Thursday, November 20, 2003


Holy Jesus this guy is scary looking! Hey, and if you have three million dollars at hand you can post bail and head back to Vegas. He didn't do anything wrong anyway, he's only been sleeping with twelve year old boys. I think they should have posted his bond at some incredibly ridiculous amount so that he had to stay in jail. Oh, I forgot! This is America where rich people get away with just about everything. I also noticed that they have his race and gender wrong on this ID. Man, what next?


One of the hags lashed out at me for absolutely no reason yesterday. I had an abandoned cart and was hauling some needed materials for my function when I was assaulted verbally by said hag. If this person would have said, "Hey I was using that cart," I would have said, "Oh, there you go..." and gave it back. But said hag flew into a frenzy and started yelling. Well, I'm through with this hag business. I reported this to the office only to find out I wasn't the only person to go in there and complain about her. This has been going on a lot from what I understand. Someone must have gotten a talking to because she was going out of her way to be nice to me today.


We were told at work a month ago that instead of forcing anyone to work Thanksgiving they would simply post a paper for people to sign up. This sheet was full in less than a day. A month later the schedule came out and I was listed as working. I was under the impression that only people who signed up would be working as I was told. I was asked why I didn't put in to have this day of with a request day off form. I repeated what I was told, then informed them that I had close to 20 people coming over for Thanksgiving day. I'll give my Boss props for giving me the day off and understanding. Not everyone in our dept. likes our boss but he's never intentionally done me any wrong. So I'm off almost all of next week. Who wants to go to the Cowpony on Sunday night for karaoke?

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