Wednesday, May 14, 2003


This is a stream of consciousness blurb that a friend sent me. Though I would post it before I go to work. Enjoy!

melon collie colon-muncher spread out sideways with a grin of delight mixed with sprinkled corn nuts and a side of sour cream, oh how i wax and wane like a pimento loaf blown out like a sack of wind fluttering out your window the sky's dark foreboding sadness my shine my daft witted sense of sense floating up in the air like wings of some godforsaken dove a bat out of hell all corporate lies and the breads fresh and spongy dipped in the dressing as I'm dressing in the fashion that needs to be dressed to dress some withered hags crusted greenery, my time sucked dry pushing paper across splintered wood and stacking the filth of someone else's sins.

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