Wednesday, November 12, 2003


I think I've dun pissed of some people er sumpthin! Man, maybe it was all the talk about death that pissed people off. Or the anti-Jesus stuff you see here now and then. My hit's have been way down the past three days, but hey I write it as it happens. I never said I wasn't going to offend anyone. Well, happier days are here anyway. If I've done something utterly wrong, please comment about it in the comment box and we will see what we can do. It's not like I posted naked pictures of myself.


I've been eating out of control at work the past few days! Jesus! Eating is an understatement! What has happened is that we have had clients in the really know how to pick great food and that is all I have been around for the past few days. A group we had two nights ago had a dinner that was actually set reception style with lots of different stations. They had a shrimp, crab, and oyster bar (this is where I went overboard), carved pork tenderloin, a stir fry station, a pasta station where they were cooking up fresh shrimp, not to mention tons of great desserts (I never made it that far)! At the end of that evening the group moved on and went to a hospitality suit for drinks and a cheese board. We started breaking everything down as usual when the whole group leaves like that. Twenty minutes later, and about ten minutes from going home, the head meeting planner for the group walks in with two late arrivals and made us set the whole thing back up, just for two people. She couldn't just ask for us to go in the back where the food is kept and make up some plates, we had to set the whole thing back up. Bitch. The people we have now are all very nice. It's a Travel company based out of Omaha Nebraska and seeing I grew up in Burwell Nebraska (small nothing hick town) the people I work with have been pointing out to the guests that I grew up there. A good 75% of these people have never even heard of Burwell, but the ones that have all make a joke about rodeo or livestock. I think it was a wise decision moving to Tucson back in the 80's!

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