Saturday, May 17, 2003

SINGING: YOUR MY............. LADY

I'm too fucking sexy! Yes, it's definite!! I'm just too damn sexy and ladies can't keep their hands off of me. Old ladies that is... Last night at work during dinner we had to keep exiting while Cirque Du Sole came into the room to preform. It was way cool! Anyway, I came back in and started pouring wine at one of my four tables. One gentleman pipes up, "We were looking for you, where did you go?" I replied, "I was up there (pointing to the cloth where one of the gymnast had been hanging), didn't you see me?" That got a good chuckle. Then they asked me what I was going to do next. I said, "It's a surprise! But I'll let you in on this, it involves a speedo" Got a really good laugh with that one. Anyway, we finished up and exited the room again and another performance started. Later when we were back in the room and I was at the same table I was asked about the speedo performance. I pointed to the pole next to the stage and said, "I was supposed to climb up that pole but when I got there someone had greased it and my performance was cut short." The dialog got a bit perverse at that point and they started talking about purple speedos, greased poles, and wine corks. Then the old lady I was standing next too puts her arm around me and stands up and starts stroking my back. She started telling me how sexy I looked in my black tux. Alrighty then, exit Joe. I'm flattered actually. Someone found me attractive, even if she drank a ton of wine and could have been my mother. Thanks Jesus!


Mudvayne - Dig
Atari Teenage Riot - Sick To Death
Shizuo - Punks
Howie B - Music For Babies
LL Cool J - Fast Peg
Autechre - Second Bad Vibel
Not Breathing - Quixl


Yes, the allergy I have to mesquite pollen is kicking my ass! I have to give up a shift tomorrow because of it. I just can't work outside in an area where the stuff will be raining on me. Instead I'm going to go see the new Matrix movie with Billy and Sam. Should be a grand old time.

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