Monday, June 28, 2004


This is strange, but true. I had a dream a couple of nights ago about a co-worker. In reality her father was murdered execution style just before Christmas last year. I haven't really talked to her much about it because I know it's a hard subject for her to tackle. Anyway, in this dream I was standing outside in the back yard of a house much like the Meckel house across the ally from where I grew up in Nebraska. Kathy was standing there and she had this decorated black box with the lid removed and she was talking into it as if she were having some kind of conversation. Kathy hands the box to me and I listen but hear noting. I give the box back to her and she continues the conversation. She turns to me and tells me it's her father talking to her from the other side and she wants me to decipher what he is telling her. I listen again and hear nothing. She takes the box and talks for a while, hands it to me and asks me to tell her dad what he needs to do. I tell him to look for YHWH (Yahweh, the Hebrew name for the creator) and to go into the white light. I say this several times and then the dream sifts to us trying to contact him via the internet. I connect to some Yahoo based chat room where there is a lot of this typed:

[blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah]
[blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah]
[blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah]
[blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah] [blah]

I learn by clicking on the the word blah I get this garbled mess that is some kind of message from her dad. I finally decipher some of the text and find that he is saying that it's raining where he is at. Two Christians from work are suddenly there and are telling us that he is in hell. I become upset and argue that it would be silly to think that it would be raining in hell. That is all I remember about the dream.

So where does it get weird? Well, it was such a vivid dream that it stuck with me much of the day then I had to work later on and saw Kathy and called her over. I explained that I had to tell her about the dream even though it might upset her but she was all for it so I told her. She was absolutely shocked and put her hand over her mouth. She then went on to tell me that she had just been up to Phoenix and that they had just recently put the remains of her cremated father into the black box that I had described to her and that just last weekend she had been standing next to it and talking into it to her father. This totally gave me goose bumps and made the hair on my neck stand up! I didn't know he had been cremated or anything about that box. This is just another chapter in my strange little life.


GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! Well worth the $5.25 I paid to see this movie. It only confirmed a lot of what I knew or felt and exposed more things I didn't know about. I won't spoil it for you but I encourage everyone to go see this. I went to go see this with Jimmy Rocker and D. Jimmy Rocker left right afterward so he could go home and pack for his trip to Thailand and then D. and I decided to sneak in to see THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. Holy cow, what a piece of shit movie that is. We walked out within 15 minutes because it was so stupid. I won't spoil that one either but I'll beg you not to see it and save your money. It's an insult to your intelligence, trust me.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Lot's of time off means that I should have plenty of time to ramble about nothing on this blog. Stay tuned, I'm going to shave my ass and post pictures of it try and post something a little more witty and interesting. I'll try.


It's out tomorrow! I'll be going to see it with Dennis B. next week sometime. I'm pretty excited about this movie and I hope it makes an impact.


Work has slowed down to a crawl, and next week it's slowing down to a twitch. Less money will be coming in but I'm ready for time off. Guess it's time to do some reading! If I just had my computer room back I would be all set. Josie's mom needs to come and get her stuff soon or I'm going to give it to Miranda.


Man, I attract a lot of perverts here! Here is another list of lovely searches that directed droves of unsavory people to my page:

Girls Naked Ass
Pictures of the Pentacle
Reverend Warren Moon
Secret Fraternity Ritual
Nasty Photos of Mom While She Sleeps
Will a Hand Fit Into a Vagina
Where Can I See Videos of Americans Being Beheaded
"The Locker" GPO
Guy Beheaded
Tucson, Brazilian Wax
Anna Chlumsky
Lady WWF Nude
Females Talking About First Time Masturbation

and tons of people searching for:
Juliya Chernetsky Nude, Naked, ETC.....
I'm sure there aren't any pictures of Juliya naked that are circulating so ease up a bit there people!

Monday, June 21, 2004


It that what that was? From all the yelling and fighting I would have never guessed. Things got out of hand because of an argument over Brandon throwing a fit. Nice. We were going out to eat and Brandon couldn't wait 5 minutes till we got there to get a drink and started having a hissy. I told him to stop and then all of a sudden I'm picking on him again (Josie always says that when he gets in trouble for throwing a fit). Josie goes into her one and only defense, "Let's get a divorce." Even nicer. Things did mellow out but what a fucked up day that was. We never did go out to eat and I isolated myself for the majority of the day. Brandon is on my shit list. Think I'll try this on Mothersday.

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Just a few things people were searching for and found this page as of late:


Anyway, that is just a few. There were even searches for shoving peaches into my vagina, more searches for Elisabeth Smart, etc. Your a sick bunch of people!


