Monday, November 17, 2003


Last night on the way home from work I pulled up to a stop light at Swan and Sunrise heading east. I was in the left lane with the left turn lane next to me and a car in front of me. A motorcycle pulls up into the turn lane then suddenly zips over into our lane and stopping in the crosswalk in front of the car that is in front of me. This angers the driver of that car and he hits the gas, and then the break both really fast. I'm not sure if he bumped the motorcycle or not because I couldn't see over the car. The motorcyclist gets real pissed off and backs his motorcycle up against the front driver side of the car and scratches it with the tire or foot rest. A shouting match breaks out and the light turns green. Thirty seconds go by and they are still yelling so I rolled down my window and yell, "Hey you fucking retards, this isn't fucking high school, let's go!" They both look back, the guy in the car is just about to yell back and the motorcycle speeds off. The guy in the car spins out after him and I just kind of tag along but not going over the speed limit. The motorcycle is long gone, I catch up with the scratched car at the next light where he turns off. I thought someone was going to get hurt in all of this. So a guy cut in line, big fucking deal! Is that a reason to charge someone with a car? I didn't wish bad things on either of them as they played this all out in a childish manor. The last time I did wish something like that was when someone was fucking around in traffic and I said he was going to kill someone. Seconds later he decapitated a crack addict on a bicycle. Oh, let's not forget that he got out of his car then ran home and blew his head off with a shotgun in his shower. I lead a strange existence.


Little Mr. Tiny Pepperton got away yesterday. Somehow he managed to slip out the back through the garage when nobody was looking. This happened as I was going to go lay down and take a nap before work. About 45 minutes later Josie comes in the bedroom yelling that Tiny was missing, that he must have gotten out. I freaked and ran out side and started looking for him. I found him down in the ally about 25 to 50 yards away. Now this is the funny part. Mr. Pepperton was bobbing back and forth, darting from one weed to a neighbors wall, then to another weed, then a trash can, then another weed, then some grass. Why? He was pissing on anything and everything he could possibly lift his leg to. This is why he only made it as far as he had in an hour! How could a dog so small hold that much piss? I guess he needed to rack up points for this silly pissing game that he and Nicky are always playing. I would say he is still winning.

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