Saturday, May 24, 2003


As you know by now MTV has been dying a slow death for years. Well music fans, I have seen the future and it is FUSE. Fuse, formerly known as Much Music USA, is what MTV should be. Energetic, fun, full of music, and did I mention fun? Great shows permeate this channel and they play music. Isn't that what a music channel should play? There is also a variety of music, so you don't just get pelted with rap and pop drivel. My favorite show is Uranium hosted by the very hot Juliya Chernetsky. She has a great sense of humor, hates pop, has enough balls to stand up to major acts like Korn, and a mouth more foul than my own. You really need to turn on Uranium to get the full affect! Juliya, if your out there, marry me! I'll make an honest man out of you! Don't be a dumb ass, that was a joke.


Yes, it's back! You have to have MTV2 to enjoy it though. Rob Zombie has been hosting it and it's been a decent show so far. Rumor floating around it that Juliya will be hosting it in the future but I will only believe that when I see it. They played all kinds of cool bands last night. Murder Dolls, Grade 8, Sworn Enemy, and Hatebreed just to name a few. I smell the death of rap and hip hop on the horizon! Join me as we kick the life out of this stale music industry, long live metal, motherfuckers!

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