Wednesday, August 06, 2003


O.k. you all know who Paul Stanley of Kiss is, right? Well, I didn't actually see him at the grocery store but I did see someone pushing a small Paul Stanley doll around the store today. This lady was pushing it around, it sitting in the seat just like a little kid, and she was talking to it too boot. You know how you can just tell someone is gone just by the look in their eye? She was over the fence! Hey Babe Ruth, I say you should take your medication next time before you go looking to buy lunch meat for your favorite white bread.


Those ladies from Phoenix are still at the resort. Those girls can eat! I'm not shittin' you either. The plan is this, 10 cookies on 1 plate for 10 people, pure and simple. No, I don't have any more Tabasco, you used it all! Yes, I see you waving at me from across the room, you and 50 other people, your not in my section and I can't help you. You said "No comiendo" which means not eating. If your not eating then why are you swatting at my hand when I'm picking up your empty plate? To the ladies to the south of my section, thanks for the nice complement. I'm impressed you remembered my name, I wasn't wearing my name tag today. To the perfect girl, stop it, I can't work and gawk at the same time.


I love him to death but he's pushing me the past two days. I think he's testing to see how far he can go before I lose it. Buddy, I'm just about there. God am I glad school starts in one more week! I can't even remember the last time I had half a day without someone yelling DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

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