Friday, October 15, 2004


Didn't I say that getting Josie's mom out of my house was for the best? Didn't I say that her mom would move back in with the dysfunctional sister that originally kicked her out of the house when we ended up taking her in. Didn't I say that this sister would fuck her mom over in the long run and they would be homeless again. Well, I think I'm either s psychic or just a plain fucking genius! Josie's mom has the dysfunctional sister and her five kids living with her in a small one bedroom apartment. We suspected this sister was raiding her mothers bank account. Well, her mom went to the bank two days ago to withdraw some money and they told her there was no money and that the account had been closed. So this means that they will all be homeless very soon. I'm not helping do anything seeing that her family didn't respect me or even thank me when I helped her before, her mother was never thankful of anything and I saw this coming three months ago. It's the lords will, trust me!

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