Monday, August 25, 2003


Joe's day today? Sloth, plain and simple! I didn't do jack today, other than going to get groceries, if you want to call junk food groceries. I went to bed early last night (unheard of) and even took a three hour nap today. Watched a lot of t.v. and read other peoples blogs. Brandon behaved pretty good today so it was relatively quiet. He even went to bed tonight without incident. Josie isn't feeling well, even though she felt good enough to... well you know. So she was subdued and quiet today as well. Dennis called me for one of his therapeutic talks. I swear to god that guy should pay me as his psychiatrist. He would rant for about 10 minutes then aske me if I though he was overreacting to situations at work, I would say yes then he would justify why he was overreacting, rant some more and then ask again if I though he was overreacting. It was an endless loop of banter that went absolutely nowhere. The guy is hopeless and needs to get laid more than any individual I know on earth. I hear that hot little Mexican chick that works in the Bistro is fucking anything and everything, maybe he could ride that train. Nah, he'd be too afraid. Me, if I were a single guy? Oh boy, I don't need to get all worked up speculating. The kids go to school tomorrow, and Josie works so I'm going to try and catch a flick at the mall. Yes, I'm a sucker for Horror so it will probably be Freddy Vs. Jason. Lame, I know. Then again, I could just skip that and go buy the Omega Code on DVD. You know what movie that is, it's that end of the world movie put out by the plastic good folks over at Trinity Broadcasting Network, the satellite network for Jesus. Talk about pasty white people! I get a good laugh watching Benny Hinn slapping the shit out of people in the name of Jesus to rid them of their ailments. That and Bob Larsen casting the devil out of third rate actors with no fashion sense. Jesus needs new spokes persons. If I were god, I would have hot Asian chicks representing me. I wouldn't smite anybody, cause any plagues, or even threaten people. If I were all powerful, I would be just that. Fuck that adversary bit, the whole good vs. evil soap opera. O.k. I'm blathering once again. I'm going to bed now, wish me luck! Think I'll sleep good, it's nice and cool out for a change.

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