Monday, November 10, 2003


Went to the viewing today of a friends wife. Turns out she died from blood clots forming in her legs then moving up to her brain, lungs, and heart. We only walked in long enough to pay our respects, and then went outside and talked to friends. Seeing the 13 year old son cry about sent me over the edge. Seeing Javier sitting there just totally out of it was hard too. I couldn't stand to be in there, I just didn't want to deal with it. Plus it was all family members that I don't know in there, everyone I knew was standing outside. The last funeral I was at was about three years ago when our neighbor died. Kathy had been sick for a long time but she never said what from. She and her husband were Christians so other than being nice neighbors we didn't do a whole lot together. It wasn't announced until her funeral that she had died of AIDS. She was afraid of what people would think of her having AIDS and didn't want anyone to know. Wow, talk about a fucking shocker!! I was disturbed enough watching her son cry, but when they brought up the fact that it was AIDS, and then the preacher started on the "It's because of homosexuals and their sin that she died" rant I just clinched up and wanted to start beating heads. Well, no, she got it through sex with her first husband who got it from a blood transfusion. Luckily she didn't pass it on to her second husband or their child. It irks the hell out of me when people start blaming homosexuals for things like this. I'm not going to climb up on my soap box for this one but it's just absurd! Anyway, the funeral is tomorrow. I hate funerals because most funerals are held in churches, that and the fact that someone you know has died.


My parents are both doing lousy! My mom's back is out for some reason (really bad) and my dad has a testicle that has swollen three times the normal size. Looks like they won't be out for Christmas this year because of this. Them not coming out is kind of a good thing though because I want to be working in December to make up for the lack of work this summer. Business is looking up as is the economy. I hope nothing is wrong with them. I still have to call the a specialist for Josie to take a look at her thyroid. Hope nothing major is going on with Josie. This has been just about one of the worst years of my life. Can it get any better?


Poor Nala and Cocoa have been banished to the garage. I put linoleum tile in the back room so that when Josie's mom moves in there this coming weekend it will have a nice floor. The dogs have a bad habit of chewing on things or even pissing on new things so they no longer have a place in the back room. I'm buying them a doghouse to place in the garage along with a doggie door to the garage but tonight they get to sleep on blankets. Nicky and Mr. Peperton are sleeping with Miranda in her bed but still have a place in the utility room. I need to devise a way to keep Mr. Pepperton in there because he knows how to climb the baby gate we have up. Cocoa learned how to jump the gate this week as well but now that he is no longer allowed in that back room it's not a problem.

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