Wednesday, May 07, 2003


This is a list of words people have typed in to find this page. Funny how people came across this page looking for some kind of fucked up perverted shit and only got an eye full of bullshit commentary from some fat guy in Tucson, Arizona. Enjoy this, I did! Also, go to google and type some of this stuff in, you will be amazed that my page makes it to the top on some of these searches!

left hand path
teradactyl dinosaur
elisabeth smart raped
elisabeth smart pictures
left path
lili taylor 2003
stacy keibler getting fucked up the ass
mexican teradactyl
tales of the ball licker
shaving ryan%27s private
beautiful penticle pictures
jimmy stuart poet
cartoon carictor
teradactyl picture
stacy keibler arizona pictures
left path commandments
(left hand path)
left-hand path band
%27sons in mom%27s panties pictures%27
free porn of cartoon carictors
left hand myths
k-os superstar
sodom tales
cradle of filth leviticus
my mom gave me her pissy panties
lady ass fucked by his grand father
funny carictor
mood swing jokes
k-os superstar house
penticle necklace
left hand path
create cartoon carictor
splish splash %2d i thought i only farted
teradactyl dinosaurs
full wwe deck configurations
give me a good enema in tucson
sex rape
does too much sex at night make women look like hags
tucson cowpony
mom panties
splash baby cartoon
yahshua war iraq
satanist sex tales
god is for suckers
crimes against women by sodom hussein
tv show and magic and wizard and billy barty
elisabeth smart found
brother of the left hand path
elizabeth smart ran away

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