Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Added a new blog to the roll today. Sister Mary Karen is the blog of an ex-Catholic going through the change. I went through it too, not from Catholicism but from Christianity in general. It's very much death and the fool from the tarot. Doesn't mean anyone is going to die (you've been watching too many movies!) or that your an idiot, but rather the end of a cycle and the start of a new journey. I can honestly say that I tried to justify the existence of god for a very long time, even though in my heart I knew I just didn't buy it. I think it's the ingraining from my parents that resisted the most. So what are the positive things that breaking free bestowed upon me? Well, I don't get anxiety attacks anymore because I'm no longer overwhelmed with what Jesus might think of my sorry ass. I have about .000000009% of the guilt. I'm not afraid of burning for ever. What kind of sick fuck burns people for ever, honestly!?! I'm no longer distracted with delusions of grandeur, or feel sorry for people who are not saved. I love being a Pagan! I love the Left Hand Path, now if I could only go back to being fresh out of high school minus the Christian hang-ups! Do you have any idea how many hot chicks wanted to party with me back then but I couldn't because Jesus wouldn't let me. Oh, silly little Christian me...


G.W. was in Tucson a couple of days ago to view the damage done by the Aspen fire on Mt. Lemmon. He arrived at the Air Force base and then took a helicopter to the mountain. The path from the base to the mountain goes right over my house, so I got to see the helicopter fly over. Big whoop. Props to the guy who broke through the barricade and got shot to death. Not a good idea to drink and drive.


School starts tomorrow! Praise Jesus, or Hern, or whatever god it is that you subscribe to!!! I'm going to enjoy the request free days (or is it daze) and bask in the quietness of it all. I love my kids but it's time to go back to school now.

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