Wednesday, May 07, 2003


Took a trip back to dream weirdness last night. In the dream I was at the east end of the business section of Burwell, Nebraska (where I grew up) and there was a concert going on in the middle of the street next to the grocery store and dentist office. Here is a picture of where it was happening:

The band that was on the stage was Quiet Riot. If you have ever been to Burwell, then you know the chances of this ever happening are next to impossible! Burwell is a little (redneck) rodeo town with a population of about 1200 people. Anyway, Kevin Dubrow walks on stage and the music for "We're Not Going To Take It" starts playing. He looks disinterested in what is going on and pulls out two crumpled pieces of paper with the lyrics jotted down on them. He fumbles his way through the song and all I can think is that this is the most embarrassing, if not pathetic, moment I have ever seen in rock and roll history. That is all I can recall. It wasn't until I woke up and started thinking about it that I realized that the song he was singing isn't even a Quiet Riot song, it's a Twisted Sister song. Guess that is why he must have needed the lyrics jotted down on paper.

I once had a dream in my high school years where KISS was playing a concert in the gymnasium. That dream was so real that I woke up the next morning wondering if it had really happened. Yeah, tons of shit goes down in Burwell! About the most exciting thing that ever happened there was..... uh........ nothing. Glad I moved the hell out of that town not more than a week and a half after I graduated from high school.


Working a split shift today. Going to put in a nap soon. Breakfast shift at the pool this morning and it was so damn nice I can't even tell you!

No hags! It was a nice work environment, everything went smooth, nobody bitched or complained. Life was indeed grand. Tonight is Catalina Basin. Hope it is as easy and fun as this mornings function was. We shall see!


Ween - "Capitan Fantasy"
Death - "Zombie Ritual"

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