Tuesday, November 18, 2003


Last nights dream was pretty involved but I only remember a little bit of it. In the dream I was some how sitting on or holding a microscopic black hole. It wasn't powerful enough to suck me in because it was so small but this vortex was keeping me from standing up and was rearranging molecules in my hand and making it transparent and glow at the same time. That's all I can remember. Why all these dreams about stars and black holes all of a sudden?


Mr. M. Jackson had his home searched today. More little boy stuff from what I have read in the news. He's got money, he can get away with it.

My friend Kathy bought me the new release of The Beatles "Let It Be" today. She is a big Beatles fan and knows that I am too so it was very cool of her to go out and get this for me. I'm going to listen to it before I go to bed. Isn't "I Dig a Pony" one of the coolest songs ever?


Some old dumb fucker totally cut me off in traffic today! I almost wrecked because of this and my heart was pumping like a mad fucker and the adrenaline was flowing like hell! I sped up to catch this asshole and pulled up next to him and let him know how stupid he was. This guy had no clue and his wife just pointed at me with her withered little hand and scowled at me like some nasty old witch straight out of a kids movie. I felt like a total retard for yelling at them in traffic but wrecking my car this morning wasn't on my list of to do's and they are lucky I was paying attention during all of this. People in Tucson drive like shit, no doubt about it. Some brainless fuck is going to kill me one of these days in traffic, I can just feel it.

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