Friday, May 16, 2003


Why all of the concern over my penis all of a sudden? Yes, my penis, not the punk band called "My Penis". I get more e-mail every day concerning my penis than I do from friends, family, and people who wonder on here and read this random little web log and then drop me a line. I'm beginning to get a complex! One where I feel that maybe I can no longer sustain an acceptable erection with my inadequate penis and that Ed has become my new best friend. That was a joke. Ed. Erectile Dysfunction. I'm being peppered with penis enlargement and viagra spam. Yuck! Imagine that flavor of spam coming in a can! Yikes! Sorry, I'm random tangent man, superhero. Anyway, what makes people think I want to be John Holmes walking around with a stiff dick all day? Maybe I should wait until friends and family start e-mailing me about my penis before I get such a complex. Josie has never complained about my wanker and she bitches about EVERYTHING! It's time to put the e-mail filters to work.


Digital Underground - Doowutchyalike
Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy Babies
We - 3/10th of the Population
Todd Rundgren - Freak Parade
2 Live Crew - My Seven Bizzos
Coldcut - Timber
Dead Voices On Air - Sulphur
Covenant - Dead Stars


Tonight is going to be fun! Well, kind of. Cirque Du Sole will be preforming for the Toshiba corporation during dinner as well as James Belushi. Not sure if he is doing comedy or his blues band. I was working at the Country Club tonight but got moved! Praise a dead Jesus! Anyway, good hours and entertainment at the same time. Where else can you get paid and have such fun? Shut the fuck up! I heard you snicker and whisper Vegas!

Yesterday was a lovely 12 hour day with no break , half of it outside where the mesquite trees were raining pollen on me. What is the one thing in Tucson that I'm allergic too? No, not penis! It's mesquite tree pollen!!! God it was killing me. Hasn't hindered my breathing as of yet but I'm sure that is soon to come. I need to call the doctor and get a medical release from working outside while those trees are pollinating. Long sigh.....


My stomach is now back to normal. I was able to get a pop-corn fix! Life is good!

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