just happened to be "Brass in Pocket." O-kay, enough of that.


I'm ordained as a minister! Seriously! I applied at an online site and it's official. The place is called The Universal Life Church and it's even based out of Tucson of all places. I will be able to perform marriages and funerals. This will become handy as I will be able to do this legally for atheists or even people who are Left Handed such as I am. I am trying to get a certificate as a High Priest of The Left Hand Path. The Christians at work are going to love this!

Thursday, January 22, 2004


A funny thing happened at work today when I walked in. As I walked by a table of my peers, a friend of mine says, "What's up Shop!" I was confused but kept on walking. I needed something to drink so I went and got an Iced Tea. Well, it was almost time for our pre-service meeting and everyone took off but I needed to kill my thirst so I stayed behind. Another friend walks in and says, "Yo, what's up Shop?" So I asked what was up with this shop thing. Big Red just smiled and said, "Whatever dude!" He takes off and I run to catch up with him. I say, "No, really, what is up with this shop thing?" He just started laughing and said to quit fucking with him. So obviously we were both confused at this point. So I forced him to tell me what the hell he was talking about. This is what happened, Big Red and Shambam were playing Half-Life online and someone going by the name of SHOP bopped into the room they were playing in and started a conversation. This person knew Big Red, his wife and kids and other personal stuff. I'm basically the only other person that plays this game with them that knows anything about them so they thought it was me. Well, it wasn't! I haven't even played this game in months, and neither had Big Red until today. So this person got personal with both he and Shambam and said some degrading things to them. They both thought I was fucking with them. It took everything in my might to get Sham to believe me, and he finally did. Anyway, it was very awkward situation. And don't get me wrong, I love a good mind fucking! But I wouldn't bring a persons kids and wife into something like this just for my own amusement. I really would love to know who it was.


The football player Warren Moon spoke tonight for the group in house. I didn't listen to any of the speech because I was busy doing mundane tasks and shooting the shit with the other guys. I did stand next to him for a bit and he smiled and said hi. I know nothing about sports so I didn't even try to start a conversation with him. I'll give him major props for being one of the first African-American quarterbacks. Oh, tangent time! Speaking of African-American, a friend of mine at work told me tonight that he had a child with a girl from Alabama who is African-American but is just now getting around to telling people about it. Has nothing to do with her, it's just the rumor mill at work and how they like to tear people apart. Cute kid! I told him he is now an official member of the race mixers club. I'll tell you something about us race mixers, we produce some of the coolest and best looking kids you will ever meet!


Sorry about the comment box not working. I was using BlogOut, or also known as ShoutOut. What a piece of shit! I know, it's free and I basically can't bitch about something that is free, but it's always in a state of ruin and it's just not reliable. So I changed the comment box to HaloScan. Anyway, leave me a comment even if just to say hi so I can tell it's working. I also added four new people to the blogroll. Frozen Ice Queen, Enigmatic Musings, Deep Thinks, and Cindyisms.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004


It's 2:00 p.m. and I just drug my lazy ass out of bed! Everybody is sick here and I think my body is fighting it off. I just couldn't get up this morning, I would roll over look at the clock then just go back to sleep. Even at 1:15 p.m. I couldn't do it. I feel a bit off kilter. I don't need to be sick with a busy work week coming.


Updated a few of the sigils on the right hand side of the page. They are all more authentic. A few people have asked about "The Process" and to those of you that have the answer is no, I do not belong to the movement of the late 60's that called themselves partially by that name. Did they have any connections with Charles Manson? I'm sure they knew of each other, and I'm sure Manson stole ideas from them, but other than that I'm sure they were smart enough to stay away from him. It was "The Family" that supported Manson at his trial, not the Church of the Final Judgement. I think it's kind of like saying the Beach Boys were a part of Manson's movement. Just because some loony decides he wants to hang out with you doesn't make him a part of your organization. Many like minded philosophies spring out of that movement, but seeing that I don't believe in Jehovah, Jesus, Satan, or Lucifer I doubt I would hardly qualify as a follower. They were into a lot of things I would never agree on. I identify more with the movement that sprung out out of the early 90's with people like G.P.O. of Psychic T.V. and Ogre of Skinny Puppy. The basic philosophy is that you control your life by the power of your own will, you shape and mold your process to fit yourself. That's the readers digest version anyway.

