Saturday, August 23, 2003


I've mentioned before that Josie is a clean freak. It's better than being a Jesus freak, but anyway she and her sister Merlin deep clean our house every other week like most people wish they could clean once a year. So what does that add up to? Me staying the hell out of the way! It's me and the dogs back here in the computer room, me drinking Pepsi and listening to 80's music avoiding any anger that can be tossed my way. Josie gets frisky when she is in cleaning mode and it doesn't take much to set her off. I'm supposed to be at work right now but I gave my lunch shift to someone who got canceled from theirs and wasn't told about it. I worked breakfast so I was more than happy to kick that bastard away. So it's the weekend off, anyone in Tucson want to go have drinks? Seriously, let's go to the Cowpony tomorrow night and sing Karaokee!


I asked if anyone missed having the images on the page and I got a couple of e-mails and a comment on this blog page so I will keep them. I think it kind of adds a little flair to the page anyway. I need those guys on Queer Eyed for the Straight Guy to come and make the page over.


One of the cats that's been dropping off the tree next to our house and on to our roof (scaring the shit out of me!) got hit by a car two days ago. Someone picked it up and put it on the side of the road right next to the curb, dead as all get out (Midwest redneck term). Anyway, I was going to be a good guy and bury it out back in the ally but seeing how hot Tucson gets and it got real hot before I woke up, the poor cat started to decompose to the point where it's bodily fluids were seeping out and running down the curb. I was utterly grossed out and decided that fate killed that motherfucker, and fate can bury that bitch. Serves the cat right for crossing a street where cars are constantly speeding, and it serves him right for scaring the shit out of me during a scary movie about two months ago. The worm that dieth not has him now. That's maggots for the scripturally challenged. You big sillies and your obsession with death and hell. Speaking of hell, John Geoghan the kiddy diddler Catholic Priest just got whacked in prison. His holiness is dead. Just goes to show you that even though your gods little favorite doesn't mean you can sodomize over a hundred little boys and get away with it. Fuck that piece of shit.


Josie just came in and saw me typing this out. I read it out loud and she made a weird face and said, "What are you going to do, tell them about my underwear if their dirty? Tell them I have manchas in my chones," which in spanglish translates into "Tell them I have stains in my underwear." That's my wife, god love her!

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