Tuesday, September 30, 2008


FOX news is shit. Plain and simple. One half assed vote for McCain is a split? Notice the people laughing at this fucktard after he says it.


This is so not funny anymore. This stupid bitch is just a vacant pretty face. Shame on the GOP for sticking this moron into politics. Jesus, this person could be president in the wrong situation. Fucking hell!

Alaska isn't a foreign country? WHAT?

Monday, September 29, 2008


This will get you into the spirit! I love Techno, you know I do. I just found out that Jesus does as well. Praise God, bring the beat back!!!


So yeah, I'm pretty happy that America didn't get hijacked today. Sure, things are going to shit but from what I understand, if this would have passed, the dollar would have weakened and most of that money would have went to foreign banks. It's the current administration grabbing every American dollar as fast as they can as the ship goes down. The fat cats would have remained fat, and we would have ultimately been screwed. So, let us have our down time, let the necessary recession happen. Let the greedy get fucked by being responsible for their own actions, it's their fault we are in this.

So, what can we do at this point? Start investing in green energy, and that technology, it can only help. Oil is not going to last for ever and being pioneers in this technology can only be profitable. Free PART OF WHAT WILL SAVE US IS GETTING OUT OF THIS FUCKING MEANINGLESS WAR!!!!

Seriously, tell me the benefits of this war, other than helping bankrupt our country and kill off thousands upon thousands of innocent people. Yeah, the stock market is taking a plunge, but fuck it, that's not my fault. Fuck Gdoubleyah, fuck John McCain who "suspended" his campaign to focus on the this major dilemma (a publicity stunt that failed) and failed to do anything. As a matter of fact, I watched him campaigning and attacking Obama this morning instead of doing something to help save this nation. Fuck Pretty Vacant Palin for jeopardizing this whole country by being unqualified and possibly being a heart beat away from being an American president, fuck the religious right, and fuck the fuckers who fucked us and created this fucked up heap of fucked up shit. Yeah, I'm scared as hell about what is going to happen in the next few months. I'm scared that some of you out there voted for Bush. Double shame for those who voted for him twice. Seriously, how could you have been so blind? FUCK!

On a lighter note, I found GOD!!! He was in the refrigerator, way in the back behind the eggs. Sadly, he was moldy and unusable so I had to throw him out.

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This made me laugh a little today. As did McCain and Palin.

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos


This is the same guy who has been driving "witches" out of towns in South Africa. That is Sara Palin. HOW FUCKING CRAZY DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO WANT THIS FUCKTARD AS VP?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today was EPIC FAIL day for McCain and Palin. They are in so much trouble, that McCain decided to postpone his run for President so he can focus on the economy. Translated, he's scared shitless and doesn't want to debate Obama, nor does he want Pretty Fucking Vacant to be in any part of any debate. She has no clue what is going on, as this CBS clip shows. This ran today.

By the way, Obama said, it's still on, and that as President you will have to deal with more than just one issue at a time. McCain got owned.

LOL "I'll try to find ya sum and I'll bring them to yah!" Vacant.....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


This fucker says he is going to fix things. He thinks "the fundamentals of the economy are strong".

How in the fuck can he wipe his own senile ass let alone fix things? He is in bed with the people that are driving this country into the ground. Here is a list if you have any doubts. And as stated before, for anyone who cares, I will not shut up about this till I see that fucker defeated. Watch the news, our country is literally in real bad shape due to the GOP and their mismanagement of our country. Fix things my ass. Fuck off McCain, and take that religious twat with you. Fuckers.


There is a lot that is going to happen in the next twenty years. Sci-fi type stuff that most people don't even know about. It is going to be freaky and it's all ready starting. Here is a cool video from CURRENT on robotic arms.

Monday, September 15, 2008


This is a very sad day for me. PINK FLOYD is one of those bands that is in my top five best bands of all time. I'd say only THE BEATLES and HENDRIX are before them in my book. At any rate, I'm glad I caught their reunion on television about five years ago. They were tight, and Roger Waters seemed like he was having the time of his life. Sadly, any chance of another reunion or anything else from PINK FLOYD is pretty much over at this point, unless the three remaining guys get some kind of wild hair up their ass and actually do something. I highly doubt that will ever happen.

I didn't really get into FLOYD until I was about 16 when my uncle Bob gave me a cassette tape of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON. I really only listened the song TIME because it was just such a cool song with the weird intro and then all the weird bells chiming all at once. At any rate, I listened a little more and then more, and then THE WALL came out, and it hooked me even a bit more. I don't think it was until I started listening to all the old stuff that I really became a fan. I love the Syd Barrett stuff. Anyway, it's a sad day in rock and roll history.


So I hear things from friends, co-workers, associates and so forth (not many mind you) that Sarah Palin is a strong woman, moral woman, well grounded. I say, bullshit. She has no clue what is going on, and the way the McCain group is going around spreading lies is now getting condemnation from the Republican party itself. Romney and Rove are the latest to say that he has gone too far. If you feel the need to fuck up this country, and be a part of the sleazy campaign that is McCain/Palin, then so be it. But when they destroy what is left of this country, I'll be one of those people looking to kick your ass for letting it happen! Trust me on this.

As far as me, well... I cut the shit out of my thumb trying to open up a can of food yesterday. Lost my appetite. So yeah, look for my new weight loss book to be out soon. "CUTTING YOUR WAY TO A NEW SKINNY YOU!"

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Yay! So I'm back over here. It just makes sense, easy to use and manipulate. I miss the networking ease of VOX but I don't have a ton of people reading here, so it's back to the basics for me. I will probably update the feel of this blog in the near future. Anyway, I'll still use VOX for holding info about me that is easy to link to.

So with that said, is it any wonder that this kid is already fucked up for life? Religion seriously fucked me up in the long run, but I don't remember my parents ever dressing me up and putting me up in front of the congregation to babble incoherently, that's the preachers job. Anyway, this little kid is just as coherent as any preacher.