Sunday, January 18, 2004


Tonight was wild, crazy, sexy, funky, weird! I was working a party for a bunch of firemen and their guests that involved an amateur country and western band and three kegs of lite beer. Oh, the keg beer was hosted as was about fifteen bottles of wine. Everything on top of that was cash, and people proceeded to get properly fucked up. One of the guests was a lady wearing a very low cut blouse with no bra. Here is the catch, this lady had some of the pointiest little tits I've ever seen. Yes, that I have seen because one could see them plain as day. Her blouse didn't fit, it hung off of her neck and she didn't have the proper boobage to support such a blouse so all in all her little pointy bananas were there for all to see. And to be serious, this was almost as disturbing as the guy who had hair coming out of his ears a few nights ago. I'm not trying to be offensive or gross, this was my night. Anyway, there was an Asian fraternity party downstairs and Kathy gave me a heads up because she knows how much I love Asian girls. I went down to see what was going on and there were about 50 Asian girls hanging out in the foyer. The guys had kicked their dates out of the room while they performed some kind of secret fraternity ritual. I was in awe! There wasn't an ugly girl anywhere, no lie. And as far as secret ritual goes, well, secret ritual means sneaking in bottles of liqueur (properly disguised as presents) illegally and forcing younger frat members who are not of age to do shots until they vomit all over the room. They didn't advance to GO or even collect their $200 but they did land on chance, and chance would have it that they got their asses booted out of the resort four hours early.


I failed to mention yesterday that while at the burger joint I witnessed something slightly disturbing. There was a lady there who was so obese that she had to wedge herself into the booth between the table and the seat. She didn't fit. I could have had three people sitting on my lap and we would have all fit just fine. I'm not making fun of this morbidly obese lady. I'm not a skinny guy, I weigh more than I need to and the last place I need to be hanging out for lunch is at a fast food joint that sells bacon cheese burgers. The point I want to make is this, Who in the fuck do you think your kidding lady? You super sized your whole meal, added a few items and yet you chose a diet cola. Diet cola? Is a diet cola going to make any difference? No, go for the sugar! It tastes better and it's not as harmful as that chemical sweetener your ingesting. Also, at your weight I don't think any diet anything is going to make a difference. O.k. I know I'm babbling, I'll shut up now!

Saturday, January 17, 2004


It was a long day. Bought a new car as you can see. The 2004 Santa Fe by Hyundai. I had no choice or say in this matter. Anyway, I get the Elantra and that KIA can go to hell. Miranda and Brandon were excited about the new car. All I know it that it's not what I would have chosen.


I know it's been a while but I just can't sleep tonight. Josie doesn't feel well so she hasn't slept much yet. She can't understand how I can stay up so late. She still doesn't understand that this isn't a choice. Watched Gangs of New York. It was pretty good. I know it's loosely based on the era and that it kind of happened that way.


It was a weird day. Bumped into a lot of people I know all over the city. Highlight of the day was the girl at the burger place who was filling the ketchup holders. She would literally sit down to place one packet of ketchup in a holder. Honey, get well acquainted with minimum wage!

Friday, January 16, 2004


Sorry, my comment box isn't working and it was causing the page not to load. Not quite finished running around today. Will have a real post in place of this one within three hours. It's been a long day!

Thursday, January 15, 2004


Wow, thanks for all of the instant messages people! Got quite a few new people added to the buddy list on AOL and MSN. I also got E-mail yesterday from a very dear old friend that I went to high school and even dated back in the day. I hadn't heard from her in about four years due to her family moving and my family moving. So glad to have you back in my life Laura!


