Sunday, August 17, 2003


Josie crawled into bed this morning and was teasing the hell out of me. She said she was all horned up but we couldn't do anything because Miranda's cousin Pricilla was staying over. Then she told me that tonight I would get lucky. Whatever! For me that is the kiss of no sex death. I to this date, in all my years being married to Josie, have never gotten ANY after being promised it would happen at a certain place or time. NEVER! It's a sick joke and I have no idea what the punchline is supposed to be. Element of surprise maybe?


A cop pulled up to the neighbors house today. Bill and the cop stood there for quite a long time, they chatted an Bill pointed, waved his hands and was extremely animated. Bill is from New York and is totally a stereotype. He's loud, obnoxious, but an all around great guy. Wonder what that was all about. It's been a quiet neighborhood for the past month since the only people renting on this street (drug pushers) got kicked out.


For the first time in years I want to quit my job and find something new. Our resort is going to hell because of the economy and new management. Get a clue you stupid corporate fucks! Why do you think our team is the highest rated in the USA out of all of the Westin brand? Because we know what were doing, that's why. So go ahead and fuck it all up, change it all around, make our product look like shit and watch your numbers and revenue plummet. Stupid fuckers.

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