Got another letter asking if I was going to attend my 20 year graduation reunion. My answer is, FUCK YOU! I really didn't have a single friend in my graduating class, my friends we either in the classes above or below. And some of the people I hung out with and thought were my friends turned out to be self-centered cock munches anyway. I didn't like a lot of you back then and I'm sure 20 years isn't going to change a thing. I didn't fit into your little redneck community and though something was wrong with me. Well, it turns out that after I moved away I found out there wasn't a single thing wrong with me, I fit in fine in the city. It turned out that it was all of you backwards redneck fuckers that were the problem. Have a nice life and kindly fuck off once again, thanks....

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Not much to say, kind of late. CLICK HERE for another lovely movie. I don't know what I was thinking.....

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Check out this link for a special welcome movie I made for all of you to enjoy!


Just wanted to say that I love iTUNES and absolutely hate Sony Connect service. Sony has no clue what they are doing with this service, totally out of sync with the consumer and about as user unfriendly as it can get. Hearken my warning oh internet traveler and stay away from the Connect service. iTUNES on the other hand is great, even if you have to traverse their music format.


Brandon isn't sleeping in his bed these days. Spastic by day, scared by night. He's too scared to sleep by himself thanks to the makers of the RESIDENT EVIL video game. This is reeking havoc on my sex life (not that there is much of one) and I'm a tad pissed off. On the other hand I'm sleeping well when I do get to sleep because there isn't anybody to roll over and tell me I'm snoring.


Work is slowing down and I'm enjoying not having to do much of anything. I wish my tile was in so that I could hook up my stereo and listen to music. I'm great at wasting time by the way!


Bruce Almighty? WTF??? What a load of shit. It had a lot of potential but the religious tone ruined it for me. OH GOD was a better movie than this. I'll quit bitching now...

Sunday, June 13, 2004



Wow! Last night's dream was about the weirdest I've had in a while.First I was dreaming that I was staying overnight in some strange house. My girlfriend is Josie and she is afraid the big thing that has been making noise is going to harm me in some way. The room is in the back and has a fireplace. The image of a rat that has been duct taped is associated with this part of the dream, that must be the thing that was making the noise. Like it was dropping to the floor or something. I then start Dreaming I am on a sitcom where a stinky monster lives in my girlfriends (in this sitcom) basement. Josie just happened to be my girlfriend in this part of the dream too but is quickly replaced by some white girl at some point in the dream. In the dream if you touch the monster you became just like it. I am delivering newspapers or something and I, being nosy, sneaked into the house and touched the monster and became like him. Then in a dream sequence(within the show, remember this is a sitcom) I had a twilight zone like experience where an operation (preformed by the monster himself) was performed on me to make me like everyone else who is normal in the world. In this basement world every one was like the monster, but I woke up in the dream and found out I was ok. I thanked the monster, and he thanked me back. This is all taking place at the top of a carpeted stairwell that leads down into basement. The monster would leave this trail of black stuff trailing behind him that looked like the black magnetic graphite powder you see in those kids toys where you draw the faces. The smell emanating from him was putrid as hell. It  was somewhere between the smell rotting dead flesh and soup. To keep the monster at bay you had to vacuum the black stuff up. I got all of it up, and as I was finishing the girlfriends daughter proceeds to almost go down the steps to the basement which is located in the girlfriends bedroom. By the way this girlfriend that has replaced Josie is white. During the dream it was revealed that the monster had formed from mutating mold and goo from her swimming pool that never got cleaned. I had fallen in somehow and became infected. The monster may have been John Lithgow the actor.


Things have gotten somewhat back to normal here. Josie's mom is gone, there's less stress on her and that means less yelling. My sex life is nonexistent still, unless random bouts of masturbation count. Won't bother you with details unless your really have to know. Brandon got the RESIDENT EVIL disk for his game cube a week ago and the zombie's in the game have scared him so bad that he won't sleep in his room. I've been sleeping in his bed for about four or five days now. Needless to say, we took that game back and got him one of the ZELDA games. Much better! The symptoms that were making me ill have gone away. I must have ingested Aspartame (nutra-sweet) last week. It really makes me sick, destroys my equilibrium and makes me fell like there's a balloon inflated in my forehead. No idea how it got into anything I ate or drank. Quit drinking soda for the most part and have been making Kool-Aid instead. Nothing else really going on so I'll wrap this up.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


THIS JUST IN: Josie's mom moved out of our house, physically anyway. Her furniture is still here but only for a short while. She said she felt better and wanted to get an apartment of her own. We took her to the place she wanted to live and got her qualified to move in and she signed a lease. This pissed everybody off and they all bitched and moaned about what to do but none of them wanted to step and take care of her. Then two days later the family decides she's too old and sick to be living by herself and then she moved in with her daughter Nancy. Now they have to get out of the lease and all that but I don't give a shit, it's out of my hands at this point. Those people can never do anything correctly, it's always half-assed no matter what the situation is. It sure is nice to have privacy again though! I can't wait to get my computer room back!


