Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Okay, I know millions of years have gone by, I've gotten E-mail from some of you saying "where are you?" or "What happened" or "My Vagina needs your man meat." I've gotten all of those, I'm not going to lie to you. Truth is, I'm still a tad burnt out by blog burnout and it's hard to post here if I'm not going to make a sincere attempt at blogging.


Well, I have been busy at work for one. I've been addicted to:

I've lost 43 lbs. Which means I'm under 200 lbs now! I'll post a recent picture here when I have time to go home and do it!! I'm still of the:

And much much more!


Yes, it's that bullshit time of the season again where people make themselves delve into mass consumerism in the name of a false pagan oriented god that doesn't exist. I've actually got my family to the point where they understand the vacancy of the whole thing and how it doesn't realate to us at all. My kids are provided for year round, they don't have to wait for the birth of the Christian god in order to be treated. Think about it, God impregnated his own earthly mother so that he could become something he loathes, humankind. Why does an all powerful god have to do something this silly? Maybe the fact that he couldn't be perfect, and that he fucked things up? The whole idea behind this time of year is beyond silly. I'll show you the 500 pound vagina in the trunk of my car when you show me your god. Deal? Great, it's on!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Just a few weird things that have happened this week:

1. I woke up out of a dream after I muttered the words, "What is that he has tattooed on his BALLS?!?!"

2. I saw a retarded kid walking down the street holding a boom box blasting rap music and he was throwing the peace sign to everybody and his shirt had the question, "Got Puck?" on it.

3. I got a random instant message on my instant messenger from some Christian that I don't know. I asked him if god was everywhere. He replied yes, and then I asked if that meant he was in my colon then. He said yes, as is Satan. And I though I just had gas real bad most of the time.

Friday, September 16, 2005



Remember that smug look that he has had on his face ever since he got reelected? Well, for now it's gone. Cocky arrogant elitist cunt got bitch slapped by mother nature of all things!! Serves him right, how dare he appoint useless unqualified buddies of his to important positions after 911! In reality, none of us mattered. Only his pocket book really has any value to him.


I was kind of feeling sorry for my self when I realized that nobody is reading my blog or hardly anyone linking to my page anymore. Well, I took such a long break from the whole process that I can't blame anyone but myself! I did need the break though, I had such a burn out on blogging that I couldn't think of anything to say, at all. Total blank! Well, I have the inspiration to write again, and I don't feel burnt out or not able to coax out the ideas swimming around in my brain.


The down season at work is finally over! Man, and I was not prepared to go full speed ahead after sitting on my ass for two months. Well, at least I'm making money again!

I do impersonations of people that I work with. I've come up with some good material lately and had everyone rolling on the floor at work today with my newest take on one of the older guys we work with. He is gay and has these very "butch" moments when he gets flustered about certain things. He then starts to strut around in a very cocky manor. Well, the strut is the new impersonation. I'm so going to get my ass kicked one day for all of this!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


FIRST NAME, IT'S........."

You all know I'm pretty anti-hard drugs, but if I could get this shit into a needle and shoot it, you all know damn well I would do it in a heart beat!!! I'm well over four months into this game and finally have this guy:

up to level 47. He's an Un-dead Mage named Evilycen. You can find hime on the Kargath server. I also have another guy I'm working on a level 29 Orc Hunter:

named Pazuzuu. Notice the cat in the background, his name is CaptainHowdy, he's Paz's best friend and he's a mean son-of-a-bitch! It took me three weeks to find that bastard, very rare pet in the game. Anyone catch "The Exorcist" references? Both of these guys (the cat too) side on the Horde side, the evil or not so nice side in World Of Warcraft. I have two other guys I'm working on as well. First there is:

A lvl 27 Tauren Warrior named Gawd, who existed way before that silly Christian myth by the way, who I am hoping to move to the Kargath server, and this guy:

A level 15 Gnome Warrior named Fancypants on the Alliance side. He's a dancer at heart, he loves Tecno Industrial music. I'm not lying! Anyway, I love this game!!! Isn't it funny that this computer took a dump, wouldn't let me surf the net, wouldn't let me text message anybody, or even read my e-mai, but it would let me play this silly game without any problems. An act of God, or a silly devil inspired glitch? You tell me!!!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'M BACK!!!!!!

First off I apologize for not being around much this year. Major blog burn out and I just couldn't think of anything to say so I just kept to myself and that has proven to be a huge mistake. Then when I did feel like I could get back into the game this lovely computer of mine took a huge dump, and I just now was able to afford to get it fixed. So, I'm back and I'm fucking pissed!

Don't even get me started!

I hope you all feel real good about voting for Bush now that he has proven beyond all doubt how fucking incompetent he is. Thousands of people died! Yes, I know, it's not his fault they all died, but what is his fault is the hundreds that died in the wake of what didn't happen after this hurricane destroyed New Orleans. You just can't appoint your cronies into positions they are not qualified occupy! Michael Moore's blog has had some pretty interesting things to say, seeing he is down there in the midst of all this and seeing things first hand. My mind is racing and there are a hundred things I want to say about this but won't because it's already being said by others. It's time for our media to grow some balls and quit spinning the news like some government controlled stooge. Things are not going to get better with the present administration being headed by Bush and his right wing cronies. Things will continue to fall apart until REAL AMERICANS (not the mindless god fearing right) stand up and do something. That's it from me for now!

Monday, April 11, 2005



This band is wild. I had never heard of them until I stumbled upon them tonight. Sure, it's excessive but hey! I'll be checking them out and getting back to you. I'm sure the music is subpar but it's a great idea for a band.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Still Dizzy!

