Wednesday, August 27, 2003


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I had about a three hour break between shifts today and decided it would be a good idea to take some of the stuff I checked out a week ago at the library back so that I could check out even more stuff. I spent time looking at some C.D.s I wanted to check out and an then an hour on the internet reading blogs and news. I was finished a couple of hours later and walked out to the parking lot and noticed this huge black cloud moving in pretty damn fast and thought, I better get in my car and get to work before that bad boy decides to break loose. Well, I didn't listen to that voice and decided to pick up a few items at Walgreen's that I needed,  which was some CDRs, a Pepsi, and a candy bar (lunch). Bad idea! Or maybe it wasn't. Either way that cloud burst, literally! I was paying for my stuff via my debit card but it wouldn't ring through because the cloud was so dense they couldn't finish the transaction via satellite so I had to charge it. Then all hell broke loose! I have only seen it rain this hard a couple of times and at one point we had one of those micro bursts hit down directly on the store I was in. The wind was blowing so hard that the rain was flying horizontally. About five or six trees uprooted and fell over, one on a new SUV, and a fence across the street blew over. The wind must have been blowing at least 75 miles an hour or harder. One lady pulled in to get out of the rain. She got caught in that micro burst and it flung something into her windshield and broke it. She and her boy were pretty frightened. So as it goes, my windshield wipers are toast and are not working, it's raining like hell and I have to go back to work. I even waited it out for about half an hour but it just kept raining. So, I decided to get going anyway because I didn't want to be late for work. I spent  long time slowly moving up Craycroft St. hardly able to see, but slow because traffic was moving real slow. Due to flash flooding I had to turn around and go a different way. Things looked pretty bad, lots of flash flooding and cars off the road, cops everywhere trying to handle the chaos. I've never been so scared driving before in my entire life! I was only six minutes late for work. So thinking back it may have been best that I wasn't on the road when that monster of a storm broke loose. One of those cars I saw washed off or wrecked on the side of the road could have been mine. Thank you Pepsi for addicting me do your product and keeping me safe at Walgreen's drinking your caramel colored nectar and eating candy while Satan, lord of the air saw fit to pulverize the foothills of Tucson with wind, rain, thunder, and general chaos.

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