Sunday, November 30, 2003


Just got back from seeing the movie. The kids liked it, and it had it's moments but I wasn't impressed. The one thing that made the movie over the top funny was the retarded kid sitting down front. His insanely diabolical yet retarded laugh was straight out of a loony toon laugh track. Everybody would stop laughing but that laugh would just keep on going, and at first I though it was part of the movie. Anyway, I just about wet myself I was laughing so hard. Not at the movie, but at the insane laughter. You had to be there.


The dogs ran away again. The garage door keeps opening somehow and they are taking off when it does. We were lucky that Cocoa came to the front door and that is how we knew they had made a break for it. Nala and Nicky didn't go any farther than the back ally, but Mr. Pepperton violated his parole and ran off. I got in the car and started searching but didn't see him. Josie found him a block away sniffing and peeing away. So to fix the problem I unhooked the motor to the garage door so that it will not open automatically.


(Yesterdays post one day late)

I'm frightened, and I'm not fibbing! Cleaning day, which as you know happens every other weekend, is today. That is where Josie and her sister Merlin deep clean our house like some people only clean once or twice a year. Josie's attitude is just crazy on cleaning day. Yes, that is bad enough, but combine that with PMS and you have something just short of psychotic! I'm not shitting you!! I literally stayed in bed until it was time to clean the bedroom just to avoid any confrontation, which happened anyway. Brandon knows the value of what is going on and is acting like a total asshole so that he can get what he wants by playing off of Josie's far from normal attitude. So I'm in the computer/Brandon's bedroom hiding until she gets this far. I'm going to work in two hours which in most cases would be a good thing but tonight is one of our big yearly events where we're totally understaffed and rushed for service and it's got the potential to be extremely ugly.
(post script)
Last night went very well for me. I was lucky and got stuck with one of the older ladies that has a disability so I got stuck with fewer tables and right next to the entrance. On top of that we had ten open seats so we had a cake walk. Only two more nasty yearly events to go, and they are literally back to back. One ends around two in the morning and the other starts five hours from that in the morning. No sleep for the less fortunate, little sleep for those with seniority. Two weeks away, I can't wait.

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