Monday, August 04, 2003


We had Chicanos Por La Causa at the resort tonight. It was a room full of about 250 Latina women here from Phoenix. You all know how I feel about Latinas, that is why I married one. Well, I understand some Spanish, enough to understand what is being said in a conversation if I'm paying attention and people are not talking to fast. Well, I was working my station with Will and Dane (we always get the biggest section to work) and we had about 70 people to serve. During service this one young lady from another table came over to say hi to the ladies at one of our tables. She was just drop dead perfect, and I had some sort of epiphany. I was just dumbstruck and my jaw must have hit the floor. What brought me back to reality was a couple of the ladies at the table were talking about me staring at this beautiful woman, in Spanish. On lady says, "Look, do you see him?" The other asks, "Who?" Lady one, "Him, the white guy, I think he likes her." So I woke up and walked away, caught my breath, and went back to work. I have the same group of women tomorrow for a lunch function, should be interesting. Speaking of work, they have increased our workload considerably and that means less down time. I'm fine with that to a degree but it's going to fuck things up on a regular basis and our product is going to look like shit in the long run. Fine, so be it. I'm going to complain about it to management every time something doesn't get done because they want to save a couple of bucks. Cheap fuckers.

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