Sunday, November 30, 2003


Just got back from seeing the movie. The kids liked it, and it had it's moments but I wasn't impressed. The one thing that made the movie over the top funny was the retarded kid sitting down front. His insanely diabolical yet retarded laugh was straight out of a loony toon laugh track. Everybody would stop laughing but that laugh would just keep on going, and at first I though it was part of the movie. Anyway, I just about wet myself I was laughing so hard. Not at the movie, but at the insane laughter. You had to be there.


The dogs ran away again. The garage door keeps opening somehow and they are taking off when it does. We were lucky that Cocoa came to the front door and that is how we knew they had made a break for it. Nala and Nicky didn't go any farther than the back ally, but Mr. Pepperton violated his parole and ran off. I got in the car and started searching but didn't see him. Josie found him a block away sniffing and peeing away. So to fix the problem I unhooked the motor to the garage door so that it will not open automatically.


(Yesterdays post one day late)

I'm frightened, and I'm not fibbing! Cleaning day, which as you know happens every other weekend, is today. That is where Josie and her sister Merlin deep clean our house like some people only clean once or twice a year. Josie's attitude is just crazy on cleaning day. Yes, that is bad enough, but combine that with PMS and you have something just short of psychotic! I'm not shitting you!! I literally stayed in bed until it was time to clean the bedroom just to avoid any confrontation, which happened anyway. Brandon knows the value of what is going on and is acting like a total asshole so that he can get what he wants by playing off of Josie's far from normal attitude. So I'm in the computer/Brandon's bedroom hiding until she gets this far. I'm going to work in two hours which in most cases would be a good thing but tonight is one of our big yearly events where we're totally understaffed and rushed for service and it's got the potential to be extremely ugly.
(post script)
Last night went very well for me. I was lucky and got stuck with one of the older ladies that has a disability so I got stuck with fewer tables and right next to the entrance. On top of that we had ten open seats so we had a cake walk. Only two more nasty yearly events to go, and they are literally back to back. One ends around two in the morning and the other starts five hours from that in the morning. No sleep for the less fortunate, little sleep for those with seniority. Two weeks away, I can't wait.

Friday, November 28, 2003


I was plagued by work related dreams last night. I was working some strange lunch function and I had a thirty person station by myself. I got about ten of those people served, went back for more food but as soon as the plates were put on the tray I turned around to help somebody and they all just vanished into thin air. The next hour of my dream was spent waiting for food to take in and people being abusive and me being frustrated. This went on for what seemed like forever. I suddenly realized within the dream that I was dreaming though, and decided I wasn't going to dream that anymore so I changed the dream. That was the only lucid part of the dream, being able to shift gears so to speak. So next I was at a book signing or something for a guy named Joseph Sedon. That name was of some real importance. Weird.


It was what I expected. People who said they were coming didn't come, people who weren't invited showed, people speaking Spanish, me doing the majority of the cooking and feeling like an outsider. My hearing is damaged from too many rock concerts and I don't hear all that well sometimes. Josie's brother Louie asked me a question and I didn't hear it or they were speaking Spanish and expected me to hear it, either way I didn't hear it and he though I was mad at him. Funny. One of her other brothers named Alex got so drunk the night before that he made a wrong turn, ended up on the Airforce base and didn't realize that, and then they called the cops and he got arrested for extreme DUI. Very funny. Yesterday was more like a forced work day than a holiday for me. Next time Josie pulls this and invites a ton of people over she can do all the cooking by herself and I will just hide in here and play video games. And to think I gave up working a private function for the family that owns Hallmark Cards last night for all of that. Probably would have made some serious extra cash. Oh well. Turkey is a drug! I went to bed and slept about ten hours.

Thursday, November 27, 2003


Happy thanksgiving to everyone! Hope your Thanksgiving is better than this guys is!

