Saturday, October 30, 2004


Yes, she's just plain hot!

I'm not at the top of the google list anymore. People still coming here in droves looking for Juliya though. Here's a little something to wet you wistle! Your not going find any nude pictures here thought, sorry! And who's number two to Juliya as far as hard rockin' chicks go? I'd have to say:

Brody Dalle of The Distillers

Yeah, got to love that.


I'm off starting tomorrow. I only asked for two days off but they got my schedule mixed up with someone else so I get the next three days off in a row. I always ask for Samhain (Halloween) off because I love it so much. Candy, horror flicks, popcorn, the occasional kick to the groin! Oh, it's very special, and seeing it has it's roots as deeply set in paganism as Christmas and Easter both do you know Jesus want's me to celebrate it. Anyway, making lunch for the family then it's off to work.

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