Friday, October 01, 2004


She Rocks!

Miranda has the knack for finding some cool bands now and then. The latest find is a little punk ditty called THE DISTILLERS! Holy fuck these guys rock! They go one to prove that yes in deed, girls can rock!! With songs like DRAIN THE BLOOD and THE HUNGER how can they go wrong? It's refreshing to see that punk is still alive and well in this sea of pop drivel. The new Social Distortion is good too, by the way. Check them out if you have Winamp. Just open the media window and click on music videos and then scroll down. Best new band I've heard in a long time.


I got a notice in the mail yesterday about a complaint that I've been working on cars and selling them illegally. I can hardly change the oil let alone fix one of those fuckers! I didn't inherit the "fixing cars" gene or the "my life is dominated by sports" gene as far as that goes. It's amazing I'm still straight after all these years! I held onto the "I dig hot Asian chicks" gene :p. The truth of the matter is that it's my neighbor who is doing this. He lives north east of my back yard and constantly has old shabby pieces of shit cluttering his well maintained (not) yard. You might be a redneck if..... Now if you'll politely excuse me I'm going to go get some sleep. Damn Chinese food we had last night made me ill last night and I couldn't sleep. I'm never eating anything from Golden House ever again.

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