I think Josie's mom shit herself, no lie. Something is foul in her room and I don't think it's the corpse of Jimmy Hoffa, I don't think it's Karen Carpenter, and I sure as hell didn't bury any bodies in the house in true John Wayne Gacy fashion. Josie won't say anything so I guess it's burning incense until tomorrow. Miranda grabbed the little dogs kennel so that they can sleep in her room. She said they would die breathing that all night. Dog's eat their own shit, I personally don't think they care. I think someone is getting depends if this happens again.


Do you think I give a shit about Jesus? Seriously, I have made my self clear to the people at work that I do not believe their god, their messiah, or their dogma. Why do they insist on coming up to me and spouting this irrelevant bullshit. I personally could give a shit about what "god" thinks about me or even homosexuals. As a matter of fact, your messiah is a fisher of men, not hot chicks, go figure. And on a parting note, do you really believe that your Jesus would forgive you of your constant drug abuse and you insulting behavior and not over look a man who desires the love of anther man? "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law," seems more reasonable. Hail yourself!

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


I'm not grossed out by much. I've seen a guy decapitated by the sunroof of a car, I watched my youngest child born via c-section, I've stepped in fresh dog shit, I've even sat through those "Lord of the Dance" commercials and not much seems to make my stomach turn. But tonight I got fucking grossed out pretty badly. I was working a reception for a medical group and an Asian looking gentleman walks in. I notice something hanging from his ear but he wasn't close enough for me to see what it was. He turned around and the other ear was the same. "What in the hell could it be?" I kept asking myself. Well he got close enough for me to see and it was hair! This guy had huge tufts of hair growing out of his ears. Don't ask me why this bothered me, but it just did.


My car is fucked. I don't have the money or desire to fix that bitch either. So Josie and I are going to go car shopping on Friday for a new car. Hopefully we can find a deal where we get cash back or move the remainder of our loan with Josie's car onto this new one. Either way, I'm going to be driving a semi-new car now. That KIA is done. I'm going to donate it and write it off on my taxes or trade it in. Now I need to find a new SKINNY PUPPY sticker to decorate my next ride, that or an inverted pentacle.


Flock of Seagulls - Wishing (If I had a photograph of you)
The Cramps - Let's Get Fucked Up
Switchblade Symphony - Bad Trash
Love and Rockets - Life In Laralay
Hot Hot Heat - Talk to Me, Dance With Me
The Rentals - Friends of P
Gary Numan - Cars
David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes
Ohgr - minus

Monday, January 12, 2004


My car just broke down as I was going to work. Lucky it happened here on our street and not five miles up the road. I'm stuck here until Josie comes and picks me up and takes me to work. I'm too broke to fix that piece of shit on top of all this. It's time for a new car, Josie has less than eight months to pay on her car anyway. Man, what next?

Sunday, January 11, 2004


I've been living at work for the past four days. Don't get me wrong, I need the money and I want a new computer so I have to force myself to stay and get hours I want a P4 with at least 80 gigs of hard drive space. Anyway, I haven't done anything exciting and nothing exciting has happened. I've been forced to eat a shit load of awesome food though! I forgot how good it is to be able to eat like that and not have to do dishes. I'm going to be gaining my weight back that I lost if I keep this up. One funny thing did happen this morning. Josie hasn't seen me for the past few days so I guess she kind of misses me. This morning she decides she wants to do it. Yeah, IT! So it starts happening, and it's the really good kind too, and then I get a fucking cramp in my leg! All this standing for the past few days has taken it's toll, were talking standing for over 13 hours a day for the past four days or so. Anyway, I know you don't care but that didn't stop anything. I needed to get laid, plain and simple.

Saturday, January 10, 2004


O.k. you all know who Fran Drescher is right? The Nanny, Old Navy, the girl in the movie The Hollywood Knights. Well, today I was working a function that was for the Women In Government group. I had the head table on the stage in addition to my section on the floor and it was an easy lunch. This one lady at the head table looked a lot like Fran Drescher. So I'm thinking to my self that she could pass for her sister, but she isn't as hot as Fran is. Things are moving along and the speaker for the group gets up and they are talking about HMOs and medical stuff then she announces the special guest for the day, Fran Drescher. I guess the lack of makeup and tight fitting cloths threw me for a loop. She was there to talk about cancer of the female type. She had some form of cervical cancer and beat it. So anyway, Fran goes on my list of famous people I've served. Oh, Fran doesn't like making eye contact.


