Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Had this weird dream last night that was very 1984 but opposite in many places. Sex was encouraged as well as being naked. Reading propaganda and slacking off was encouraged instead of hard work. Instead of an anti-sex league there was a junior sex league. They were showing films of this and some of the people in the film were not very enthusiastic about learning. There were little puppies strewn everywhere in the foreground. Sigmund Freud would have had a heyday with this dream! There was still the threat of a BIG SISTER type person watching over you, who came and gave a speech at one point on a big stage out in the middle of a field. The set up reminded me a lot of the Monterey Pop Festival in the 60's. Playing games I think was punishable by death because at one point a girl was playing a game in open sight during a speech and I was using my body to block the line of sight from her board game to BIG SISTER. I was also trying to do an impossible crossword puzzle, and cheating by looking at answers written in somebody else's text book and also answers written on some girls naked ass. I also had a reoccurring dream of traveling great distances in a car on a vacation. Can't get into detail on this dream because the things that happen are otherworldly, very dream like. All the other dreams I had I cant remember. I'm mental...


Had a three day weekend. Didn't do a whole lot of anything. Watched the movie "Reign of Fire" last night. What a worthless piece of shit that was. Just a weak movie all the way around. Set up the kids pool on the patio. It's a 12'X3' vinyl pool and fits perfectly. It's in a shaded area so it stays nice and cold and is the perfect place to just kick back in and have a few beers while listening to music. The kids are already having a blast playing in it, giving me copious amounts of time to slack off and watch movies instead of answering questions and helping with homework. Summer is here, you got to love it.

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