Wednesday, April 30, 2003


Been reading stuff on "cryptozoology" and "out of place artifacts" this afternoon. Just plane weird. Here is a link to a page about OUT OF PLACE ARTIFACTS. Pretty weird stuff.

What ever!

Had the whole day off yesterday and did not a damn thing! I take that back, I cut my hair. WHOO-HOO!! Watched "Day of the Dead" last night. Great zombie movie! Speaking of which, I went to see the new Rob Zombie movie the other night, "House of 1000 Corpses" and it sucked! His directing style was o.k. but the storyline never showed up. Save your money and go by porn instead. The new Matrix movie comes out this week. Looking forward to seeing that in the theater.


Had to spend my life at work last week. Then next few days are going to be more of the same. Not looking forward to that but what can you do? Things are better at work for me though, less tension. I'm just not talking to ingrates anymore than I need to. Not much else to write at the moment, I'm enjoying having a bit of freedom.

Friday, April 25, 2003

Long Time Coming

Sorry I haven't written anything much the past few weeks! It's been all about work, family (my family, not pseudo Christian values), and maximizing my free time. So I'll try to be a bit more consistent.


Work has been a little better. I've shut my self off from many people there. Most of them are undeserving of my time anyway.

Dream Land Snickers Man and Alien DNA

Man has it been a weird week in my head as far as dreams go! Last night I had one of those urgent dreams where your trying to get home and obstacles keep popping up. Last night it was about some medical emergency with Josie at home and I was far away with Brandon. I had to run home barefooted up and down hill and through trees. When I got there Josie was gone but a dead alien was there along with some kind of investigator. He said that the alien was some kind of clone hybrid of Josie and alien DNA. It had been shot in the head. I was relieved at that point.

The dream I had the day after Easter (bullshit holiday) was that I was at home in Nebraska where I grew up. I was in my parents living room. I think someone was on their deathbed. In the bed there was a superhero or luchador wrestler type guy too. His garb was like a snickers candy wrapper. Think he may have even had a cape. He got up and told me it was the end of the world and that Jesus was almost here and I needed to make up my mind. I said I guess I would rather be saved. He then produced a fire ball and threw it on the bed and a huge fire started. He said that in order for me to obtain salvation I would have to stay here and burn to death. I asked if there was any other way and he said no and left. It was decided at that point that it would be better to asphyxiate than burn to death. So who ever was there helped me find electrical wiring and plastic to start throwing on the fire. I then woke up.

The sad truth is that Christianity has fucked me up mentally and I doubt I'll ever be over it. It constantly permeates my dreams and seeps into my daily life. I'm tired of it. I vow to destroy it. Prepare for it's downfall!

Cool Music

Just some of the kick ass music I'm into at the moment

Portishead & Ani Difranco - Linger
Jurassic 5 - What's Golden
White Stripes - Seven Nation Army
Murderdolls - Kill Miss America
Slayer - Raining Blood
X - The Hungry Wolf
Cradle Of Filth - Nocturnal Supremacy
K-OS - Superstar Part Zero
Drowning Pool - I Don't Care About Anyone
Godsmack - Voodoo
The Jesus Lizard - Puss
Disturbed - Forsaken (Queen of the Damned Soundtrack)

That's all I have time to type out anyway. Work calls again. Fuck!

Tuesday, April 15, 2003


Oh what a joy to have a day off. Unfortunately I had to go to a meeting at work where we talked about the whole issue of gossip. No reason to beat a dead horse so I'll only say that the old rumor mill hags are the only ones who still don't understand things and are trying to make it a gender issue. Put up or shut up. The end.

Pizza Hut

Went to family night at Pizza Hut tonight. It was o.k. but too many people trying to get in. Good thing we got there before the rush! Brandon got a spider man balloon made for him by a clown. I ate cinisticks to the point of no return. Life is good.


Watched a documentary on HBO the other night on faith in God. The one lady I though was going to be super religious turned out to be the opposite. She was asked if she believed in God. She said no. She was then asked why. She said because that would be absurd for her to believe in such a way. What would the people on the other side look like when she got there? Young, old, what version of that person would be represented. She went on to make some other extremely valid points that I'm not going to type about just now. But I'm compelled to write about a conversation I had with a Christian a few days ago. It was about the whole "OMNI"ness of God. My question was this,
"Why would an all knowing God create you with the intention of having you reject him and then punish you for it?" God is a weak human concept, no matter what version you choose to incorporate into your life. And why do people always assume that there version of God is the right one? Do you know how many versions there are out there?