At work tonight I got a call on the cell phone. I see it's my home phone number so I pick it up and say something stupid that I picked up from one of those GI JOE cartoons I linked to a few days back on this blog. Anyway, it's Brandon on the phone. Everyone was outside and he was inside the house by himself and decided he was going to call me. So he found the cell phone number and called to see how and what I was doing. I felt bad for being at work, Brandon missed his daddy and just wanted to talk. Without being a total sissy I do have to say this really touched me. So I have to do something special for him not only because of this, but because he got a great report card. Miranda got a great one as well. She averaged all A's for the first semester. I'm really proud of my kids! I have to do something special for the both of them.


I'm living at work until Wednesday so I haven't been home to write here the past couple of days. I'll be around and will try to post something. Oh, and Jett, Miranda told me you chatted with her on the IM tonight. Funny! I must have added you to my buddy list at some point but I don't ever remember seeing you on. I think she thought you were Erin from Sheets and Blankets. If anyone ever wants to chat my IM on aol is Shyven1666 and on MSN it's and on Yahoo it's Shyven or Don't IM me unless you really want to talk because I'm pretty chatty on the instant messenger.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004


This is a great story. The name of it is KISSING HANKS ASS. Most of you will not find this funny, but I laughed my ass off.


Not much happened today. Work was easy today so nothing to report other than I got my annual review and got an extremely good one. That's all I'll say because I don't want to incriminate myself.


KISS - Only You
Hole - Violet
Fugies - Ready or Not
Marilyn Manson & The Sneaker Pimps -
Long Hard Road Out Of Hell
Alice Cooper - I Like Girls
Tricky - Christiansands
Madonna - Frozen

Monday, January 05, 2004


Had the day off today. I purposely got very little sleep last night so that I could get myself back into "school-work" mode. By that I mean being able to get to sleep at a semi-normal hour and get up so that I can get the kids to school. If I didn't sleep today I should be able to sleep tonight. I have been staying up until 4:30 a.m. and sleeping until noon for the past two weeks. I have to get up at that time tomorrow morning and go to work so hopefully I can get to bed by 9:00 p.m. or so tonight. I neet to successfully change my sleeping patterns.


Listened to internet radio shows mostly all day. Found a station called RADIO FREE SATAN on LIVE 365. Everything from interviews to music are included on this channel. I heard interviews with Ronnie James Dio, Penn Jillette (Penn &Teller), Gidget Gien (ex-Marilyn Manson guitarist), and someone else that is slipping my mind. Penn Jillette is one smart cookie! I heard music from bands like The Cramps, Cradle of Filth, King Diamond, Puffball, and The New Bomb Turks. Over all it was pretty entertaining. A couple of shows I didn't care that much for, but I was able to sit here, read, and listen all at the same time. Other than that I did a whole lot of nothing. I did make chicken fried steak, green beans, and mashed potatoes with gravy for this evenings meal. Very Midwest but very kick ass! I'm off to bed now.

Sunday, January 04, 2004


Last nights wedding was a bit odd. They had a shot of vodka for everyone as they came in the room, a first. They all drank a lot. There was a lady in my section who was just blitzed. It's funny watching really drunk people try to eat. She was trying to eat a piece of wedding cake and she was either really enjoying it or she was pretending to. Regardless, it was fairly comical because she looked like she was caught somewhere between stubbing her toe and an orgasm. Watching her on the dance floor was also comical, you can tell someone grew up in the late 60's early 70's by the way they dance. I don't think dancing under the influence always a good idea. There is something unholy about an intoxicated 60 year old woman shaking her groove-thing to the Rolling Stones. An extremely bizarre moment was when this really nerdy looking young teen age girl was trying to dance with this older 40 something gentleman. She was very klutzy and he was trying to help her dance and not look like an idiot. He would spin her around and she would almost fall over and start dragging him down in the process. This is where it got odd, because he would try to recover from one of her little maneuvers he would end up groping her. I think some of it was on purpose. Then I had to learn a lesson about eating in the cafeteria at work. I say it all of the time, I'm not going to eat the food in there! But then I do and I regret it later. Seven hours later I was sicker than a dog. I have basically been off for two weeks, and felt fine, but the second I go to work and eat the food in the cafeteria my intestinal tract becomes possessed by the devil. I'll spare you the details, they are interesting but unnecessary. Anyway, that last hour was difficult but I made it through. I got home at 1:30 a.m. and then watched the uncensored version of American Wedding. I was laughing harder than hell. I'm a sucker for potty humor. The bachelor party scene was just beyond funny. Anyway, I got to get ready to go back to work now, going to be anther long night! I swear I'm not eating at work tonight!!

