Sunday, May 04, 2003


I was at work Sunday morning working a brunch for a wedding party and a table full of people were talking about the UFO they saw at 4:30 a.m. off of Sunrise and Campbell in the foot hills. They were taking taxi's home and pulled over to see what it was. The taxi driver was even freaked out by what was happening. I guess this thing moved back and forth a very high speeds, has erratic circular lighting, and even lit up the sky at one point before it zipped of at extremely high speed. One of my Christian co-workers was within earshot and discounted it as a hoax because the bible says nothing about ufo's therefore they don't exist. I guess microwave ovens and plastics are hoaxes as well.


Josie was at K-mart yesterday when the need to use the restroom arrived. So she proceeded to the bathroom to do the deed and in time finished her duty and started to walk out of the restroom. Josie is pretty much blind when she doesn't wear her contacts and hadn't realized that she had just spent a good 10 minutes in the mens room. The tip off was the urinals. Don't think she could even see the sign on the door. Funny!


Work was easy today but I'm tired due to lack of sleep. Only one shift tomorrow and I have Tuesday off, then back to randomness.

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