Friday, October 10, 2003


I had to write this because it's so weird, but I'm half asleep and can hardly see straight. Forgive my spelling because I really can't see! I was dreaming that I was at my friend Mark D's house and he and his wife Bethany were home. I walk in and there is an Native American smoke pipe inside the door. Obviously they have been smoking dope. I look at it and in a comedic way say, "Oh, what's that?" Bethany has this baby and it's skeletal looking, paper thin skeletal and tiny. This baby turns into a scorpion and Bethany remarks that you have to feed it's addiction. This scorpion ate with it's stinger. I guess you have to feed this thing heroine. There is this fat cat named Fritz that is huge and has swallowed an entire collection of ABBA records and basically can only lie down. I'm petting this cat and it keeps saying in a lilting fashion, "Pappa moon.... pappa moon..... papa moon...." I was talking about being broke and that is all I can remember. The "papa moon" thing freaked me out and woke me up. I also had a dream about going to Nebraska to see my brothers. It's too obscure and I can't remember what happened in that one. Weird, I'm going back to bed...

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