The doctor says I have vertigo that is being caused by my allergies! Yikes!! That could mean I have over a month of this to cope with. Not very happy about this!


Both gone. Sad that Terri had to die that way, could have been more humane but religious fuckwads need people to suffer. Dogs die every day with more dignity than she did. The Pope was just toast. They should have let him retire a few years ago, let him enjoy the end of his life a little more. When I'm old as dirt, or if I'm not home mentally I have only one wish, to be put to sleep in a quick and painless fashion. If it's good enough for prisoners on death row it's good enough for me!!!


You spin me right round baby!

I've literally been staggering around like a drunk now for about a week! I've got to see the doctor and find out what the hell is wrong with me. Called in sick today from work just to get some much needed sleep and rest. I need to go to bed and get a few more hours. Don't want to call in sick tomorrow but I see it happening. Oh, and I'm broke! I have enough money to see the doctor but no money for any drugs he may have for me. Pay day is Friday and I'm getting money back from taxes that day as well. I need it tomorrow.


The newest member to the family:


Meet Luna! She is about two months old, mostly Chihuahua and a tad Pitbull and something else. Was supposed to be Josie's baby but she sleeps with me back here in the computer room. Just what we needed, another dog!

Saturday, March 26, 2005


Finger Lickin Good!

Ok, how do you lose a finger and not know who it belongs too? Especially when it ends up in your bowl of chili! Read this and tell me you're not totally grossed out!! Makes you wonder how much dog, horse, cat, rat, or even human flesh you've consumed by eating at fast food restaurants. Now I'm hungry for chili! Not Wendy's though.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


Season that is! We all caught this nasty bastard this week. I missed work, as did Josie. Brandon is home from school today, and Miranda missed school last week. Oh the joy phlegm brings to ones life. I spit out more of that junk last week than I care to admit. I personally thank Jesus for creating viruses and bacteria.


It's good to be working again. Holidays are for the birds! Too bad I missed three shifts because of that damn cold but such is life. For anyone who has been reading this blog for more than a year I'd have to say it's nice to go to work now. I hated going for a while but the people who were helping stir shit up in my life at work are no longer working there and I'm getting along with 99% of my associates. There are still three or four people I would love to see drop off of the roster and I think at least one of them will do themselves in. How can you be a drug addict and function in a fast paced work environment and perform well? I couldn't do it.

Friday, January 21, 2005


It's back to work, and I got stuck working early early morning shifts this week, tomorrow being my last day of this shit. Getting up at 3:15 a.m. is for the fucking birds! So I'm off to bed, I'm still alive, and I'm very sorry I've neglected this page as well as all your pages. I have had major blog burn out and had to run away. Anyway, I'm beat, now it's off to bed!!

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Well, I won the Karaokee contest again this year at the employee Christmas party but only got second place. How's this you ask? I'm not sure. It came down to me and this old guy who wasn't all that good, the crowed cheered loudest for me and even chanted my name but the guy running the contest gave the trophy to the old guy. The old guy even told me that I won. It was also the forty people that came up to me afterwards and told me I got robbed that leads me to believe that I won. Oh well, such is life.


I can't remember who it was but when I was dreaming last night I was told I needed to post on my blog today. I had a ton of weird dreams! So many that I can't remember all of the content. So here is what I remember. Two rappers, Ed and Dr. Dre from MTV were in concert rapping from a hot tub filled with strawberry jam and another berry substance. I think it was cranberries but I can't recall this part properly. I was told that this was for the ladies after the show so that they would taste and smell good when receiving oral sex. Some fat rapper fell in by accident at one point and the crowd went wild. I think it was the kid from the movie Good Burger. I was stage right the whole time watching. I had a dream about Josie trying to feed me some smoked sausage that had been sitting out for over a week. I had to explain to her why I couldn't eat it and actually woke my self up because I was talking in my sleep! Another very complex dream takes place on a golf course where I'm trying to coax these two electronic engineers into letting me have some of their ancient synthesizers so that I can make a really cool experimental music project. They end up showing me this gadget they created to wash watermelons. It was a huge pvc pipe with a fan at the top used to draw air in as it suspended and spun the watermelons in water. The conversation turned to butchering and Mr. Snyder (golfing friend of my dads, a pharmacist) decided to cut up a piglet so that we can cook it fresh. He chops off the head, and starts frantically cutting this poor thing up as it squeals the entire time. One of the engineers leaves shortly then comes back with this huge piece of frozen whale meat. I'm not going to eat it because it's DNA is too close to humans.

So why all the food influenced dreaming? Who knows. I think the guy at SUBWAY last night had something to do with it. The place was empty and as I ordered my sandwiches about eight people walked in behind me. He started frantically throwing and cutting the bread to make the sandwiches. So I know that was mimicked during the pig butchering part. The week old meat I think has something to do with the tsunami situation and either lack of food or things spoiling after a week. I haven't posted on this tragedy due to the fact that the magnitude of destruction and death over there is very upsetting to me. So many people are going to die due to illness and starvation over there. And all the bodies:

Click this picture

it's overwhelming! I don't even want to think about it.


I've been off for over two weeks and done very little. Got the new HALF-LIFE II and the extended version of RETURN OF THE KING for Christmas. My parents didn't make it down this year because my mom ended up in the hospital with a blood clot in her lung. I'm also broke as hell due to Christmas and lack of work, which happens every year. So today is the first day back and I'm ready to start making money!! This is real business, not discounted local holiday business. So I should be making decent money again.