Oh, I'm just tired. Too much work, too many days. I can't wait for it to slow down a bit. Most of the shit seems to have settled for now. Only one nasty still being real nasty but I'm not turning my back for one second. I'm going to win this.


I'll try to post something of worth in the days coming up. It's been too much with work, Josie's mom, I haven't been feeling well, and did I mention work?

Wednesday, June 02, 2004


Sometimes you find a real gem and then feel a wee bit like a silly little schoolgirl who just happened to get that action figure Barbie that you've wanted for months. Well, today I'm that schoolgirl! While surfing aimlessly around the web looking for free exciting music I stumbled upon a band called Ex-Girl. You can go to to their page at and listen to free MP3 files. My favorite by far is called "Rocket Keronian." I'm buying this motherfucker tonight so don't you fret. I dare you go go listen to those three songs, double dog fucking dare you, beeyatch!


Christian group in house tonight. All I can say is, "Just shut the fuck up!" I hate having to stand there while these groups pray before meals, I hate it even more when the prayer turns in to  a sob saturated rant about how the United States has gods squeal of approval, and that we are above every nation, and that we are a rich country because of this. BULLOCKS! This mindset is dangerous, it's the reason wars exist. Now I'll shut the fuck up.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Anybody hear William Hung singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame on television the past couple of days? Fucking hilarious! Not only is he oblivious to the fact that he can't carry a tune, he isn't fully aware he mispronounces words sometimes. Her is a small MP3 of the first few bars of the song. William really wants you to buy him some penis!


Makes me want to run out and get some cracker jacks and some... uh...


I'm all for it, and I've even been doing it as of late. I just paid $1.07 for the Unplugged version of Lake of Fire by Nirvana joined by the people who penned that lovely tune, the Meat Puppets. Well, I've hit the wall on 80% of the songs I wanted to pay for. Jackson Brown's Boulevard, good luck finding that. Heart and Soul by T'pau, not happening. I could write the list of tunes on here but that's too involved at the moment. So what am I getting at? Well, I'm tired of the music industry bitching and complaining about music theft. Hey, I've got a brilliant idea, lower the cost of your fucking over priced music and maybe make more of it available! I would spend a whole lot more money if you would make it cheaper for MP3 files, it's not like they are CD quality anyway. And the M4P format is easy enough to get around because I prefer the MP3 format anyway. I use Winamp (it whips the llamas ass!) because of it's ease of use, it's skinnable, and  I've been a loyal user of their product for many years. It doesn't yet support the format iTUNES uses though. Make your product cheaper and easier to access, it's that simple. Now kindly fuck off and stop sniveling like the trite little greedy bitches that you are. Overpaid fuckhounds...


Jesus Crackers and cheese! Nothing could have made this past week any worse, I swear. It started off good on Thursday when  we found Josie's mom an apartment to move into at the same complex where two of her brothers live. I was happy about that because I'm looking forward to having my privacy back and they accepted her application and even helped her out by lowering the rent by ten dollars a month and waving most of the move in costs. Cool shit! Had the next day off, restful and uneventful, Brandon started feeling sick though that night, then a little bit later Josie's mom started feeling ill even though I had no idea. She doesn't talk to me unless it's absolutely necessary. Well, Saturday rolls around and he's not feeling well, and then Alice starts shivering like crazy, almost like convulsions. We rush her to ER and she spends the whole day back there. I was lucky that I took a book because we where there for a hell of a long time. Josie was an emotional mess by the end of the day, and seeing that most of the people in her family are not entirely too bright they didn't help matters much. So she gets admitted to the hospital and spends the night. The next morning I had to take Brandon to see a doctor because his temperature shot up and his throat hurt. I had to call in sick as we soon learned Alice wasn't going home any time soon and in return for their most excellent hospitality they were keeping her gallbladder and running a whole bunch more tests. Well, that was Saturday and now it's Tuesday. She's still in the hospital for this or that reason, and needs someone to watch after her still. That isn't going to happen here because I'm busy at work as is Josie and neither of us can provide the care she needs at the moment. Plus I was already finished with this live in situation before this latest tragedy. This isn't being cold hearted, it's a matter of sanity and keeping my marriage from going into the toilet. I've got enough on my plate the way it is, time for her family to step up and do something!