Monday, December 01, 2003


All the retardation that Christmas brings is upon us! Not just a little bit, but a lot bit. The snowbirds have arrived in Tucson, traffic is insane even just to pick up the kids from school, and people are being crushed while shopping! Yes, did you read about this? Ah, nothing beats a $29 DVD player! I hate Christmas, I really do. It's nothing but commercialism glorified a million times over. I dig Halloween, but Christmas sucks. Sure, we still do the whole fake tree and lights and all of that for the kids, but I'd rather bypass the whole season. Bah humbug!


A friend just lent me this movie and I've watched it twice now. I really enjoyed it! After seeing a slew of horrible movies as of late it was good to see something of merit. Now I have to read the book! I quit reading Stephen King after MISERY came out, so there are a lot of his books I need to get and read. I kind of achieved that Stephen King burn out syndrome where you've just read so many of his books that it all starts to seem the same. So I have The Green Mile on deck, Insomnia is in the wings as well. What's your favorite horror novel? I'm curious, may be something I've missed and need to read. My personal favorite horror reads were The Exorcist by William Peter Blatty, The Stand by Stephen King, and Different Seasons by Stephen King. Three out of the four short stories in that book were made into movies. It's funny because I went to go see the movie Stand By Me without knowing anything about it when it came out. A friend stopped by on his way to the movies and asked if I wanted to tag along. So I hadn't heard anything about this movie, had never heard about it and yet as the movie progressed I had a sickening felling of deja vu that was freaking me out something fierce. It wasn't until the scene where the boy is telling a story about the pie eating contest that it dawned on me that it was a movie about The Body by Steven King. I think I got the same feeling the first time I watched Deep Throat.


I felt real tired after cooking dinner this evening so I went to bed at six and woke up two hours later. I had a dream about my grandmother who just passed away. I was still living at Corona Ranch and my grandmother was coming to live with me. Grandad was still alive too and he said, "Hi, remember me?" It was very weird. Some of the best moments of my life were spent during the six years I lived at Corona ranch before it was turned into a bed and breakfast. My daughter was made there, my first sexual experience (with another person) was there. First time I smoked pot or dropped acid was there. I wish I could move back, and if I ever win the lottery I'm going to buy it! Remind me to tell you some stories about Steve sometime. There is a story about a box of nasty porno magazines, a crusty rag, and a large jar of Vaseline that had a huge scoop taken out of it with four fingers that goes along with my first visit to Corona Ranch where I was getting high for the first time. I'll write about it tomorrow, stay tuned!!! Oh, and go visit the web site that I linked to and check out the pictures. Truly a cool place!

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