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


See that smile? She's laughing because so many crazy people shop at Fry's. The were out in full force last night because Thanksgiving is looming in the shadows and everyone was compelled to be out shopping for all kinds of goodies at 7:00 last night. The first freak to enter into picture was this little old lady holding a written list of goods. She approaches Miranda and asks her if she knows where the milk is. Miranda was a bit puzzled by this seeing that there were employees standing in the vicinity and she was dressed nothing like them. We sent her in the direction of the milk and that was that for then. Next were the white trailer park people with the dirty kids lookin' fer the pork n' beans. Then there was the lady with kids in her shopping cart who was pushing them real fast, then suddenly distracted she just let go and the kids went crashing into frosted flakes cereal display. Around this point I started looking for hidden cameras and that guy from candid camera. Enter the lady with the list of items that approached Miranda about 30 minutes earlier. She still had the list, still was without a shopping cart, and was still frantically looking for things, nothing in hand. I was sure at this point the guy with the camera was coming out for sure. A couple of other things happened that I honestly can't remember because that was yesterday and I've had a full day today. If I remember I'll post it here.


Her funeral is tomorrow but I'm too broke to fly back for it. A lot of my earliest memories are of being at grandma Oxfords farm. I have one memory of being about three or four and my uncle Rolie was left with me and my older brother Jeff. Jeff must have been about five or six. Anyway, my  uncle who was about thirteen was going to make biscuits the way grandma did. He ended up making a mess and burning the hell out of those things. I remember my grandmother being totally pissed off and yelling. I also remember her chasing him and my uncle Clayton around the house when I was small because they were fighting. Other memories include sitting on her lap in the middle of the night during a really bad storm, her catfish stink bait (nothing in the world is more disgusting than this stuff), home made butter and ice cream, her cooking in general, and how much she meant to me as a kid.

Monday, November 24, 2003


My Grandma Oxford died this morning, will post more later.


Why is it that everybody assumes that I'm a god fearing Christian? Is it that I look the part? I'm very confused about this and I don't like telling people that I'm an atheist mid conversation, because then the conversation either ends or turns into a religious discussion. I'm not afraid of telling people about this, I'm just speaking on a level where someone who really doesn't know me well just assumes I'm religious, even when I've never mentioned anything about Jesus or god or who ever. So, people need not to be surprised when I tell them I'm not hip to Jesus and what people think he stands for. I'm not an evil person, I don't kill babies or worship the devil, I'm just a human, same as everyone else. If your going to the candy store when you check out, fine, just don't don't send me to the microwave oven for eternity because I refuse to believe in something that doesn't exist.


Today was one of those "WTF?" kind of days. Got up late because it was Sunday and nobody had to work or go to school. That was great! Even got a little if you know what I mean! That was great too!! Then it all went down hill from there, and I'm blaming Brandon for the most part. He was in one of those "I'm a fucking spaz and I'm out of control" moods. Josie warned him about fifty million times to settle down. Didn't work. She asked me to take control of the situation and I told her that if I did and he didn't listen I was going to spank him. Well, fifty million more times of asking him to mellow out didn't work, even after I cooked him brunch. He continued to bounce off the walls until he got the idea that he was going to heat up a bread stick in the microwave for three minutes on a paper plate. One small fire and a house full of smoke was all it took to break the camels back. I got mad and he got sent to his room where he threw a fit and I got mad at him again. I guess Josie didn't want me to handle the situation after all because sending him to his room after he almost burnt the house down was being mean to him. We're talking sending someone to their room to chill, not a beating! So she started yelling at me and I said, "FUCK IT, I'm out of here." So I got dressed, got in my car and took off for the next five hours. I went out and had some drinks, went to the mall, and to best buy. Was going to go see a movie but nothing was starting soon enough when I got there. I'm such a light weight that after drinking four beers in three hours and walking it off for the next two I basically fell asleep after I got home. I ate first, but I was out by seven. Well, now I'm up and it's three in the morning typing this shit out. I've got a meeting at 10:30 a.m. and I have a feeling it's going to be ugly.


My grandmother is on her death bed, I'll try and write about her tomorrow. I can still smell her kitchen even though it's been years since I've been it it. She made the best ham and beans anyone could possibly make. I love her and I'm sad that her body is shutting down.

Saturday, November 22, 2003


Two hours of sleep and I'm already up. I have about the worst stomach ache I've had in months. I have this gas pocket sitting in my lower abdomen that just won't move so now I'm up I guess until it does. I know you were all just waiting to hear about my bowels again.


