Monday, November 03, 2003


Why is it that only old ladies hit on me? Seriously! Tonight I was working a function down by the pool and was lucky enough to be carving some of the best tasting turkey breast you can imagine. There was a band playing very close to where I was carving. At one point an old lady made her way around my carving station and was dancing right next to me. She had a glass of wine in each hand, red in her left and white in her right. She backed her ass up and was rubbing it on me. Okay! I tried to strike up conversation with her so she would be facing me because I didn't want her ass touching me. She was telling me that if her husband didn't come back soon that she was going to drag me out there and dance. She also told me that I couldn't refuse because she was the client and it's my job to make the client happy. She walked away and I managed to get someone to cover for me while I took a break. Later on in the evening the lady came back by with her husband and told me I should still be prepared to go dancing soon. I looked at her husband and I think he's been through this before because he just looked down and shook his head. I got to go home before I had to dance with her. I can't get that "come hither" look she was giving me out of my head now. Ick.


One of the guys I know at work who works with Josie had the misfortune of his wife passing away yesterday while he was at work. She was pretty young and this was all very sudden. She had been suffering from migraine headaches lately and I don't know for sure but I bet she had an aneurysm. I feel bad about this but there is nothing I can do to make it better. Josie was pretty sad at work today.


This is my new computer area. We got the dog/computer room cleaned up and painted so that Josie's mom can move in there. She needs a bed still. She was going to buy one but her social security check was short by $200. I get to call up and find out what happened tomorrow. I need to get her in that room so that Brandon can have his room back. I like my new computer area because it's clean and no dogs. I also made the desktop and screen saver on my computer a devil theme because everyone has to pass by the computer when they enter the house. It's a great conversation piece.

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