Monday, September 26, 2005


Just a few weird things that have happened this week:

1. I woke up out of a dream after I muttered the words, "What is that he has tattooed on his BALLS?!?!"

2. I saw a retarded kid walking down the street holding a boom box blasting rap music and he was throwing the peace sign to everybody and his shirt had the question, "Got Puck?" on it.

3. I got a random instant message on my instant messenger from some Christian that I don't know. I asked him if god was everywhere. He replied yes, and then I asked if that meant he was in my colon then. He said yes, as is Satan. And I though I just had gas real bad most of the time.

Friday, September 16, 2005



Remember that smug look that he has had on his face ever since he got reelected? Well, for now it's gone. Cocky arrogant elitist cunt got bitch slapped by mother nature of all things!! Serves him right, how dare he appoint useless unqualified buddies of his to important positions after 911! In reality, none of us mattered. Only his pocket book really has any value to him.


I was kind of feeling sorry for my self when I realized that nobody is reading my blog or hardly anyone linking to my page anymore. Well, I took such a long break from the whole process that I can't blame anyone but myself! I did need the break though, I had such a burn out on blogging that I couldn't think of anything to say, at all. Total blank! Well, I have the inspiration to write again, and I don't feel burnt out or not able to coax out the ideas swimming around in my brain.


The down season at work is finally over! Man, and I was not prepared to go full speed ahead after sitting on my ass for two months. Well, at least I'm making money again!

I do impersonations of people that I work with. I've come up with some good material lately and had everyone rolling on the floor at work today with my newest take on one of the older guys we work with. He is gay and has these very "butch" moments when he gets flustered about certain things. He then starts to strut around in a very cocky manor. Well, the strut is the new impersonation. I'm so going to get my ass kicked one day for all of this!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


FIRST NAME, IT'S........."

You all know I'm pretty anti-hard drugs, but if I could get this shit into a needle and shoot it, you all know damn well I would do it in a heart beat!!! I'm well over four months into this game and finally have this guy:

up to level 47. He's an Un-dead Mage named Evilycen. You can find hime on the Kargath server. I also have another guy I'm working on a level 29 Orc Hunter:

named Pazuzuu. Notice the cat in the background, his name is CaptainHowdy, he's Paz's best friend and he's a mean son-of-a-bitch! It took me three weeks to find that bastard, very rare pet in the game. Anyone catch "The Exorcist" references? Both of these guys (the cat too) side on the Horde side, the evil or not so nice side in World Of Warcraft. I have two other guys I'm working on as well. First there is:

A lvl 27 Tauren Warrior named Gawd, who existed way before that silly Christian myth by the way, who I am hoping to move to the Kargath server, and this guy:

A level 15 Gnome Warrior named Fancypants on the Alliance side. He's a dancer at heart, he loves Tecno Industrial music. I'm not lying! Anyway, I love this game!!! Isn't it funny that this computer took a dump, wouldn't let me surf the net, wouldn't let me text message anybody, or even read my e-mai, but it would let me play this silly game without any problems. An act of God, or a silly devil inspired glitch? You tell me!!!!!!

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'M BACK!!!!!!

First off I apologize for not being around much this year. Major blog burn out and I just couldn't think of anything to say so I just kept to myself and that has proven to be a huge mistake. Then when I did feel like I could get back into the game this lovely computer of mine took a huge dump, and I just now was able to afford to get it fixed. So, I'm back and I'm fucking pissed!

Don't even get me started!

I hope you all feel real good about voting for Bush now that he has proven beyond all doubt how fucking incompetent he is. Thousands of people died! Yes, I know, it's not his fault they all died, but what is his fault is the hundreds that died in the wake of what didn't happen after this hurricane destroyed New Orleans. You just can't appoint your cronies into positions they are not qualified occupy! Michael Moore's blog has had some pretty interesting things to say, seeing he is down there in the midst of all this and seeing things first hand. My mind is racing and there are a hundred things I want to say about this but won't because it's already being said by others. It's time for our media to grow some balls and quit spinning the news like some government controlled stooge. Things are not going to get better with the present administration being headed by Bush and his right wing cronies. Things will continue to fall apart until REAL AMERICANS (not the mindless god fearing right) stand up and do something. That's it from me for now!