Friday, November 28, 2003


I was plagued by work related dreams last night. I was working some strange lunch function and I had a thirty person station by myself. I got about ten of those people served, went back for more food but as soon as the plates were put on the tray I turned around to help somebody and they all just vanished into thin air. The next hour of my dream was spent waiting for food to take in and people being abusive and me being frustrated. This went on for what seemed like forever. I suddenly realized within the dream that I was dreaming though, and decided I wasn't going to dream that anymore so I changed the dream. That was the only lucid part of the dream, being able to shift gears so to speak. So next I was at a book signing or something for a guy named Joseph Sedon. That name was of some real importance. Weird.


It was what I expected. People who said they were coming didn't come, people who weren't invited showed, people speaking Spanish, me doing the majority of the cooking and feeling like an outsider. My hearing is damaged from too many rock concerts and I don't hear all that well sometimes. Josie's brother Louie asked me a question and I didn't hear it or they were speaking Spanish and expected me to hear it, either way I didn't hear it and he though I was mad at him. Funny. One of her other brothers named Alex got so drunk the night before that he made a wrong turn, ended up on the Airforce base and didn't realize that, and then they called the cops and he got arrested for extreme DUI. Very funny. Yesterday was more like a forced work day than a holiday for me. Next time Josie pulls this and invites a ton of people over she can do all the cooking by herself and I will just hide in here and play video games. And to think I gave up working a private function for the family that owns Hallmark Cards last night for all of that. Probably would have made some serious extra cash. Oh well. Turkey is a drug! I went to bed and slept about ten hours.

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