Saturday, January 03, 2004


I'm thrilled to death because I'm going back to work! Business picks back up today and then it's back to a regular paycheck. I'm working a wedding tonight. I'm sure I'll be bitching and moaning real soon about how tired I am or how busy we are. A whole lot less things should break down this year I hope. Both Dane and little Billy both decided to drop down to part time so our crew is now down about five people. That should mean more work for me. I might actually be able to see the new Lord of the Rings movie in about a week.Wish me luck this year, I'm going to need it.


Added a new blog to the blog roll today. It's called The Dumbass Daily and it takes and exposes some idiot on a daily basis. Just click on the link on the right side of the page in my blogrool.

Friday, January 02, 2004


Anyone seen the parody cartoons of the old G.I. Joe cartoons that Eric Fenlser did? God, I watched these over and over until I almost pissed my pants. You can find a few of them here at Heavengallery which is the official page. The most I found in one page was RIGHT HERE. You can find more of the same, and a few others HERE from the eBaum's World funny media page. Book mark that one because it's loaded with funny stuff. I also found more in this directory on the internet. The #2 .avi in that directory is the Pork Chop Sandwiches clip. There's a file of that clip on one of these sites that you actually have to have a divx player to see it, but this one works fine in Winamp or Windows media. Yet MORE of these at Rip-o-Lot. I found a hard to get one AT THIS place. It's the House Fire clip. After you have watched them and want to know what the clips were originally about you can click THIS PAGE for an explanation of each cartoon. I hope you enjoy these half as much as I did, and if you enjoy them as much as I did let me know. I'm serious, I would love to know what you thought of these clips. I am actually making a song based on The Computer clip, it's not as good as the one you find on Fenlser's page, but it's turning out pretty good. My favorites are Pork Chop Sandwiches, I'm A Computer, The Reggae Bus Ride Song, and The Frozen Ice. I'm a strange cat though and this is what tickles my funny bone. Well, I did a lot of homework for someone out there because a lot of people are looking for these clips of GI Joe by Eric Fenlser and I did better than most, finding about 14 out of the 25 he originally made. I even have the Gay Sailboat clip! Enjoy, I'll update if I find any more, unless you know where I can find the rest, please E-mail me if you do. Check back here often!!!!


Happy new year to all of those who read this page on a regular basis, and to those of you who are coming here for your first time! I tried to post yesterday but between Blogger acting weird, and my computer crashing I kept loosing my post. I lost it three times! The third time I just said fuck it! What was wrong you might ask? Well as far as my computer goes someone installed Gator on it and it kept crashing on me. Well, I have spybot search and destroy and it took care of that damn gator!


Something I did install that I like is the new version of WINAMP. It's pretty sharp! I've been watching internet t.v. and listening to internet radio on it. No, I haven't been watching the porn, but I did check it out. Pretty weak. Anyway, there is a skin called MMD3 that works real well with it, Something I also learned is that Winamp won't play an entire C.D.all the way through! It only plays the tracks separately so you have to install a plug-in that kind of cuts out the gap between the songs (like on Pink Floyd albums) where there normally isn't one. I found the best way around this is to choose the direct sound output, then turn on crossfade and have it set at level two. It's not entirely smooth but works good enough until Winamp pulls their head out of their asses an makes it a standard. I'm trying not to use Microsoft Media player anymore than I have to.