Worked with some of the hags today but was lucky enough not to get caught in the crossfire. They were too busy bitching back and forth over petty things such as how to place a fork on a table to be interested in anything I was doing. It was a lot like watching a couple of four year old kids get pissy over nothing. I was actually entertained by all of this. I guess I'm either mentally challenged or easy to amuse. I'm banking on mentally challenged! This isn't open for discussion.


I think I'm going to introduce the REAL COMIX WEEKLY to this page. It was something I did on an old comedy webpage I had. It's just taking a popular new picture from the week and adding a caption or dialog. Here is an example:

I know this isn't going to sit well with some of  you, it's all just in fun. Laugh a little!

Thursday, November 20, 2003


Holy Jesus this guy is scary looking! Hey, and if you have three million dollars at hand you can post bail and head back to Vegas. He didn't do anything wrong anyway, he's only been sleeping with twelve year old boys. I think they should have posted his bond at some incredibly ridiculous amount so that he had to stay in jail. Oh, I forgot! This is America where rich people get away with just about everything. I also noticed that they have his race and gender wrong on this ID. Man, what next?


One of the hags lashed out at me for absolutely no reason yesterday. I had an abandoned cart and was hauling some needed materials for my function when I was assaulted verbally by said hag. If this person would have said, "Hey I was using that cart," I would have said, "Oh, there you go..." and gave it back. But said hag flew into a frenzy and started yelling. Well, I'm through with this hag business. I reported this to the office only to find out I wasn't the only person to go in there and complain about her. This has been going on a lot from what I understand. Someone must have gotten a talking to because she was going out of her way to be nice to me today.


We were told at work a month ago that instead of forcing anyone to work Thanksgiving they would simply post a paper for people to sign up. This sheet was full in less than a day. A month later the schedule came out and I was listed as working. I was under the impression that only people who signed up would be working as I was told. I was asked why I didn't put in to have this day of with a request day off form. I repeated what I was told, then informed them that I had close to 20 people coming over for Thanksgiving day. I'll give my Boss props for giving me the day off and understanding. Not everyone in our dept. likes our boss but he's never intentionally done me any wrong. So I'm off almost all of next week. Who wants to go to the Cowpony on Sunday night for karaoke?


On my way to work, will post something later. Got attacked by one of the hags at work yesterday and suffered only a flesh wound. Somebody else is going to get a talking to by management. Bitch. People really do need prescription medication. Oh, and I'm a bit sad that I missed the Victoria Secret hour special last night. Got to go now, really...

Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Last nights dream was pretty involved but I only remember a little bit of it. In the dream I was some how sitting on or holding a microscopic black hole. It wasn't powerful enough to suck me in because it was so small but this vortex was keeping me from standing up and was rearranging molecules in my hand and making it transparent and glow at the same time. That's all I can remember. Why all these dreams about stars and black holes all of a sudden?


Mr. M. Jackson had his home searched today. More little boy stuff from what I have read in the news. He's got money, he can get away with it.

My friend Kathy bought me the new release of The Beatles "Let It Be" today. She is a big Beatles fan and knows that I am too so it was very cool of her to go out and get this for me. I'm going to listen to it before I go to bed. Isn't "I Dig a Pony" one of the coolest songs ever?


Some old dumb fucker totally cut me off in traffic today! I almost wrecked because of this and my heart was pumping like a mad fucker and the adrenaline was flowing like hell! I sped up to catch this asshole and pulled up next to him and let him know how stupid he was. This guy had no clue and his wife just pointed at me with her withered little hand and scowled at me like some nasty old witch straight out of a kids movie. I felt like a total retard for yelling at them in traffic but wrecking my car this morning wasn't on my list of to do's and they are lucky I was paying attention during all of this. People in Tucson drive like shit, no doubt about it. Some brainless fuck is going to kill me one of these days in traffic, I can just feel it.

