Monday, May 12, 2003


Boy, got to love those 15 hour shifts at work! Could have been worse but I got lucky and was on buffet instead of waiting tables. The highlight of my day was when Jim Click's (very well know car dealer here in Tucson) wife asked me to make their table of ten a table of eight, which I promptly did. Two away from ten is always eight as far as I know. So after I removed the two place settings and chairs Mrs. Click could only count seven place settings. What had happened is that one of the Grandmothers had sat down and Mrs. Click kept counting all the chairs around the grandmother except the one that the old lady was sitting in. We counted the place settings about five or six
times together. I always landed on eight and pointed to the old lady, but she was just plain daft and stopped at seven every time. Finally Jim Click came over and explained to her that there were eight place settings. I had a good laugh anyway.

Christian Dane on the other hand was the low point of the day. I'm just tired of Christian rhetoric through and through. I could give a fuck about Creationism, it's not a science, it's absurd, and it's a waste of time talking about it. Who's creation story do we buy into? How many different religions are there? Anyway, I don't want to get into it but it's just a silly if not childish way of thinking in my book. What a smug little fucker! Just like Dennis said, I fail to see any Christian humility with that guy. Go peddle your shitty little diatribe to some homeless person who's willing to listen to you in exchange for a sandwich or something.

I'm going to go feed my popcorn addiction now and read some stuff on the net.

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