Friday, April 11, 2003


I know I haven't been keeping up with this blog but work has it's talons wrapped tightly around my fat neck and I'm suffocating. This work week has slowly drained me mentally. The fucking hags at work have all decided to make me the guest star of their little rumor mill this week, and they wrote the script for me. In the process they have hurt someones feelings (not mine) at my expense. Here is the readers digest version of what happened:

THE SET UP: Joe makes comment at work in front of others that there are some people that never load the truck on cater outs (truth), and that I'm tired of pulling their weight on cater outs (truth) when it comes to loading the truck. Another thing that happened the other night is that Dane C. was trying to get someone (anyone in general) to trade their ranch cater out function shift with him. I said, "That would be great, I would love to have you on the ranch." I said that because it's true, I would have loved to of had his Christian ass working with me at the ranch because he always helps load the truck.

THE RESULT: Some of the old hags, mainly ones who never load the truck, start the wheel to the rumor mill turning. "Did you hear what Joe said? Joe said he is tired of pulling Kathy West's weight on cater outs, he even went to the office and talked to Rob about it and said that she should feel bad about even going." A big lie. Not what I said. And you know what? The people who never load the truck didn't load the truck, and I confronted one of them who tried to convince me that they helped load the truck. Bullshit, I'm not an idiot.

FOLLOW UP: Talked to Kathy, we're cool. Talked to Rob, asked if I had ever been to the office about Kathy or even any cater out functions ever. Rob doesn't ever recall me being in there on any such business, we're cool. So, who's not cool? The women that have made this a gender issue. I have lost respect for quite a few people this week, and as far as I'm concerned, they are dead to me. What is #4 on the list of the Nine Satanic Statements?

IV Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates!

So be it! And the irony of this whole thing is that the people doing most of this nastyness are christians. Well, I guess that isn't irony. So there are some people that I will no longer be talking to. Fuck them. I do however give props to Kathy for driving the truck for the caterout and helping load it as well. She did a great job! I realise she has a disability. It's too bad the rumor mill bitches couldn't see beyond their own inability to sufficiently do their work and tried to pin it on Kathy and make her feel bad about it at the same time. At this moment I'm over it, they are now dead to me. So be it.


Have been reading a friends blog on a daily basis. He is feeling lonely and isolated at work and at home. I'm going to step things up and try to do more with him because I don't think he considers me a friend and he is actually someone I enjoy hanging with. I did go see "THE TWO TOWERS" with him and his other (or is it better?) half. That has been a while though. He is gay and I have no problem with how others at work may perceive this. I'm going to make my list of friends at work very short after what has happened at work. It's time to withdraw, be a lot less social with the ingrates. Plus, we pagans need to stick together. I had more to write but I'm burnt. I want to do the "HOT CHICK OF THE WEEK" picture on here starting soon. I have a feeling it's going to be mostly Asian and Latina chicks. I can't help it. Anyway, I'm out!

Monday, April 07, 2003


Yesterday was another extremely long day at work. It was eleven hours of banquet paradise. Sad thing was that I had to work in a half-assed environment with half-assed people doing a half-assed job. Nothing worked or was done with completion. Setup, food, fellow employs all engrossed in half-assedness. It's past so I'll quit bitching!


The band Grass Roots played at work for an envelope manufacturing firm night before last. Only the lead singer is left from the original band. They thoroughly sucked. I helped the guitarist for the band find his way back to their staging room, even carried a guitar for him. He thanked me and I was leaving when he called me back to tip me. With what you may ask? Oh, an autographed picture of himself. Nice. It's nestled gently in the garbage somewhere at work now. Hang up your boots guys! Your glory days are old and moldy.

Saturday, April 05, 2003


Not much to write about. Spent the last three days at work and haven't had a ton of free time. Too tired to even think about what I want to write about. I just woke up and need to go back to work in about three hours. My life is random. My work schedule is random. My thought process is random.


Not going to comment on the war anymore.


Man, I feel like I had the shit knocked out of me! The last three days at work were just busy as hell with yesterday being the day from hell! A fifteen and ½ hour shift is just a little too much. Oh, I did get a sixteen minute break during the day and a half hour around six p.m. to eat a shitty fish sandwich. I survived anyway, hope we have a killer tip pool this week.