Monday, November 17, 2003


It's been a while since I've had a weird dream or nightmare or whatever you want to call it but after taking the kids to school today I went back to bed and woke up at noon after having this dream:

I went to see my physician Dr. Perrian in my dream. I was feeling weak and had been breaking out with cold sores and some lesions on my face. After feeling the glands under my chin he tells me I'm going to die. I get one of those tunnel effects like in a horror movie when something bad has happened and I'm totally thrown for a loop. I start sobbing and can't believe I'm actually going to die. I ask how long I have left and he tells me it's less than a month. Now I really loose it. I start explaining how Josie won't be able to do things without me, I don't want to leave my kids behind. He's trying to console me and takes me to a special room that is like a bedroom that he stays in when he's working late but it's not working. He asks me if I know what caused this form of lymphatic cancer. I say no and then he goes on to tell me it's from eating Three Musketeers candy bars. I have a hard time understanding how I could eat so few of these and be effected like this. All of a sudden I'm at Harrison Hills (now Pantano Vista) mobile home park where I used to live before the new millennium. The home we live in is very nice, not the same one I lived in but in the same lot. I've told Josie I'm going to die and she is taking it like it's no big deal. I have relatives over eating and hanging out and I just can't be inside with them so I go for a walk. I'm crying the whole time and I work up the courage to go back. I find a younger version of Brandon and tell him I love him and ask him if he understands that. He tells me yes. This woke me up instantly.


Last night on the way home from work I pulled up to a stop light at Swan and Sunrise heading east. I was in the left lane with the left turn lane next to me and a car in front of me. A motorcycle pulls up into the turn lane then suddenly zips over into our lane and stopping in the crosswalk in front of the car that is in front of me. This angers the driver of that car and he hits the gas, and then the break both really fast. I'm not sure if he bumped the motorcycle or not because I couldn't see over the car. The motorcyclist gets real pissed off and backs his motorcycle up against the front driver side of the car and scratches it with the tire or foot rest. A shouting match breaks out and the light turns green. Thirty seconds go by and they are still yelling so I rolled down my window and yell, "Hey you fucking retards, this isn't fucking high school, let's go!" They both look back, the guy in the car is just about to yell back and the motorcycle speeds off. The guy in the car spins out after him and I just kind of tag along but not going over the speed limit. The motorcycle is long gone, I catch up with the scratched car at the next light where he turns off. I thought someone was going to get hurt in all of this. So a guy cut in line, big fucking deal! Is that a reason to charge someone with a car? I didn't wish bad things on either of them as they played this all out in a childish manor. The last time I did wish something like that was when someone was fucking around in traffic and I said he was going to kill someone. Seconds later he decapitated a crack addict on a bicycle. Oh, let's not forget that he got out of his car then ran home and blew his head off with a shotgun in his shower. I lead a strange existence.


Little Mr. Tiny Pepperton got away yesterday. Somehow he managed to slip out the back through the garage when nobody was looking. This happened as I was going to go lay down and take a nap before work. About 45 minutes later Josie comes in the bedroom yelling that Tiny was missing, that he must have gotten out. I freaked and ran out side and started looking for him. I found him down in the ally about 25 to 50 yards away. Now this is the funny part. Mr. Pepperton was bobbing back and forth, darting from one weed to a neighbors wall, then to another weed, then a trash can, then another weed, then some grass. Why? He was pissing on anything and everything he could possibly lift his leg to. This is why he only made it as far as he had in an hour! How could a dog so small hold that much piss? I guess he needed to rack up points for this silly pissing game that he and Nicky are always playing. I would say he is still winning.

Saturday, November 15, 2003


I worked one of the creepiest lunches I can ever remember. It was a simple lunch for about sixty but the room was packed with organs! No, not body parts but very expensive modern organs. Basically they were synthesizers incased with really nice wood and lots of flashing lights. These organ salesmen had a room full of elderly people who basically had one foot in the grave and were pressuring these old folk into buying one of their $50,000 organs, Yes, $50,000 for a bare bones organ! It was the way these guys operated and the way they looked that made it so creepy. Only way I can explain it is if you took Liberace and crossed him with a funeral director and a porn actor. The guys were just as greasy and slimy as they get. The way they were talking to some of these people was just awful! One salesman was being a total  asshole and talking down to this elderly gentleman who keep telling him that he couldn't afford this organ. The salesperson keep telling him, "Oh, don't give me that crap! Now come on, let's do this and get this thing done!" Other salesmen had a different approach, giving back rubs and doing everything but making out with some of these old ladies. I know old ladies need lovin too, but it was like a bad porn movie, acting and all. I actually went home and took a shower after all of this. I've never felt so violated after serving people lunch. Professional help may be required.

