Thursday, November 06, 2003


I don't know how much attention you've been paying attention to what has been happening with the sun, but it's been real spastic as of late. Well, I guess this is affecting my subconscious and I had a dream about it this morning. I dreamt that I was walking out my front door when all of a sudden there was the hugest most deafening  explosive sound I have ever heard. Then almost as quick everything kind of jumped like a shock wave hit, dust flying and things quaking, and then everything went black. I knew the Sun had imploded and that this was the end. I actually felt myself slipping into death, I was saying something to Jesus, and I was almost dead when I realized that it wasn't the end, things were light again outside, and everyone had overreacted. I woke up and said out loud, "Fuck that shit!" It's bad enough that the sun isn't behaving normally, but Christianity has truly fucked me up mentally and it even affects my sleep. I'm not very happy about that, not one bit! Shame on my parents for shoving that useless crap down my throat as a kid and fucking me up forever.


We went to go get Josie's mom a bed today. I had planned on spending about $400 but ended up spending $1500. Josie's mom bought a bed a stand and some other stuff. Good thing we have credit! She will be paying us back little by little. I'm going to try to rally the family into helping with this. We also bought Brandon a new bed. We bought his old one at a garage sale five years ago and it's just falling apart. So he got a bed too. Thank Eos for credit! We took a few pictures of the event, you can click on them at the left on this page. I haven't figured out the cell phone camera yet and for some reason it took real good pictures but they were real small and look grainy when blown up a bit. Go figure.

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