Saturday, November 22, 2003


Two hours of sleep and I'm already up. I have about the worst stomach ache I've had in months. I have this gas pocket sitting in my lower abdomen that just won't move so now I'm up I guess until it does. I know you were all just waiting to hear about my bowels again.


Worked with some of the hags today but was lucky enough not to get caught in the crossfire. They were too busy bitching back and forth over petty things such as how to place a fork on a table to be interested in anything I was doing. It was a lot like watching a couple of four year old kids get pissy over nothing. I was actually entertained by all of this. I guess I'm either mentally challenged or easy to amuse. I'm banking on mentally challenged! This isn't open for discussion.


I think I'm going to introduce the REAL COMIX WEEKLY to this page. It was something I did on an old comedy webpage I had. It's just taking a popular new picture from the week and adding a caption or dialog. Here is an example:

I know this isn't going to sit well with some of  you, it's all just in fun. Laugh a little!

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