Tuesday, May 20, 2003


I was going to write about something that pissed me off today but decided to give it little or no energy. All I will say is this, I at least have the balls to be me! I could give a shit about how people perceive me. I'm not macho but that doesn't make me any less straight or a man. I don't understand the obsession with sports most guys have, and I never will. A persons merit is not based upon sports skill, knowledge, or macho bullshit. I at least know where I stand with my sexuality. I know what I like. I've at least experienced it, and still do. Guess that is why I married a petite dark skinned woman. I'm more of a man than you'll ever fucking dream of being. Some individuals need to grow up and get some real balls.


Went to see THE MATRIX RELOAD last night with Billy, Sam, and their friend Ryan. Should have stopped at lost and found to see if they had found any underwear but didn't. The movie was pretty damn good. Only thing bad I have to say about it was that they were trying a little too hard when they made this movie. But how about that fight seen with agent Smith(s) near that park bench where the Oracle had been? That was fucking rad as hell! I'm still in love with Jada P. Smith!


I'm totally in a metal mood tonight. Listening to a lot of  King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, and Cradle of Filth. There is something extremely enticing about the whole theatrical gothic black metal genre for me. I'm sure it's seeded somewhere in my hatred of Christianity.


I have two days off and I'm as thrilled as a motherfucker. Shambam is coming over tomorrow to hang and install his car stereo. He's had his stereo ripped off twice in the past year and doesn't want the people in his apartment complex seeing that he is installing a killer sound system in his car so I told him to do it over here. I'm going to help as much as I can but will probably just be drinking iced tea and being a lazy bitch. It's going to be hot as well. Blah...


Brandon is back to normal. I'm sure he had the same virus I had. He was back to spastic mode when I got home tonight so he will be back in school tomorrow. I'm sure that means he will be bouncing off of the walls tomorrow and doing what 5 - 6 year old kids do. Yes that includes talking about farts, trips to your anus (Uranus), and yelling, "Son of a.....!" Yes, stopping short of saying bitch I might add. He's a silly little shit.

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