Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Kids are great!

Kids tell the best jokes, don't they? I saw this picture and just had to doctor it. It's getting close, but mark my words, it's going to be just like four years ago. They are going to make it seem like it's so close that it will be January before anything is decided. I don't feel good about this election one bit, not for a second. Oh, and look up the word Democracy, it's something we aren't anymore.


Worked off property last night, a cater out so to speak. Two guys came and stood next to me and we started talking about Tequila and different types of beers and spirits for like a half an hour. It took them about that long to figure out I was part of the catering staff and I guess I kind of lost my luster at that moment. They were kind of kissing my ass at one point because I knew a little bit more about Tequila than they did. They were asking me where I was from and I kept telling them from the Resort. They would say, "Yea, us too but where do you live?" Then I would tell them on the other side of Tucson. They thought I was part of their group. After they figured out I was just staff, and not one of them, the ass kissing came to an end, disappointment set in, and they both walked away. Hey, it's not my fault that we were dressed in western wear just like they were. I didn't have a cocktail in my hand and I had a name tag on, what else do you want? Silly cooperate people.

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