Thursday, May 29, 2003


Don't know if you know it or not, but it's a privilege in this country to drive, not a right. Also, who gives a shit what your ancient manuscript says, grow the fuck up! You can't be masked on your drivers license and I can't walk around with my penis hanging out, that's just common sense. I think if god really existed and gave a shit he would be here and now. He wouldn't be hiding from us, he would be taking care of shit, that is if he really existed and gave a shit.  The day he really cares for me is the day he starts paying my mortgage then stops by and fills me in on why he though it would be a great idea to allow famine and disease to exist on such a large scale. Is it really that more comforting to think that some awesome god really cares for you? Time to put away your weak concept and move on as a human being. Your god is powerless, wake up.

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