Friday, November 14, 2003


Work has me by the balls right now, don't have time to type out a whole lot. Guests telling me shitting stories, working functions for the creepiest clients ever, more to come tomorrow or the next day. I'm beat, but it's great to be making some money.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003


I think I've dun pissed of some people er sumpthin! Man, maybe it was all the talk about death that pissed people off. Or the anti-Jesus stuff you see here now and then. My hit's have been way down the past three days, but hey I write it as it happens. I never said I wasn't going to offend anyone. Well, happier days are here anyway. If I've done something utterly wrong, please comment about it in the comment box and we will see what we can do. It's not like I posted naked pictures of myself.


I've been eating out of control at work the past few days! Jesus! Eating is an understatement! What has happened is that we have had clients in the really know how to pick great food and that is all I have been around for the past few days. A group we had two nights ago had a dinner that was actually set reception style with lots of different stations. They had a shrimp, crab, and oyster bar (this is where I went overboard), carved pork tenderloin, a stir fry station, a pasta station where they were cooking up fresh shrimp, not to mention tons of great desserts (I never made it that far)! At the end of that evening the group moved on and went to a hospitality suit for drinks and a cheese board. We started breaking everything down as usual when the whole group leaves like that. Twenty minutes later, and about ten minutes from going home, the head meeting planner for the group walks in with two late arrivals and made us set the whole thing back up, just for two people. She couldn't just ask for us to go in the back where the food is kept and make up some plates, we had to set the whole thing back up. Bitch. The people we have now are all very nice. It's a Travel company based out of Omaha Nebraska and seeing I grew up in Burwell Nebraska (small nothing hick town) the people I work with have been pointing out to the guests that I grew up there. A good 75% of these people have never even heard of Burwell, but the ones that have all make a joke about rodeo or livestock. I think it was a wise decision moving to Tucson back in the 80's!

Monday, November 10, 2003


I was just reading another blog where I mentioned the fact that two of my four dogs have engaged in this ongoing pissing contest. There is only one rule, you just keep pissing on things, no matter what. I think the more creative you become with pissing the more points you score. Well, Mr. Pepperton is kicking ass because he's taken to pissing on the other dogs. Poor Nala just sits there like some forgotten Benny Hill skit as Tiny just pisses away. Listen, you can hear the Benny Hill theme song even now. He even tried to piss on Brandon's leg the other day! What a little shit! But you got to love him, he's still the most loveable little guy in the world. I want to start pissing on people I don't like, imagine the reaction I would get! Nah, maybe not. The last thing I need is people mocking my penis as I urinate on them.


Went to the viewing today of a friends wife. Turns out she died from blood clots forming in her legs then moving up to her brain, lungs, and heart. We only walked in long enough to pay our respects, and then went outside and talked to friends. Seeing the 13 year old son cry about sent me over the edge. Seeing Javier sitting there just totally out of it was hard too. I couldn't stand to be in there, I just didn't want to deal with it. Plus it was all family members that I don't know in there, everyone I knew was standing outside. The last funeral I was at was about three years ago when our neighbor died. Kathy had been sick for a long time but she never said what from. She and her husband were Christians so other than being nice neighbors we didn't do a whole lot together. It wasn't announced until her funeral that she had died of AIDS. She was afraid of what people would think of her having AIDS and didn't want anyone to know. Wow, talk about a fucking shocker!! I was disturbed enough watching her son cry, but when they brought up the fact that it was AIDS, and then the preacher started on the "It's because of homosexuals and their sin that she died" rant I just clinched up and wanted to start beating heads. Well, no, she got it through sex with her first husband who got it from a blood transfusion. Luckily she didn't pass it on to her second husband or their child. It irks the hell out of me when people start blaming homosexuals for things like this. I'm not going to climb up on my soap box for this one but it's just absurd! Anyway, the funeral is tomorrow. I hate funerals because most funerals are held in churches, that and the fact that someone you know has died.


