Thursday, November 18, 2004


So your probably wondering where I've been. Well, it's been a weird week and Josie has been severely depressed. She was crying a lot, wouldn't talk to me, and wouldn't answer my questions that I kept asking her. It took me almost three days to figuratively beat it out of her.

Well, sounds like the majority of it is her worrying about her mom. We got her mom her own apartment and she was doing fine. What happened is what I knew was going to happen, warned Josie and her family would happen, and told them not to be shocked when it did. Laverne, Josie's good for nothing, welfare riding, jobless, filthy, lying, cheating, stealing, evil sister moved back in with her mom along with her five kids, and is making her life miserable. They are talking about packing it all up and moving to Vegas. This has Josie nervous, but makes me happy. The farther that train wreck is from me the better. Josie's mom is an adult and can make decisions. She makes poor decisions but that's not our fault. Her mom loves being in dysfunctional scenarios and I predicted this would happen back when she was still living with us.

The other is me. She feels I'm ignoring her and not paying enough attention to her. I told her that when I do try to give her attention that she pushes me away and says stop, or not right now, or don't. By attention I mean just that, it's not a sex thing. So a lot of times I just give up and come in here to the computer and that makes her jealous. So I don't think that part is entirely my fault. The other part is my fault. I joke around at those moments when she is pushing me away and go into my mail order bride routine. Well, she doesn't find this humorous at all and I guess it hurts her feelings. Enough said, I'll no longer do that. So anyway, after a long talk and all she was pretty much back to normal yesterday. I think she needed a lot of rest and just to keep her mom off of her mind. I'll leave it at that, this is getting lengthy and I don't need to be writing any novels about it at present. Later...

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