Tuesday, May 27, 2003


Yes, the lovely and hot as hell Juliya is driving a lot of hit's to my web page! I know very little about her but I want to find out more. If you know anything about her leave me an e-mail or a shout out at the end of the post. Juliya, your just too fucking rad, what can I say? There is a need already for a Juliya fan page, I can tell just by the extra hits here. Watch Fuse! Death to MTV!!!


What do you think I came home to tonight? Yep, a little teacup Chihuahua pup. He looks almost exactly like this picture. Miranda told me his name was Scrappy when I got home but after further discussion I found out she wanted to name him Tequila but Josie told her no. OVERRULED! So he is going to be called Tequila, not because he is a hard licker, but because he's mean as hell and cums in a shot glass... oh never mind. He did pretty good though, he went pee outside (and on the couch) and fell asleep in his kennel cage without a ton of fuss. He's going to be a little pistol. He growls at you if you try to kiss his face. He also doesn't like to be flipped over on his back but it's got to be done. Got to show him who the leader of the pack is. And yes, it's official, he's the house dog. Poor Nala and Cocoa will just have to be computer room dogs for life. Full day at work tomorrow, lunch and dinner shift. I'm sure I'll have a work related rant for you tomorrow. Chow!

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