My parents are both doing lousy! My mom's back is out for some reason (really bad) and my dad has a testicle that has swollen three times the normal size. Looks like they won't be out for Christmas this year because of this. Them not coming out is kind of a good thing though because I want to be working in December to make up for the lack of work this summer. Business is looking up as is the economy. I hope nothing is wrong with them. I still have to call the a specialist for Josie to take a look at her thyroid. Hope nothing major is going on with Josie. This has been just about one of the worst years of my life. Can it get any better?


Poor Nala and Cocoa have been banished to the garage. I put linoleum tile in the back room so that when Josie's mom moves in there this coming weekend it will have a nice floor. The dogs have a bad habit of chewing on things or even pissing on new things so they no longer have a place in the back room. I'm buying them a doghouse to place in the garage along with a doggie door to the garage but tonight they get to sleep on blankets. Nicky and Mr. Peperton are sleeping with Miranda in her bed but still have a place in the utility room. I need to devise a way to keep Mr. Pepperton in there because he knows how to climb the baby gate we have up. Cocoa learned how to jump the gate this week as well but now that he is no longer allowed in that back room it's not a problem.

Thursday, November 06, 2003


I don't know how much attention you've been paying attention to what has been happening with the sun, but it's been real spastic as of late. Well, I guess this is affecting my subconscious and I had a dream about it this morning. I dreamt that I was walking out my front door when all of a sudden there was the hugest most deafening  explosive sound I have ever heard. Then almost as quick everything kind of jumped like a shock wave hit, dust flying and things quaking, and then everything went black. I knew the Sun had imploded and that this was the end. I actually felt myself slipping into death, I was saying something to Jesus, and I was almost dead when I realized that it wasn't the end, things were light again outside, and everyone had overreacted. I woke up and said out loud, "Fuck that shit!" It's bad enough that the sun isn't behaving normally, but Christianity has truly fucked me up mentally and it even affects my sleep. I'm not very happy about that, not one bit! Shame on my parents for shoving that useless crap down my throat as a kid and fucking me up forever.


We went to go get Josie's mom a bed today. I had planned on spending about $400 but ended up spending $1500. Josie's mom bought a bed a stand and some other stuff. Good thing we have credit! She will be paying us back little by little. I'm going to try to rally the family into helping with this. We also bought Brandon a new bed. We bought his old one at a garage sale five years ago and it's just falling apart. So he got a bed too. Thank Eos for credit! We took a few pictures of the event, you can click on them at the left on this page. I haven't figured out the cell phone camera yet and for some reason it took real good pictures but they were real small and look grainy when blown up a bit. Go figure.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003


The group we had last night was a Christian youth group. It was a dessert buffet program with very little food to go around for 560 people. They were being charged $12.50 a person wich is a bargain seeing that they got a ton of coffee, hot and iced tea, three desserts per person (people were taking up to 8), and so on. A regular group would have had to pay around $40 a person or more for what they had last night. So with all the people we had working on this function would say I got bent over in the name of Jesus. It's going to suck our tip pool dry. On a lighter side, the people putting on this program were all very plastic and fake. I don't think they knew it but the music they chose for their skits were all about sex, transexuals, and drugs. One group was talking about Ann Coulter saying, Isn't she pretty, isn't she so smart? Isn't she the greatest? I was thinking, "Isn't she a Nazi?" The best part was everyone who didn't get dessert was wondering when more were coming out. Well, for $12.50 a person you don't get $40 worth of desserts per person, go have some tea. I hope their contract is up because I hate to pay people to come to the resort and complain about how little food they have when they don't want to pay for it. Jesus should have been there turning your desserts into a six course meal, your coffee into wine, and your plastic asses into real people.


I have some time to myself all of a sudden and I don't know what to do! One of Josie's sisters came and picked up their mother early today so it's giving me a day by myself, a half a day anyway. This situation with Josie's mom isn't getting any better. In the process of trying to straighten things out I've learned that it's a big tangled mess that is making me ill just trying figure out all of what has happened. Her Medicare is all messed up, her doctor will no longer see her because the sister her mom was living with hasn't taken her to any check ups, she's diabetic, has high blood pressure, and nothing much has been done to treat any of it. This doctor knows she's knocking on deaths door, as do I, but everyone else in their family just kind of walks around it all. LaVerne, the sister her mom had been living with, called yesterday and I let her have it. Seeing she has stolen about $10,000 from her own mother, and is just an irresponsible  piece of shit, I let her know it. I called her a dolt then asked her if she knew what that was. She didn't. I managed to get a few things ironed out but next I have to tackle the Medicare issue and see what has happened. Why is it that out of a Chicano family of 13 brothers and sisters a white guy that most of them don't even like is fixing things for them? I wonder if they even care. That is pathetic and sad, it makes me sick to my stomach.

Monday, November 03, 2003


Why is it that only old ladies hit on me? Seriously! Tonight I was working a function down by the pool and was lucky enough to be carving some of the best tasting turkey breast you can imagine. There was a band playing very close to where I was carving. At one point an old lady made her way around my carving station and was dancing right next to me. She had a glass of wine in each hand, red in her left and white in her right. She backed her ass up and was rubbing it on me. Okay! I tried to strike up conversation with her so she would be facing me because I didn't want her ass touching me. She was telling me that if her husband didn't come back soon that she was going to drag me out there and dance. She also told me that I couldn't refuse because she was the client and it's my job to make the client happy. She walked away and I managed to get someone to cover for me while I took a break. Later on in the evening the lady came back by with her husband and told me I should still be prepared to go dancing soon. I looked at her husband and I think he's been through this before because he just looked down and shook his head. I got to go home before I had to dance with her. I can't get that "come hither" look she was giving me out of my head now. Ick.


One of the guys I know at work who works with Josie had the misfortune of his wife passing away yesterday while he was at work. She was pretty young and this was all very sudden. She had been suffering from migraine headaches lately and I don't know for sure but I bet she had an aneurysm. I feel bad about this but there is nothing I can do to make it better. Josie was pretty sad at work today.


This is my new computer area. We got the dog/computer room cleaned up and painted so that Josie's mom can move in there. She needs a bed still. She was going to buy one but her social security check was short by $200. I get to call up and find out what happened tomorrow. I need to get her in that room so that Brandon can have his room back. I like my new computer area because it's clean and no dogs. I also made the desktop and screen saver on my computer a devil theme because everyone has to pass by the computer when they enter the house. It's a great conversation piece.

Saturday, November 01, 2003


It didn't quite go according to plan, but then it never does. My plans were to go to BestBuy and get a DVD as soon as my niece and her kids came over to go trick-or-treating with Josie and our kids. I was going to hand out candy, eat popcorn and candy, drink Iced tea (trying to cut out the Pepsi in my diet), watch my horror movie while trying to fight off the obligatory Halloween boner. Yeah, I really love Halloween that much! So what happened? Well, seeing that the cycle of things breaking down around here isn't quite over yet my brother-in-law Jose came over with Lina and his mother to fix a pipe under the sink that was leaking. I went and got LUCKY WISHBONE  chicken  for the masses, and if you have never had their chicken then your missing out! Garlic toast, chicken, jalapeno peppers and french fries! Good stuff!! My niece didn't come over because they changed their plans, I ended up taking the kids out around the neighborhood until around 8:45 p.m. when Brandon gave up, and made it to Best Buy in time to buy my movie. Everyone here was watching THE RING when I got back and then I ended up making popcorn and watching PBS. NOVA was a two hour special on relativity and string theory and it was really interesting. I fell asleep with about a half hour left in the program and woke up early this morning with a kink in my neck. So, I didn't get the proverbial Halloween boner, I didn't watch my movie, and I still had a good time. Forgot to get pictures of the kids in costume. Miranda was a goth punk chick and Brandon was the HULK.